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Nyctophobia Giveaway

Game Giveaway of the day — Nyctophobia

Fight the fright. Find the light.
User rating: 35 (90%) 4 (10%) 3 comments

Nyctophobia was available as a giveaway on July 31, 2017!

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You are stranded in desolate Lakeview Woods, plunged into darkness. As you move across unfamiliar terrain your flashlight battery drains with each passing second. Along the way you collect battery packs to keep your light burning bright so you don’t get devoured by the night.

But even greater danger lurks. “The Keeper” senses your presence in his woods. He watches and whispers secrets. You must unravel his puzzles to overcome your fear of the dark and bring back the light.

Fight the fright. Find the light.


  • Vast, immersive map filled with secrets and surprises.
  • Randomly spawned battery packs for a new experience every time.
  • Spooky 3d environment with vivid graphics.
  • Interactive storyline with cut scenes and journal feature.
  • Challenging Steam Achievements.

System Requirements:

Steam; Windows 7 or later; 2GHz Intel Duo Core processor; 1 GB RAM; 2 GB available space


Lightning Man Media



File Size:



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Developed by Electronic Arts
Developed by PopCap Games
A challenging MOBA set in a fantasy world.
Developed by Overwolf

Comments on Nyctophobia

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Hallo Winifried,

Bitte posten Sie Kommentare, die dem Spiel entsprechen. General Chit Chat ist akzeptabel, aber nur bis zu einem Punkt. Die letzten Kommentare, die du geschrieben hast, wurden an die Spam-Bine geschickt, da sie keinen Sinn machen.

Reply   |   Comment by Winfried Jürgen Rudolf Lippmann  –  Last year  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

The Let's Plays for this game all look frustrating/boring/pointless as hell.

Also has a "Mostly Negative" rating on Steam.

Thanks, but I think I'll pass.

Reply   |   Comment by Korrat  –  Last year  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (-1)

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Nyctophobia was previously given away on the 9th September 2016 and received a positive 80% out of 173 votes. You can see the previous comments HERE.
Please only post comments about today's game giveaway; other comments either inappropriate, or comments with only one or a few words; for example vg, good, thank you, TY, bad, rubbish, this game is ~%!£*? etc , or if the comment has nothing to do with today's game or is complaining (send your complaints to the giveaway team via the contact form that I've linked to below), they may be deleted at the moderator or administrators discretion; however, a little light banter among community members/friends and with the moderator to keep this a friendly place to visit is acceptable and welcomed. All comments not specifically about today's game giveaway will be judged by the moderator and if deemed inappropriate, will be deleted and usually with no explanation. Please see the moderation policy HERE for details about posting comments. If you are having problems installing the game check the FAQ's thread HERE and read through the communities comments because sometimes fixes have already been posted; and if for any reason you want to contact the giveaway team, for example, you have a game to offer the community, or are unable to download the latest game or other issues that the FAQ's thread or these comments don't cover or solve you can do so HERE
In Brief
A budget first person survival horror story.
Nyctophobia 01 - main menu

Nyctophobia 01 intro

Nyctophobia 01
Please give some feedback about your opinion of Nyctophobia, for example, what did you like and/or dislike about the game, give some suggestions on how you think the game could be improved. If you don't like this genre at all, please explain why. What improvements to the game would positively change your opinion of this game?
There are thousands of subscribers to the game giveaway of the day every weekend which makes this an ideal forum for giving developers lots of ideas as to what their consumers (i.e you) would like to see in a game. For example, you could suggest extra content such as better or more original mini games, or a level editor that you would like to see that would make it more appealing to you. Maybe you think the graphics are a little dated and are in need of re-skinning or textures need higher definition, or maybe you've just had enough of the genre and want to see something different or something with more originality? What developers don't want to see and is likely to put them off giving any more games away, or for that matter other prospective developers contributing is whinging about anything other than the game. They want to see positive or negative comments related to the game itself and suggestions on how the game could be improved. Posting single word comments, gibberish or comments with just a few non descriptive or inappropriate swear words are not acceptable and will most likely be edited or deleted.
If you miss today's game giveaway you can always get the game via Steam 24/7 HERE for less than the price of a cup of coffee from Starbucks or other popular coffee house i.e. $1.99/£1.59.
Nyctophobia 02 - how to play

Nyctophobia 02

Nyctophobia 02i
You are stranded in desolate Lake-View Woods following a vehicular crash, and plunged into darkness. As you move across unfamiliar terrain your flashlight battery drains with each passing second. Along the way you collect battery packs to keep your light burning bright so you don’t get devoured by the night.
But even greater danger lurks. “The Keeper” senses your presence in his woods. He watches and whispers secrets. You must unravel his puzzles to overcome your fear of the dark and bring back the light. Fight the fright. Find the light.
Features described by the developer:

Vast, immersive map filled with secrets and surprises.
Randomly spawned battery packs for a new experience every time.

Spooky 3d environment with vivid graphics.
Interactive story line with cut scenes and journal feature.
Challenging Steam Achievements.
Reference accessed HERE. 17th Sept 2016

Nyctophobia 03 batteries

Nyctophobia 03 landmine iNyctophobia 03 landmine
Once you've found your Steam key (sent to your email) you have to activate the game via your Steam client. Once activated it will be permanently tied to your Steam profile and you'll be able to install the game at any time anywhere on any computer so long as you can validate who you are (usually via emails etc). if you don't have a Steam account you will first have to download and install the Steam client via the following link:
Then create a Steam profile. Once that has been completed you can input the Steam code that you've received (after completing the form filling) via the game button along the top of the Steam client, (located between friends and Help - see image below). From the drop down menu select Activate a product on Steam. This opens a product activation window. Just follow the prompts to complete activation. Once the steam code has been accepted the game will be permanently associated with your Steam account.
If you have a problem installing or activating or getting Nyctophobia to work please visit the problems section, which I've now incorporated into the FAQ's thread, and which you can find HERE. There are no Steam forum entries about this game yet, but you may find issues mentioned via the Steam reviews HERE (mostly negative reviews)
Nyctophobia 05

Nyctophobia 06 - note

Nyctophobia 06 - the lake
The Game:
The majority of reviews on Steam are very negative (see below for further discussion), but the odd one does give the developer credit for creating a cheap short horror story that costs less than $2/£1.60
Nyctophobia offers a short story and after you beat it you unlock the "own the night" mode, which adds a little more content to the game. If you are into achievement hunting, the three achievements that are available are relatively easy to gain and require you to play through maybe a couple of times to gin all three.
The controls are simple (see image for details), though they can feel unpolished at times, as does the soundtrack. I would suggest you play this game in total darkness and with a set of headphones turned up as loud as is comfortable to appreciate the sound effects and to give the game more atmosphere. Personally I think the game was well worth the £1.69/$1.99 I paid for it. (It was even cheaper when it was on sale. If you're looking for a vaguely creepy, atmospheric experience, offering around a minimum of an hour of content, this is a game for you. If you complete it in less than the time mentioned, you're probably missing something.
The game was updated back in July with some new textures, improved terrain, new points of interest as well as several major bug fixes that were the cause of many of the bad reviews. Additional content was also added, which is unlocked after you play the game through for the first time.
Nyctophobia 06 skeleton

Nyctophobia 06

Nyctophobia 07
Other Reviews and Videos:
You can see Steam community members reviews of the game HERE and some videos of game play HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE
A short, but in my opinion interesting short horror story played in first person perspective. This is a very cheap game, so don't expect a long game with amazing graphics. Play it late at night with all the lights turned out and you may get a decent gaming experience. Most of the reviews via Steam really slate this game, but I think most of them are unjustified considering how low budget it is; also, many of those reviews were posted before the game had a major update that included extra content and bug fixes. It delivered what it said it would i.e a large interactive map, randomly spawned battery packs, cut scenes and a journal feature. Though I would disagree with the challenging Steam achievements. You really just need to play through the game a few times to obtain a full set of those. Oh yeah, also I wouldn't say the graphics are vivid either, but that's not meant to be a negative comment against the game. If you enjoy playing Nyctophobia you will almost certainly love the interactive and beautifully rendered game Slender.
I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Lightning Man Media for giving away an unlimited number of Steam keys to the game giveaway community; and as always to the game giveaway team, for providing the opportunity to get a Steam game for free.
Nyctophobia 08 - station closing

Nyctophobia 08 - train station

Nyctophobia 08 - train
Useful Information not related to today's game giveaway:
The problems section that used to be posted here in the Game review is now included in the Game Discussion FAQ's thread; which you can find HERE.
I've updated the games section that used to be posted with the review. The thread is now called 'Weekly round up of game deals', formerly the games section of the weekly reviews. You can find the new thread (which I've posted in the sticky section of the game discussion forums to make it easier to find if you are perusing the game discussion forums) HERE.
The rest of the information that used to be posted here can be found in the forums HERE. Finally, check out Delenns for details of other free games and offers HERE
Nyctophobia 08 - traini

Nyctophobia 08

Nyctophobia 09

Nyctophobia 10

Nyctophobia 11

Nyctophobia 12

Nyctophobia 13

Nyctophobia 14

Nyctophobia 15

Nyctophobia 16 - dead

Nyctophobia 16 - dying

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