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Dark Apokalipsis Giveaway

Game Giveaway of the day — Dark Apokalipsis

After a great cataclysm on earth, the time of the dead came.
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Dark Apokalipsis was available as a giveaway on February 3, 2021!

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Puzzle on the theme of old paintings.

After a great cataclysm on earth, the time of the dead came. The dead came to life and became zombies. Zombies prey on the living. You, one of the zombie hunters. Collect weapons and destroy zombies. The main thing is not to become food for zombies.

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Dark Apokalipsis
In Brief
Dark Apokalipsis is another unity based first person arena shooter from Jurij that was originally given away a few weeks ago on the 14th January 2021. You can see an edited version of the short review I posted a fortnight ago below. It was the 22nd game we'd been given that was created by Jurij and distributed by Falcoware. The Falcoware installer has been removed from the game, so there are no in game adverts when you boot the game up, and your browser will not be redirected to Falcoware's site when you close the game down apart from the first time when the game has finished installing. The four non-game shortcuts that are installed to the desktop are internet shortcuts and do not affect your system. They can be deleted with no effect on the game. I've provided a Virus scan report below that shows the game to be free of any malware.

The game is based around the Unity engine and is a first person zombie/monster shooter that give you a selection of several weapons, which can be accessed via the mouse wheel or the number keys. Game play is similar to most of Jurij's previous giveaways, where you explore and attempt to survive a single arena. Once you've figured out where all the ammo and health packs spawn, it's relatively easy to survive (until you get bored). Key bindings are not editable. You can access a list of all key bindings by pressing F1.

You can see a couple of game play videos HERE and HERE
This is a game that I would recommend saving for coffee break sessions only, otherwise you may find the game play becomes very repetitive. I've mentioned the following lots of times over the past few months, i.e. That the developer should combine all of the different games he's given us into a single game where each of the 20+ games could be linked so that you progress from one to the other in a series of levels. To move on to the next level you'd have to survive a specific amount of time, or kill a certain number of zombies to unlock the next level.

If you don't have many FPS/zombie games, it may be worth downloading, but don't expect Battlefield/Call of Duty graphics or game play.






The latest free game from Epic Games is Dandare: Trials of Fear Edition (a 2D metroidvania platformer full of mystical creatures and boundless exploration) which you will find HERE. From tomorrow (Thursday) at 4pm (UK time) the next game will be For the King, a procedurally generated game with a challenging blend of strategy, turn-based combat, and roguelike elements.
Notes on Security
I've rescanned the re-installed game using Virus Total, where 60 engines cleared the installed game (zipped) of any malware. You can see the scan results via the following link: (you may need to copy and paste the link into your browser. For some reason Windows defender keeps blocking it when I try to add the code I usually use.


If you scan the zipped giveaway download, you may find that at least one engine detects adware, but this is a benign adware that only redirect your browser to Falcowares home page once the game has been installed. It's the only time it happens and earns Falcoware some advertising income, part of which is paid to the developer of the game for allowing the game to be given away for free. No malware is injected into your system. The low level adware is restricted to the games executable.

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