Giveaway of the Day - Around the World in 80 Days Premium

Around the World in 80 Days Premium
December 21, 2013

You only have 80 days to circumnavigate the globe. Think that sounds easy? Travel back in time to the late 19th century and get ready for spectacular adventures on land, sea and air together with the English daredevil Phileas Fogg and his loyal French servant Passepourtout.

Use the unique chance to visit four continents and complete the inconceivable journey to win the fantastic 20,000 pounds wager with this outstanding puzzler inspired by the classic adventure novel of the same name written by Jules Verne.

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System Requirements: Windows 98/ ME/ 2000/ XP/ Vista
Publisher: Playrix Entertainment
File Size: 60.3 MB
Price: $19.95

This software was available as a giveaway on December 21, 2013, this giveaway is not available any more. You can download the trial version of this software at

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Please note that the software you download and install during the Giveaway period comes with the following important limitations: 1) No free technical support; 2) No free upgrades to future versions; 3) Strictly personal usage.


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  1. Around the World in 80 Days:

    1 1intro

    1 3intro003


    The download is quite large for an arcade game at 60.3 MB (though it’s miniscule compared to many DVD based games that are available now), a large proportion of the download is made up of the screensaver that is included with the game. In fact there are several screensavers that are unlocked as you travel around the world, each screensaver depicting a scene from that particular area of the world. The first two screensavers are London then Paris and then in no particular order Egypt, India, China, Japan and finally the USA.

    The zip file unpacks to a read me and a wrapped setup file (the orange colored file with the key symbol), plus there’s a setup file with security (setup.gcd) that’s protected from being hacked (because the previous giveaway system was easily cracked). This file may cause some security software to alert the user to a possible malware attack, but it will be a false positive.

    1 5intro005

    The game giveaway team check all game giveaways for malware using several well known anti -malware suites. There has never been a game giveaway infected with malware since the project started back in Dec 2006. (The owners know that allowing such things would compromise their business, so they make sure all software given away via the giveaway and gamegiveaway sites are thoroughly checked for all types of malware before allowing community members to download any files.

    Some community members have been having problems installing games since the security software was added. It’s been found that turning off your security temporarily or configuring it to accept the setup.cgd file usually sorts the problem out.

    To register and install the game, click on the orange colored icon. The installed game requires approx 72MB of disk space and installs to the following path:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Playrix Entertainment\Around the World in 80 Days (64 bit)

    C:\Program Files\Playrix Entertainment\Around the World in 80 Days (32 bit)

    (If the install path shows the last game giveaway installed you need to clear your internet cache) you’ll also find a shortcut in the Start Menu for an uninstaller.

    2 1creatingprofile

    A shortcut for the game, an uninstaller and to the Playrix web site are installed to the Start Menu/Programs folder together with a game shortcut and website shortcut to the desktop

    The game works on Win 8.1, Win 7, Vista and XP Pro.


    This was originally given away on the 7th September 2008 where it received a 81% positive vote out of exactly 998 votes with 167 comments; and then again April 25th 2009 when it received a 70% positive vote out of 994 votes with 87 comments; then it was given away November 2010 where it received a 79 % positive votes out of a total of 452, with 35 comments . Finally, it was given away last year on August 5th 2012 where it received an excellent positive vote of 87% out of 531 votes with 63 comments. You can read all the previous comments from all of the times it was given away, most of which were positive by clicking on the dates above.

    1 6introstory

    1 8introstory003

    You only have 80 days to circumnavigate the globe. Think that sounds easy? Travel back in time to the late 19th century and get ready for spectacular adventures on land, sea and air together with the English daredevil Phileas Fogg and his loyal French servant Passepourtout. Use the unique chance to visit four continents and complete the inconceivable journey to win the fantastic 20,000 pounds wager with this outstanding puzzler inspired by the classic adventure novel of the same name written by Jules Verne.

    Reference accessed HERE on the 20th Nov 2010

    The Game:

    Most community members will be fully aware of what’s involved and how to play a match three or more game, so I’m not going to go into great detail about the mechanics of this game. (some will say hooray here :lol: There is an in game help link in the main menu that tells you the basics of the game pictorially. You basically travel to several locations around the world collecting objects and a stamp from each place you visit. There’s a lot of dialogue at the beginning of the game that continues in a slightly attenuated state throughout the game. All dialogue can be skipped if you wish, though personally I like the story line. There’s also an abridged version of Jules Vernes ‘Around the world in 80 Days’ that you can read as you progress through the game. Specific parts of the book become available to read when you reach that part of the world you are visiting.

    2 2 Main Menu

    Apparently (I’ve read somewhere) this is another upgrade of The Rise of Atlantis, from the developer Playrix which is another game that we have been given previously via the giveaway project. After playing several levels, I do agree that the game is very similar, and that it does have some improvements over its predecessor; though you’ll need to play both to be able to see the differences (apart from the obvious graphical differences). You can get both games (Around the world in 80 Days and The Rise of Atlantis) for free 24/7 from Jenkat Games, Gametop and MyPlayCity though i’ve only linked to Jenkat a s its the leasrt invasive . The difference with today’s game and the free sites I mention above is that you won’t get the annoying browser opening at the end of the game, nor will you be plagued with pop ups (mainly Gametop) or toolbar installations and home page changes. There is now another sequel to the The Rise of Atlantis called Call of Atlantis; which is again very similar, but with some improvements.

    I much prefer the way this games storyline unfolds, to the Atlantis games. It sticks to the original story by Jules Verne apart from the American leg of the journey which isn’t true to the original story. The graphics are gorgeous and the music okay. It’s classical in nature and works well with the overall feel of the game. I think the majority are going to be pleased with this game despite it being a match three. (check out the list of free match three games at the end of the review)

    You can access the options menu as well as the help menu and high scores from the games main menu. The options menu enables you to adjust the music as well as toggle between full screen and windowed mode. There’s also a toggle to switch between your default mouse pointer and a custom pointer and another to turn on or off the in game tips.

    2 3screensaveroption

    The game is , with only the keyboard required to input your profile name.

    The game play follows closely that ofThe Rise of Atlantis, including having to move broken artefacts to the bottom of the playing field (for most of the game, in the end levels you have to get them to move sideways), which then go to make an artefact, in the case of Around the world in 80 Days to complete the level; though the storyline (as is obvious from the title of the game) is based around Jules Verne’s story as opposed to Atlantis.

    2 4 Londonscreensaver

    You earn power ups by creating matches of four or more. You can see what power ups are available from the help menu, and include (amongst others) bombs, extra lives, extra time and bonus points. Some of the power ups are upgradeable as well. The first one to become available when you’ve created enough matches of four or more is the hammer which you can use to knock out either one tile, unlock a lock or unfreeze a tile. As you create more matches this is upgraded to a super hammer which destroys all tiles of the same color; further upgrades include a bomb and a super bomb. This ability to upgrade power ups reminds me of Treasures of Montezuma and Sky Bubbles Deluxe, both of which are excellent Match three games in their own right, and more recently a game called Alchemist’s Apprentice, which I’m playing at the moment (and incidentally am really enjoying. There are also bonus levels at the end of each country, where you have to uncover a stamp by clearing away the Golden tiles (which is supposed to be proof that Fogg has visited that particular country). The golden tiles are removed by creating a match 3 or more over the gold tiles. An additional bonus with this game is the free screensaver, which is the very same screensaver that was given away back in June 08 called Around the World: London. There are another six to unlock, which if you’re into screen savers and match three games makes this a very worthwhile purchase ( that is, if you had to purchase it. Thankfully even if you miss today’s game giveaway, there’s no need to be upset because you can get the game free 24/7 from (Jenkat Games, Gametop or MyPlayCity, or, if you don’t want to download the game you can play it for free online HERE or HERE

    2 7 Londonscreensaver004

    I like the Around the World screensavers that Astro Gemini sell for around $20 each, so this game is a real bargain to those who love screensavers because technically you’d be paying over $100 just for the screensavers if you were to purchase them seperately plus the cost of the game. Though in reality, you can actually purchase Astro Gemini’s whole stock of screensavers for the price of five or six screensavers, and get the game for free from the gamehouses mentioned above.


    • Adventure game with outstanding storyline, beautiful animation and challenging puzzles

    • Extremely addictive gameplay with 81+ levels

    • High-quality colourful graphics and soundtrack

    • Bonus animated screensaver

    • Marvellous adaptation of the Jules Verne Victorian travelogue


    Videos & Images:

    The first link covers the introductory story and the initial dialogue between Phileas Fogg and his valet Passepourtout as well as the first level of the game, though because I had problems capturing any video using the commercial version, I used the online version which does have a couple of slight differences to the menu buttons compared to the downloadable version. You can even get this game for Nintendos DS. The second link takes you to Big Fish Games (BFG). Both these video’s are worth watching. You’ll need to click on the video button once you’ve been taken to BFG’s web pages. The third video, posted on You Tube is very poor quality, but still conveys a reasonable impression of the game. There’s also 2 slideshows, the first showing 50 screen captures of the early stages of the dialogue and log book, as well as the initial stages of the game and a second slideshow showing random images of the game and screensavers.

    2 9optionsmenu

    3 6startday1

    Watch a video of ‘Around the World in 80 Day’s’ HERE

    Watch Big Fish Games video of ‘Around the World in 80 Day’s HERE

    Watch more video of ‘Around the World in 80 Day’s’ HERE


    You can see a slide show of screencaptures of Around the world in 80 Days HERE and HERE


    Other reviews worth reading:

    Full review of ‘Around the World in 80 Day’s’ from Gamezebo

    Full review of ‘Around the World in 80 Day’s’ from Gamemile

    Community reviews from Gamezebo


    3 0startinggame howtoplay

    3 1startinggame howtoplay002

    Minimum System Specifications:

    • O.S. – Win 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista
    • Cpu – 500MHz
    • RAM – 128MB
    • Video RAM – 32Mb
    • Graphics – DirectX 8 or higher



    Despite a plethora of match three puzzles that abound these days, this is definitely one of the better ones (IMO). It’s got all the ingredients to make it a pleasure to play, including the storyline, which doesn’t interfere with game play because you can easily click on a button to pass it by quickly. I’m not really a big fan of match three puzzles, (apart from Treasures of Montezuma, Four Elements, The Rise of Atlantis Sky Bubbles Deluxe and more recently Alchemist’s Apprentice), plus a few others, but I do think Around the world in 80 Days, is one of those you’ll find hard to put down once you’ve started to play, plus it’s a great all-round family arcade game. So I think it’s worth a good 8 out of 10 despite it not being an original idea. The latter levels are very hard, especially the last ones where you have to move objects sideways rather than downwards. I would have preferred the power ups to be cumulative from level to level, but instead, you have to recharge them each time you start a new level.

    4 6startday1 London009

    5 1startday1 Ingamehint


    Resources and other stuff:

    Free ‘commercial quality’ Games:

    Also if you like this genre there’s two or three games similar to Around the world in 80 Days plus a growing number (nearly 50) of other match three types available for free from MyPlayCity, Gametop and FreeGamePick sites.

    5 3startday1 Ingamehint003

    5 5startday1 Endoflevelstatistics

    As always I should remind you that games from these sites do open up your browser when you close the game down, though it isn’t redirected. You just have to click on the x to close it down. I’ve checked all the games these sites at various times originally with with F-Secure and PCGuard back in 2008 and more recently Kaspersky Internet Security and have found no malware attached to any of the files I’ve linked to.

    Do also be aware that if you don’t uncheck the check boxes during installation and, in the case of MPC games every time you boot the game up, you may get toolbars, home page changes and/or brwser changes. These can be reversed, but are an annoyance. Thankfully, they haven’t employed in game advertising yet..


    Changing in-game music:

    All the music is in the ogg format, so you will need to convert any music you wish to use into that format before exchanging the files found in the following folder. You can download free audio converters from the WWW; just Google Free audio Converters. You must rename any track you change to the one you’re exchanging. I’d keep a back up of the ones you are removing just in case there are any problems.

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Playrix Entertainment\Around the World in 80 Days\Base\Sound\Music
    (Win 7 & Vista)

    C:\Program Files\Playrix Entertainment\Around the World in 80 Days\Base\Sound\Music


    6 1startday2 Ingamehint002

    6 2day2log

    Issues & Fixes:


    Previously some community members couldn’t get this game to work. The following ‘fixes‘ or ‘suggestions’ may help to resolve the issue.

    • There are animations included that may require newer graphics drivers so I would suggest you update these and also your DX version. If you’re not sure how to do this please post your query in the forums and I will answer it ASAP.

    • Try defragmenting your drive (especially if you’ve never done it before (or rarely), because a badly defragmented drive can cause programs to crash.

    • Set your screen resolution to a lower value.

    • Try turning off unnecessary background programs.

    • Download a fresh copy from the mirror link

    • Uninstall the game then download a fresh copy from the mirror link then Reinstall

    • Uncheck the box that automatically starts the game when you close the installation wizard and start the game once it’s activated by the games shortcut.

    • When I was reviewing the game, whenever I started up my video capture suite, the game would freeze about the 20% load mark. I’m wondering whether it crashes when certain programs are running? If you get this problem (some community members did mention a freeze at about 20% loading last time this game was given away), try exiting some of your background programs. Go to the bottom right tool bar (next to the clock) and right click on the icons situated there. Most are usually not necessary so you can exit them. Also try going into your task manager and stopping some of the non essential services. Generally leave any system process running. I’d shut one down at a time and see if it’s that that’s causing the problem. Make a note of what you shut down so that if your system freezes you’ll know not to shut it down when you try again. Unfortunately if your system does freeze, you’ll have to restart your computer.

    • If you get an access violation error it’s related to the above issue. Try turning off various programs to see if it fixes the problem. Access Violation problems are generally a result of improper memory usage by the computer through different computer applications. This can actually be compared to the locking of a gate. Files become inaccessible and can not be opened without the fixing up of the access violation error. Access Violation Error is essentially very common with software malfunction which again usually happens due to poorly written software. It can also be a result of damaged registry. Using a decent registry cleaner may fix the problem.

    :idea: Caulbox posted the following fix the last time this was given away and may just solve any problems that some community members may get:


      for those who are encountering problems with game crashes or freezes during loading:

      Although the game runs without problems on my system, if I look at the “log.htm” file, which gets generated afresh in the games “Base” directory every time the game is started (that’s a directory called “Base” not the root)….I do notice that there’s always an error reported when I run the game. The error report reads, “ERROR : Can’t load KeyMap.xml!”. Not surprising really, cos there is no file of that name included with the game installation.

      However, there is a file (again in the “Base” directory) which is called “KeysMapping.xml”. If I rename (a copy of) that file so that it’s called “KeyMap.xml” the error reporting disappears from subsequent log files.

      Although this isn’t really necessary for me, as the game is running fine as it is…I wonder if the reported error behaviour, might in any way be connected with the freezes that others are encountering during loading of the game? As I say, just a wild stab in the dark…but, if all else is failing, it might be worth renaming ‘KeysMapping.xml’ to ‘KeyMap.xml’ and see if it cures the crashes. (I’d advise renaming a copy of the file, keeping the original safely intact and in place).

    Comment #77 by Caulbox

    • If you have any other issues please go to the Game Discussion forums where you’ll fiond a FAQ’s in the stickies section HERE.



    One issue that some may not like with the screensavers that comes packaged with this game…… When it asks if you want to activate your screensaver it will automatically change your present screensaver to the Around the World set. If you choose not to activate them the screensaver is set to None for some reason even though you may have previously had a different screensaver selected.


    While searching for a You Tube video of the game (so as to save me some time preparing one myself I came across an interesting Google Earth video called Around the World in 8 minutes :lol: (though it’s actually 8 minutes 58 sec). It’s nothing to do with the game, but as it’s sort of very loosely related, I thought I’d post it with the review :lol:


      Lots of game son sale this week. Check out all of the usual sites. Steam started their sale on Thursday. IbndieGameStand have anew gane every day at the moment and there are loads of indie game bundles worth checking out. you can find details of most deals over in the game discussion forums.

      I’d like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Will see you again before the year is out. :) Stand by for what promises to be an excellent game tomorrow

    Comment by Whiterabbit-uk — December 21st, 2013 at 3:00 am
  2. I’ve had this game for quite a while and it is a very nice game. Looking for a good one that I don’t already have tomorrow.
    Hope you all have a wonderfully Merry Christmas and get everything you desire. Thank you GGOTD and Whiterabbit. Looking forward to a great new year.

    Comment by Anita Noratel — December 21st, 2013 at 3:11 am
  3. Stupid GOTD installer still fails to work. Ever since the change to the new installer, I can’t install any offers and I really want to install this. Guess its time to avoid this site and tell others to do the same.

    ……………………………..Moderator Comment……………………

    There are thousands of community members downloading from this site, with only the odd person having problems. It’s unfortunate, but that’s not the fault of the giveawayoftheday site. It’s most likely the way you have your computer set up, (maybe your security software is stopping it). Why stop others from enjoying free software, just because you are having problems?

    Comment by JSG — December 21st, 2013 at 3:20 am

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