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Survival or die Giveaway

Game Giveaway of the day — Survival or die

A roguelike, pixel-style action shooter.
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Survival or die was available as a giveaway on September 24, 2019!

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Human age of industry caused a steady depletion of the ozone layer...

The main character, against his own will falls on the popular reality show, "SURVIVAL or DIE"
Created by an unknown psychopath and a sadist who kidnaps people and throws them into basements, which are huge labyrinths with lots of doors and moves, these basements are populated by bloodthirsty zombies who want to devour the hero.
SURVIVAL or DIE - This is a roguelike, pixel-style action shooter. A charming game, gloomy but at the same time amusing, will appeal to fans of the genre at first sight!
-Pixel graphics
- Random map generation
- Different illumination levels
-4 weapons

System Requirements:

Windows 7 and above


High and Wide



File Size:

51.1 MB



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Plant flowers and fight with zombies to save your brain.
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Developed by Overwolf

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Survival Or Die:
Survival Or Die is a top down roguelike pixel shooter, where you have to clear each level of zombies; picking up various ammo types and health packs as well as exchanging your weapons as you progress. You need to watch your health and ammo indicators that are located in the top left side of the game arena. You start with a pistol, but will soon find other weapons such as a machine gun (that uses the same ammo as the pistol. there's also a grenade launcher and a shotgun. To pick up a new weapon you stand over the crate or weapon (once a crate has been opened) and press E. This exchanges the weapon you are holding for the one you want to pick up. You old weapon is left behind, but can be picked up whenever you may need it. You can restart a level by pressing R. Once the last zombie on a level has been killed a key is dropped, which opens a door to the next level. I played through levels 0, 1, 2 and 3, but could not find a door to exit the fourth level despite having picked up a key, so i don't know whether this is just a four level game or there's a bug. I was quite interested in the game initially, but by the fourth level, there was no variation in the level designs or the zombies, so it started to become a little tedious. If you like a mild death metal sound, then the music will probably appeal. It's not seriously heavy, and is on a short loop with no vocals. The game features random map generation and different illumination levels.

I would be interested to hear if anyone did progress past the fourth level (labelled -3). You can see a video of game play via the Steam store page HERE. It was released on Steam earlier this month and usually costs £1.69.
















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