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I Can See the Future Giveaway

Game Giveaway of the day — I Can See the Future

This is my job. Dying again and again. But I'm used to it. That's how I can see the future. What's waiting for me? Good question.
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I Can See the Future was available as a giveaway on April 16, 2019!

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Every second counts in this breathtaking paranormal adventure!

The story takes place in alternative reality. The world is ruled by bureaucracy. The predatory creatures like lycanthropes and vampires live among humans in peace and have equal rights. There are destructible objects in the game, some may affect the gameplay. The lighting in the game plays an important role in some of locations, as it’s hard to see who’s hiding in the darkness.

If you need to hide from humans, look for the dense vegetation.

The main hero, Adam, is one of “savants” — people with supernatural powers, who represent the law enforcement of human race. Adam’s supernatural power is foreseeing the future.

In fact, Adam cannot die, as when he dies, he returns to the moment where he could avoid death. Thus, he can affect only his own future. Making a mistake he can’t just fix it by going back. For example, he killed an innocent but in that moment Adam wasn’t in danger. In this case, he returns to the moment after him committing a murder.

- Several endings
- Dangerous enemies
- Challenging gameplay
- Puzzles Non-linear storyline

Support: sergey.lir.lp@gmail.com

System Requirements:

Windows Vista and above


Sergey Lir



File Size:

188 MB



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I can See the Future
In Brief
A Rogue like top town shooter with a theme similar to the 'Underground' movie franchise. Definitely one to download, especially if you are into difficult rogue like games. I'd score this a 9 out of 10 for overall presentation, story, graphics and game play. There are two language options English & Russian. You can see a game play video via the Steam store page HERE


1) ... Several endings
2) ... Dangerous enemies
3) ... Challenging game play
4) ... Puzzles
5) ... Non-linear story line

I can See the Future is a top down rogue-like shooter that takes place in an alternate reality. There are three levels of difficulty; ''I just want to take a look'', ''I can handle'' and ''I had not enough suffering''. To set the difficulty you have to open the options menu. While in game you can access the main menu to get to the options menu by pressing the Esc. key. At the start of a new game you can also opt to play through the training camp. The main game is introduced with a story board, introducing you to the main character called Adam who is the human law enforcement. your job is to track down vampires lycanthropes (werewolves) banshees etc who have broken the accord made by the different races. This came about as the vampire and lycanthrope populations dwindled. They were forced to make an accord with humans to avoid extinction, forming a joint council where laws were established to give then equal rights to humans. For anyone breaking the accord, all members of the council have to approve their destruction otherwise the accord would be broken. The human council members were called savants because they were gifted with supernatural abilities such as being fast, being able to take a bullet to the head, or, in the case of Adam, the protagonist, being able to see the future, though to see the future Adam (the character you play) has to die. Sounds bad, but your savant ability is that once you die you can return so long as you can find a point before your death were you are able to avoid that death. However, making a mistake such as accidentally killing an innocent cannot be fixed because the only way Adam can return to a point before is if he was killed first.

Using the space bar allowed you to use your reanimation ability. You character asked for a transfer to a small town because he was overwhelmed with the events that were happening in the big city. This is where your adventure starts. Check it out for yourself. don't let the difficulty put you off this game. A little practice and you'll be able to survive much longer.
I set the game to the medium difficulty and died several times in just over two minutes. Your aim is to survive to the end of the level. The level ends when you've killed all of your opponents. Levels are introduced by way of the story board and effectively link all parts of the game. Using your LMB activates your melee weapon. To use your gun use your RMB, aim then with the RMB still depressed use your LMB to shoot. See the image below for details of the key bindings. Watch out for bear traps. these kill you immediately as does being hit by a single bullet from your opponents. You can see the number of opponents in the top right hand corner of the arena. On the top left is your ammo supply, which is generous.
The game installs to C:\Program Files (x86)\I Can See The Future and once installed is 186MB in size. The usual Falcoware shortcuts are installed onto the desktop. These can be safely deleted. I can See the Future is a free standing game and does not include the usual Themida wrapper. I checked the giveaway files for malware and the results were negative.

If you like hard to beat rouge-likes, this is definitely one to download. I didn't complete the first training camp or managed to progress past the first stage of the game, so can't say if there are any other attributes to the game. When you kill an opponent, they drop their weapons. On approaching them a symbol appears, but I could never survive long enough to discover what key would allow me to pick up the weapon. your opponents have machine guns, you start with a pistol. Unfortunately I didn't think we were getting a game today as yesterday there was a message saying the next game would be in four days, so I'm l left with little time to play the game for a longer period as i have other stuff to do.
This is a well constructed game, with excellent graphics and a story line that seems to have been inspired by some of my favorite movies such as the Underworld movie franchise. This is definitely a game I will be exploring when i have some spare time on my hands and I may even purchase a Steam copy if it comes up on sale, if only to support the indie developer. I reckon this is one of the best midweek games we've had in ages; (already said that last week when Galaxy Monster was given away last Thursday)
Whiterabbit 16th July 2019

To check other game deals and freebies check out the end my review from Sunday . If you are a Steam game collector, today is the last day you'll be able to buy the soon to be released Anno 1800, a game released by Ubisoft. They have taken the decision to only sell the game via their own game platform. It is still available for sale via Steam , but it will definitely be removed by 6pm UK time this afternoon.









Reply   |   Comment by Whiterabbit-uk  –  Last year  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+11)

I install the game but there's no way to started. I have the "Out of memory". I try in the mode of Vista second pack. Still not working.
Thx for your help

I'm using Windows 7.

Reply   |   Comment by Jacques Genesse  –  Last year  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

Jacques Genesse,

Hi Jacques, Sorry for the delay in replying, I was away from home most of yesterday.
The error message sometimes indicates too may back ground programs, so, try closing down some of those by opening the task manager (Ctrl Alt Del) and stopping some non essential programs. Using the free program Razer Game Booster, which you can download HERE can help as it will temporarily turn off any non essential background programs while you play your game one click and its running and one click to reestablish all your background programs.

Alternatively it may be that your drive is badly fragmented. Using a disk defragmenter should cure this problem (It's a common error in win 7 with badly fragmented drives).

Hope this helps.

Reply   |   Comment by Whiterabbit-uk  –  Last year  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)
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