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Heaven Island Giveaway

Game Giveaway of the day — Heaven Island

Heaven Island is an experience in which you'll explore wonderful places.
User rating: 67 (74%) 23 (26%) 46 comments

Heaven Island was available as a giveaway on June 12, 2016!

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A third person action platformer game set in ancient Persia.

More a Journey in your Inner Self than a game, "Heaven Island" is an experience in which you'll explore wonderful places. The inspiration for the environments comes from the Renzo Piano designs and from the book "Origins of Architectural Pleasure" in which the welfare is of primary importance.

System Requirements:

Windows Vista or later; minimum: Intel Dual-Core 2.4 GHz; HD: 700 MB; RAM: 2 GB; Nvidia GTX 570; DirectX 9


Fabio Ferrara



File Size:



GIVEAWAY download basket

Developed by Electronic Arts
Developed by PopCap Games
Developed by Overwolf
Developed by BeamNG

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Heaven Island

In Brief

Heaven Island is more a Journey in your Inner Self than a game, "Heaven Island" is an experience in which you'll explore wonderful places. The inspiration for the environments comes from the Renzo Piano designs and from the book "Origins of Architectural Pleasure" in which the welfare is of primary importance.

Heaven Island Website
If you don't like today's gamegiveaway please give some feedback detailing why you don't like the game and how it could be improved from your point of view (that's if you have a VR headset). The game isn't playable unless you have one. If you don't like this genre at all, explain why. There are still thousands of subscribers to the game giveaway of the day every weekend which makes this an ideal forum for giving developers ideas as to what their consumers (i.e you) would like to see in a game. For example, you could suggest extra content such as mini games, or a level editor that you would like to see that would make it more appealing to you, and in the case of today's game include a mode that would allow you to experience the game without using a VR head set.

If you miss today's game giveaway you can get the game for £0.79p/$0.99 from Steam HERE.

Installation requires a Steam account. Once you've verified your Steam account (this is to stop unscrupulous community members from requesting hundreds of codes, which may have happened the first time we got Steam codes for virtually everyone i.e. Amygdala, that had to be cancelled due to a problem), you fill in the email and name so that your Steam code can be emailed to you. This is not an immediate response, at least it wasn't for me. I filled in the details 40 minutes ago and am still waiting for the key). Once your key arrives input it into the Steam client. for those new to steam, this can be achieved by clicking on the top tool bat where it says games and from the drop down menu selecting 'Activating a Product on Steam' This opens up a small window called 'Product Activation'. Click on Next. This brings up the Steam Subscriber Agreement. To proceed further you are required to accept this agreement. Assuming you do agree click on the 'I Agree' button; this opens up a new window where it says 'Please enter the product code you wish to add to your Steam library. Copy the code you were given in the Product code field then click on 'Next'. So long as the activation code is valid you should within a few seconds get an Activation Successful message that states the following:

Your product activation code has successfully been activated. This product or products listed below are now permanently associated with your Steam account. You must login to this account to have access to the items you've just activated on Steam.. If you wish you can print a receipt of the transaction for your records. Once completed click on the Finish button. Check TrickyKitty' s comment for more details.

Whenever you get Steam codes via any other method other than directly from the Steam store or from a gift sent directly from a Steam friend via Steam you have to use this method to activate your game. There are literally hundreds of excellent Steam game codes available at this time for upwards of 90% off from various Indie bundle Sites. You can see these by checking out the thread called The Weekly Round-Up of Game deals over in the game discussion forums HERE. There are also a few hundred free Steam games, some of them Free to Play which generally means pay to win as most (but not all) include dlc's that enhance the game. If you play one of those games without purchasing any of the dlc, some of which can cost a lot of money (we're talking $150 or more), you are likely to get trounced by those who have purchased the better weapons, armour and other stats enhancing buffs. There are thankfully also lots of free single player games. You'll find lists of these free and free to play games via various Steam groups or via the Games drop down menu on Steams Store page. Just hover your mouse over games (next to Featured Items) and you'll see Free to Play. Clicking on that will open up a list of free games with four tabs labelled 'Popular New Releases', 'Most Popular', 'Coming Soon' and 'Specials'. If you look to the right of the Most Popular list you can see a filter system that is divided into four sections, i.e. 'narrow by tag', 'narrow by category', 'narrow by feature' and .narrow by operating system'. The first list is extendable by clicking on 'see all'. You can now see all of for example, the single player games by checking the checkbox labelled 'singleplayer'. If you want to see a list of all free and free to Play games check all of the boxes. Checking just the singleplayer box then selecting the Most Popular tab will show you every free single player game available. At this time there appears to be 117 free single player games. If you check all of the boxes you'll find 445 games of various genres.
The game installs to the following path by default unless you have selected it to install to a different hard drive. Those with multiple hard drives are able to save games on any drive they wish:

C:\Program files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\

You can select to have a shortcut installed to the desktop and start menu if you wish

The game was specifically written with a VR headset in mind, and cannot be played without one. For those lucky enough to have been able to afford the hefty price of the HTC VIVE headset, it would be great if you would post a comment about your experience. I intend buying one for Christmas later this year (I'm saving for it now by not buying as many games as I usually do. I may even sell off my collection of 19th century, First World War and Second World War German stamps of which I have a large collection worth around £1500 to £2000. I started the collection initially for my daughter who became interested in stamp collecting when she was about 10. I sort of lost control on eBay and ended up with this massive collection of German stamps, some of which are quite rare (e.g. the flight of the Hindenburg and some presentation stamps from the 1936 Olympics come to mind, but the early stamps are probably worth more). I'm hoping to see the VIVE in a Steam sale by Christmas, they usually give a discount once those who are willing to pay the full price have done so, then they entice those who will buy at a modest discount before discounting it even further. Even with only 10% off I'd be saving almost £70 because the headset cost £689 to buy here in the UK at this time. I expect it is cheaper in the US because most Steam items tend to be between 10 to 25% cheaper over there, though not all. Certain games, usually European made can be cheaper.

If you have a problem installing or activating or getting Heaven Island to work (assuming you have a VR headset), please visit the problems section, which I've now incorporated into the FAQ's thread, which you can find HERE. As far a sI know, there's no fix to get this to work without an headset.

The Game:

I've not played the game in VR so can't really give a meaningful review. I've watched several videos and see this more as a demo for the VR technology. I did try to play it in normal vision i.e. 3D on a 2D plane, but all I got when I tried to play it was the following image (see below), with a very brief jingle when the game loaded. From that point it was totally frozen. Thankfully the game was in a window so it was easy to shut the game down:

The following is the description given on the Steam store page, which says that the game does require a VR headset. I was hoping you could explore the game without the VR headset as you can with lots of other VR games that I've previously purchased. Sadly you can't with today's giveaway.

"Heaven Island Life" is an experience designed for the HTC VIVE in which you'll explore wonderful places. The inspiration for the environments comes from the Renzo Piano designs and from the book "Origins of Architectural Pleasure" in which the welfare is of primary importance.
In this updated version you'll be able to interact with a lot of objects in the environment thanks to your "Soul controllers".
- With right controller (trigger) you'll be able to teleport to different places on the island
- With left controller (trigger) you'll be able to create stones that you can use to create zen gardens or throw them in the sea
WARNING: The game runs only with the HTC VIVE.

Other Reviews:
You can see lots of images and comments by the Steam community for today's game HERE

You can see a few videos of Heaven Island gameplay

Without the VR headset this game really isn't worth the bother in my opinion. Most of the VR games I've checked out do actually work without the VR Headset and can still give a reasonable experience, especially if you have a three monitor set up. The main problem as I see it with all VR games at this time is they all lack detail in both their environments and objects. Everything looks basic, with skins that look like they were created 10 to 15 years ago, but with a high resolution finish. Much like the Re-skinned versions of 20 year old games. The game reminds me of the first true 3D games. They were very basic, but that was because of the limitations of the hardware and software we had at the time. I think it's the same for these new VR games. For example, traveling down the Colarado River in one of the other VR games I've checked out, the Grand Canyon looked more like a cartoon depiction of the famous landmark than a real image. Not that I'm knocking VR as I'm actually really excited about it's future. I'm sure as computer specs improve the imagery we get in these VR games will improve as well. I'm looking forwards to the time I can experience that same ride down the Colorado in beautiful technicolor. At least I hope it happen s in my time. It reminds me of a TV program I used to watch when I was a child called The Tomorrow People. They had a VR machine which they would sit in and it would take them on a photo-realistic journey to far away places.

Final word:.

Why on earth was this given away to the game giveaway community? I doubt more than a handful of community members had purchased a VR headset at this time. (though i may be wrong). I'm sure in not too distant future many more will buy VR headsets, especially once the technology has been thoroughly tested and prices had crashed to reasonable prices. I'll definitely be buying one , but at this time most of us are not going to be able to play this game.


I'm not able to score this game at this time. Maybe once I get a VR headset, hopefully for Christmas (purchased by me, lol).

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the developer Fabio Ferrara for giving away Heaven Island, and to the game giveaway team for giving the community the opportunity to check out a VR game though I doubt the majority of the community are able to experience this game as it should be just yet.

Useful Information:
The problems section that used to be posted here in the Game review is now included in the Game Discussion FAQ's thread; which you can find HERE.

I've updated the games section that used to be posted with the review. The thread is now called 'Weekly round up of game deals', formerly the games section of the weekly reviews. You can find the new thread (which I've posted in the sticky section of the game discussion forums to make it easier to find if you are perusing the game discussion forums) HERE.

The latest free game over on Origin has changed to Nox. Nox is an action role-playing game developed by Westwood Studios and published by Electronic Arts in 2000 for Microsoft Windows. It details the story of Jack, a young man from Earth who is pulled into a high fantasy parallel universe and has to defeat the evil sorceress Hecubah and her army of Necromancers to return home. Depending on the player's choice of character class at the beginning of the game (warrior, conjurer, or wizard), the game follows three largely different linear story lines, each leading to its unique ending. If you've ever played the early RPG's such as Baldurs Gate and Icewind dale or the early Fallout series and liked them, you'll probably lik e this game as well. It's 16 year sold now, but still looks oretty f=good for it's age. This type of game has held it's appeal and looks far more than the early firs tperson games. I highly recommend it..

You can get it HERE. Please note that you do require the Origin game platform to be able to download and install the game.

If you are having problems installing the game check the thread I've linked to above. If you can't find any fixes check the comments made by the community below and over the last few weeks for suggestions. Thank you.

If today's game wasn't to your liking, you may find other games either free or for less than the price of a cup of coffee (from your favorite coffee house) via the 'Weekly Roundup of Game Deals' thread which I've posted a link to above, or HERE.

I've still to send out some Steam keys to those that commented on last weeks game and a couple from the previous week. I decided to take a break from virtually everything last week partly to recharge my batteries. To those that wished me a happy birthday last week, thank you. I am not going to run the free keys this week as I'm so far behind with everything at the moment, it would just confuse my morphine addled brain even more than it is already. :) I will resume giving more keys away once I've sent out all of those I owe to community members. Hopefully next week, but no promises. To those that have qualified for keys so far , please be patient. Also, remember I need to see what you want via the thread I've linked too above. If you've had problems signing into your forum account, let me know what your forum name is and I'll resend you a new password.

I'd like to to give a massive thank you to Whizzy or Mavadelo (his Steam name), who has created a review site for me. I am talking to him via Team Speak over the coming weeks while he tutors me in the ins and outs of the site. The site won't go live right away as I want to post lots of game reviews. It will be a combination of arcade and AAA game reviews, some old and some new, divided into appropriate genres. We intend to avoid any advertising, so the site should be safe to peruse without worrying about clicking on links that may send to to rogue sites or ad's. I will also try to post reviews of new releases. At least those that I purchase. For example, I've just started playing the new version of Mirrors Edge: Catalyst that was released on Friday. It's an excellent sequel. If you liked the original you'll love the new one. For those who don't know anything about Mirror's Edge it's a parkour style game where you run and jump across high rise buildings as well as in and around buildings delivering messages. It's set in a dystopian future where conglomerates rule the world. You live outside of the law. . You can see the launch trailer (showing a fast paced cameo of the game) HERE. It may even be one of my first AAA game reviews on the new site.

I will still continue to post my reviews here and moderate as always. I'm hoping the new site will invigorate me, which can only be a good thing with respect to my reviews here, as I have lost a lot of impetus over the last few years, and especially recently since the changes. I will be having regular giveaways of my own on the new site, but nothing like what we get here as my giveaways are all paid for by me and will be limited to one or a few of each game offered. I do have several keys for some games, but most of the keys are one offs or at the most a couple of keys for each game. As mentioned previously, I have around 10 000 Steam keys and several hundred other keys for other platforms such as Origin, Itch.io and Desura, many of which will be up for grabs. Most of the games are low budget indie games and arcade games (up to $20), but I do have lots of more expensive indie and AAA game keys to give away, (most will be awarded in exchange for appropriate reviews and other comments about games in general). Some of the AAA games I have spare that will be available to the community include X-Com:Enemy Unknown, Civilization V, Aliens vs Predator, ArmA II & 3, Batman Arkham City and Arkham Origins, Baldur's Gate Enhanced, Deadly Premonition, Battlefield 3, Gas Guzzlers Extreme Gold, All three of the original Company of Heroes, Defense Grid 2, several copies of Call of Juarez, Disciples II: Gallean's Return, King Arthur - The Role-playing Wargame, Max Payne 3, Dragon Age Origins, Far Cry 3, Front Lines: Fuel of War, Grid, a couple of the GTA titles, Rage, Omerta - City of Gangsters, Mount & Blade: Warband and lots of others. I haven't posted a list of my Steam keys, but you can see the spare games I have in my main Steam account HERE , there are roughly 350 games, quite a few of which will be up for grabs at some point in time. There is a massive collection of indie and Arcade titles in toe 10thousand spare keys available as well.

Reply   |   Comment by Whiterabbit-uk  –  5 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+8)

WHY do you force people to use Steam to get and license a GAOTD game? I went to Steam, tried to make an account, and it wouldn't accept any password I made. when I try to register for a Steam account, it keeps telling me The
password you entered is not allowed. Please select a different password,
with at least 8 characters.
NO MATTER WHAT I ENTER FOR A PASSWORD, be it all letters, all numbers, a
mix of letters and numbers and no matter whether it has _ in it or not!
GAOTD says to get the game key for the Heaven game being given away today,
I must go to my steam account to get the key, YET BECAUSE IT WON'T LET ME

Reply   |   Comment by Reality Check  –  5 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+1)

I'm really disappointed with this.
I have an Oculus Rift DK2 and was looking forward to a 3D experience.
Well, it would not work directly with the Rift, so I had to use Virtual Desktop. There was no 3D and it killed Virtual Desktop's head tracking while it was running.
The scenery was nice, but the frustration of not being able to use the full capabilities of my Rift killed the experience for me.
I agree with others that this is more like a demo than a real game.

Reply   |   Comment by James Gazin  –  5 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+1)

Please consider adding VR to the system requirements and game description. Thanks for the giveaway. I have 4 VR games in my Steam library ready for download now when I finally get one.

Reply   |   Comment by damon  –  5 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+1)

I don't have a VR headset and didn't know this is already a go for games (well I am never researching).
I would be interested to try and see how this is for me - for now I stick with good old HOGS ;-)

I'll be back next weekend to terminate you all - ahem no to see what offers we have then :-D

Reply   |   Comment by Anu  –  5 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+1)

...................Moderator Comment........................

I've been moderating without a break for over 4 hours, so will continue either later this evening or sometime in the early hours.. :)

I've just checked my Steam messages and received the following message from my friend Mavadelo:

Mavadelo: Rabbit, today's game is not VR only

Mavadelo: Click HERE for Steam page with info.

However, on reading the article, i do think it applies to today's game unfortunately

Reply   |   Comment by Whiterabbit-uk  –  5 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+1)

good game!!!!!!!!!!!

Reply   |   Comment by storozh  –  5 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (-4)

I don't have vr and I don't like these anyway.

Reply   |   Comment by al pierce  –  5 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+1)

I didn't know you needed a special VR headset or I wouldn't have downloaded it. All I can do is go around a little bit with the keys. I was wondering how you played it but I guess you can't without the VR thing.

Reply   |   Comment by Diane Gargaro  –  5 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+1)

This game has been given away for free in mass quantities for almost a month now. The reviews have been mediocre at best. While I don't mind free Steam games from this site it's too bad it's not for games that aren't already given away on other sites.

...................Moderator Comment........................

Yes you are right, It was given away a few weeks ago via Falamid and it's also been included in at last one Indie Bundle. Though i paid £0.79 for my copy as i didbnt know it was being given away free at the time. Steam are pushing VR at lot at the moment as the VR head set is being shipped at the very moment. )

Reply   |   Comment by Brian H.  –  5 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+3)

Normally I walk away from anything that mentions Steam but decided this time to give it a go.
Eventually managed to create an account
requested key
email gives me a key and a download link however the download link takes me to the page to go to steam - at that point I realise I need some client installed which I have installed
selected games drop down - nothing there
search for the game on steam but the only option is one to buy it. At no point am I ever taken to a page to download it.
In the past there have been limits on the number of steam keys but this time I got the steam key but cannot download the file unless I choose to pay for it
GAOTD was great when they provided direct zipped downloads but since it tied up with steam I have not managed to get a single game
You say that Playrix etc are not sending you games but where do all the other free game sites get games from

...................Moderator Comment........................

Hi Clive, You don't download the game via the giveaway site. You first have to link your Steam account then give your email so that a Steam activation code is sent to you. You then input that into the appropriate field (see Juliannes comment, I've posted some images showing you the process). The reason for this is to stop unscrupulous community members from getting more than one code. The first time we got unlimited Steam codes, some started to appear on Steam sale sites, where community members were gloating about how they had got more than one key, which they were then trying to exchange for saleable items on Steam so as to make a profit.

I've mentioned about how free game sites get their games lots of times over the years. Sites like MyPlayCity, Gametop and others pay to give away all of the games they have on their books. Everytime you visit their site, which is at least once every time you play one of their games, plus those that end up with tool bars and home page changes end up visiting a lot more earns those sites hard cash every time you visit. Part of that cash is paid to the developer for allowing his game to be given away. But at the cost of your browser opening whenever you play the game. It's a good way to get free games, and both the developer, the middle man and the consumer win. The developer becasue he gets money for his games becasue they have been downloaded by someone who would never have purchased the game in the first place, the middle man for the trouble in arranging the deal and the consumer because he gets the game free, apart from the annoyances. Personally I no longer use them because I've been able to afford to buy all of games I've wanted over the past decade (spent at least fifty thousand pounds or more on my games since my accident in 2005)

Reply   |   Comment by gbswales  –  5 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

Am among those without a VR headset (someday, maybe this next winter holiday season) so couldn't play it that way.
Went and looked at the video walk through however, and it seems to be a strange trip through a land of discovery, and has some pretty scenery, although as WhiteRabbit said, the screens look dated a bit. Did end up trying to play it a bit without the headset, and found it was disjointed that way, again WITHOUT the headset. Will keep it in my steam games for if I get a headset, and give it a whirl then.

Reply   |   Comment by Jburt  –  5 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+3)


First off thank you for offering free games.

Now for my question. Are there any good side scrollers made anymore? Perhaps you could get one for a giveaway. If not, can you recommend any?

Thank you.


...................Moderator Comment........................

Hi Exploro, yes, there are some great side scrollers available on Steam. I was playing an interesting one last night called Plasma Being which you can check out HERE. To progress you have to change phases to be able to manipulate items in the game and move with the other phase. There are a couple like this, but the names escape me a this time. If you want a shmup side-scroller there have been a plethora of decent ones released on Steam over the last few years, though vertical shooters are more prevalent. If you are looking for side scrolling platformers one of the best is Super Meat boy, which was released some years ago by the developer who created one of my all time favorite side scrolling platformers called Gish. If you want pretty looking ones with excellent game mechanics the Trine trilogy of games are superb. You get three characters. to progress through each stage you have to utilise the skills of each of the characters you can control. The first one, which is superb is on an 85% off deal at the moment until the 22nd June and costs only £1.49/$2.24. in fact all three are on sale. Trine 2 is also 85% off and costs £2.09 and Trine 3 is 75% off and costs £3.99. Check out the Steam links i've provided below. you can see images and a cideo of each game as well as descriptions and community feedback:

There are so many more that i just can't remeber the name sof them at this time. There's a good chance if we continue to get Steam games one of those platformers will come up, but expensive ones will probably only be available as limited numbers. . :)


Super Meat Boy

Trine: Enchanted Edition

Trine 2: Complete Story

Trine 3: The Artefacts of Power

Here are several I checked via my category listings in my Steam library, some are vertical scrollers.

Blacksea Odyssey


1993 space Machine


Legacy of the Elder Star


Melody's Escape


Trench Run


DARIUSBURST Chronicle Saviours - expensive, but one of the best side scrolling shmups around at the moment.



Reply   |   Comment by Exploro  –  5 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+2)

Exploro, If they're not on sale this week they may be next week. Rumor has it that Steam's Summer Sale starts the 23rd and goes till July 4. If you don't know their sales, they usually have super low discounted games. :) I have the side scroller Bionic Commando Rearmed which isn't bad for what I paid. I think I got it on sale in 2011 for less than a dollar and got a second one to give someone as a gift. During the sale I can get tons of games, sometimes at up to 90% off, save them in my inventory and open them later or gift them. You can go to the Store, Games tab and click Popular Tags. I had to scroll about 4 times but Side Scroller is there to help you search. Save them in your Wishlist if they are too expensive and you'll be alerted when they are on sale.

Reply   |   Comment by Keisha  –  5 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

I've tried repeatedly to download this game. Maybe my 72 year old brain just isn't working. I did download the steam plugin (which I'm about to remove because I still can't download the game) The only option I've been given so far is to buy the game and being on social security just doesn't allow for frivolous things like games.

...................Moderator Comment........................

Hi Ashara, the game cannot be downloaded directly from the game giveaway site. You have to fill in the fields to firstly link your Steam account, then give an email and your name for the Steam code to be sent to you. This may take a few hours. Once you've received your code look at the images I posted for Julianne below this comment as it shows you the various steps you have to take to input the Steam code. Make sure you have created a Steam account and installed the Steam client, which you can get HERE. I've also witten a few paragraphs in my review on how to activate the game.

Once you've activated the game via your Steam account, you can then download it via the steam library. When you click on the Library tab you should see the game in the left hand column. Right click on it and from the drop down menu select install game. If you get more games you can categorize the game like I have done in the screen captures I've posted in Juliannes comment below. I have over 400 categories because I have almost eight thousand games in my main Steam account and because of my memory problems can often find it difficult to remember the name of a game I want to play, so I've created many categories to help find those games. You can also place your favorite games in a favorites category if you wish. The more games you have in your Steam library the more useful the category choice becomes useful. . :)

Reply   |   Comment by Ashara  –  5 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+1)

Why do you not mention that you need a VR headset to play this game? That's really unacceptable (to not mention it).

...................Moderator Comment........................

Oddly on Steam when you type Heaven Island in the search field, it gives you three titles, one of which I thought was a version you could play without a head set, but when I purchased the game, which ever of these three games i click on from the store, when I pressed the play button I get the same game which is unplayable unless yu have the headset. It does say this on the Steam page, but not on the giveaway page. I agree that it should have been included in the information given on the giveaway page. So yes it's very confusing.

That said, I did mention in my review that this game couldn't be played without a VR head set, which I concluded wasn't very good for this community as most members probably don't have a VR head set yet. I'm contemplating buying one later this year when I hope the price will have dropped somewhat. There are games such as the Apollo 13 mission to the moon which has been made into a VR game which I really want to play. :)

Reply   |   Comment by Don  –  5 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+3)

Hi WR, I also only today saw Your message to me on Forum. I visit Forum now and then, and usually check 'headers' posted rather hours before than days/weeks.
I don't believe there was any recent response to that GGOTD Comment in my post (hotmail), but will check again. To be honest checking few times what happened to that long-ish Comment in question when I left it under that specific Game Giveaway - I simply thought it hangs there unpublished (zero response, if not from You, which I accidentally don't always expect, at least someone else, even if negative..)
Please feel free to drop me a line or two to my post directly, as I said before. I too value Your 'outlook' on matters concerning Games, things, whatever.

For now (not knowing what You wrote) - I can only say why I reacted so strongly to those comments on Forum. I'm really very sensitive to FAIR PLAY to All - in any Community (here naturally GGOTD) and in life in general. Where Games are concerned I don't object to people having their own preferences, choices, likes/dislikes of TYPE of Games they go for, or Game 'Clubs' they belong to. There are always 'light' players and those 'hard at it' (if that's sounds right), and I expressed enough times my opinions on what GGOTD meant to me and marvelled over the fact that it USED TO BE for everybody in equal measures. Once it changed direction and narrowed itself to cater for few only (Yes, I understand reasons it went this way) - what's left is at least trying to be fair and avoid 'rubbing more salt to the wounds' of those who will not be persuaded going Steam for instance. Those Comments on Forum (sorry if they meant to be between Yourself and other Commentator only, but published, so not really 'private'?) struck me as being particularly unkind.., as if someone taking a proverbial mick behind someone's back (not everyone on main Giveaway page goes to Forum, so MAIN meeting and common place of 'minds' happens here, or at least that was the understanding before?) After reading them both my heart sunk and I remember thinking, 'oh my God, so that's what WR really thinks and feels about the situation in 'front room' full of guests not having a clue..', and the other guy chuckling away even more on their expense.. Surely that bad, that wrong. So I wrote what wrote.

Sorry about this 'novel' here (as I said I don't have sperate logins on Forum) and under this Game today. Wishing Everyone good Afternoon, and if like me and my husband interested in football - the Feast in France goes on!:), even if yesterday we only managed to equalize, next time, eh?

Reply   |   Comment by fran  –  5 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+1)

fran, Hi Fran, I finally got around to checking the post from last week and my reply wasn't there, which was annoying as I'd spent hours writing it. I will hopefully find time soon to email you, but the gist of it was that what I'd posted in the forums that you seemed to take offense to was only directed to the person I was replying to. The mention of Luddites was only to strengthen a previous comment where I'd mentioned how there will always be those for and against any change. It wasn't meant to be directed to the giveaway community. I've always tried to respect everyone's wishes on both the forums and the giveaway comments section. I may not have succeeded all of the time, but generally i think I've been decent in most things I've said. My wife has always said I don't think about what I say or write, it just flows out from my thoughts. When we have had to write to our solicitor (I'm in the middle of a compensation claim after my builder ripped me off for over £45 000) or the agent who manages my properties when a tenant has left the place in a mess my wife has often had to edit my responses as I can get quite emotional.

Have a great week.



Reply   |   Comment by Whiterabbit-uk  –  5 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

I didn't bother to download this today so I haven't much to say about it but I will give a few words on my impressions for the sake of the developers. The file size isn't given but according to the Steam page it needs 700mb of space. Considering the other kid's game given away that had a similar feel this may be a very large download. Something for metered bandwidth users to note.

As a demo for a VR headset this looks great but as a game it looks incredibly boring and really not much of a game at all. From other user's descriptions there isn't much to interact with except for collecting apples and reading various quotes that are supposed to enlightened you. Whenever a game/app promises to make me a better, more enlightened person it makes me want to run away. It's not just the pretentious presumption that I require ham-fisted enlightenment from a game developer but the long experience of being utterly bored with the products that promise it. This doesn't look like it is any different in the boredom category.

The graphics look like really good demo graphics. Maybe a person can overlook them while marveling at the environment with a VR headset but on a regular screen they are just OK. My other problem with these VR 3D attempts on a flat screen is the inevitable distortion that seems to always happen at the edges. I can't think of anything that will make me motion sick faster and I'm not one who suffers from that malady.

As a customer I really don't see the point in this offering. Maybe if I had a VR headset I would be desperate enough for VR-only programs that I would buy it, if only to show off the headset in a relaxed way to people new to the technology. I can't see me wanting this for any other reason. I can see it being one of those programs you play around with for 10-15 minutes then let it sit on a shelf forever as one of those interesting program experiments one never seems to get around to playing again.

Now, if there was a mystery on the island I had to solve you'd have something beautiful and entertaining.

Good luck and thanks for the offering.

Reply   |   Comment by Melika  –  5 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+5)

Melika, I think for this to qualify as a game giveaway they also need to throw in a budget VR headset solution... something that streams the split 3D screen to a mobile phone in one of those poor mans headsets and uses the G sensors for motion detection to assist in VR controls.

Reply   |   Comment by TK  –  5 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

Well that was weird. So a paste in the code I was given and it takes a really long time (half a minute to a minute) and then comes back and says the code is invalid. That's never happened to me before. In the middle of writing a complaint and I try the code again and find out that the code did actually work. :S Oh well guess everything the fine now, but that sure was weird. :\

.....................Moderator comment.........................

Hi Top floor, if you include spaces it will give you an invalid message. Maybe you'd added a space initially?

Reply   |   Comment by Top Floor  –  5 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+2)

Oh by the way, I'm one of the people that is totally fine with receiving a steam key for a game as the giveaway. At least this way, my ownership continues beyond my current computer. I understand it is a hassle for the people that don't currently have a steam account. Thankfully not really a problem for me, I've had an account for years.

Reply   |   Comment by Top Floor  –  5 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+1)

Nah, I checked that (usually when I get a steam key from humble bundle I have to delete a tailing space, so I'm always aware of that kind of thing). It just seems to have told me that it was invalid when in reality it did actually accept the key. Probably has to do with why it seemed to churn on it for a minute. Usually when I enter a key on steam it almost immediately activates instead on churning.

Doesn't really matter, it worked anyway. Just a weird hiccup with Steam I guess. ^_^

Reply   |   Comment by Top Floor  –  5 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+4)

Second Post: looks like I'll not be able to get this download. STEAM is now stuck on another program update and while I'm surfing the net I get an error message saying the update cannot occur unless I'm on line.

I'm sure everything works in isolation......its the interface no doubt.

I can still go to website and log into my account....just can't buy games much less use my Code for the freebie.

someone has some work to do?

............................Moderator comment............................

See my reply to your next comment. hope you can sort it out?

Reply   |   Comment by bobbo  –  5 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+4)

What is the total download size including the steam game download and installed folders size for this game? My page here shows nothing next to "File Size:" attribute! Is it so embarrassing that they don't want to say?

............................Moderator comment............................

Hi TK, the installed game in the commons folder is 949MB, there is at least one other file installed to the Steamapps folder, but that is negligible at less than a kilobyte.

Reply   |   Comment by TK  –  5 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+1)

Hi all. Been here along time. Enjoyed many free games, some that led me to the creator's site to buy more of the same. But having visited here for the last few months and finding the hoops to jump thru for a 'free' game and finding nothing worth the effort, I'm deleting the link to THIS site and won't waste my time coming here again. This site has erred the same way newspaper sites have erred in pay-walling content that is freely available elsewhere. Good luck with a questionable business model that will discourage new customers while alienating the current customer base.

Reply   |   Comment by jocko  –  5 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

Walking Simulator, Pick up shells and apples, explore the surroundings. I guess it is more interesting in VR but without it is fun for a while exploring the area and swim with the fish. Not much more I can say besides that it looks nice and the "soundtrack" is actually relaxing and ok.
soundtrack can be found in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ParadiseIsland\Soundtrack

Reply   |   Comment by Mavadelo  –  5 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

Once Again Not A truly Free Game! You Must Join Some Other website To Play. What's The Deal With "STEAM" A Site You Have To Join To Play "FREE GAMES". They Ask For Your Billing Info, And Have A 11Article Contract Which Ends With They Have The Right To Remove Your "FREE GAMES" And Then Bill You When You Leave. What Happened To This Free Site? I Haven't Been Able To Actually Get A "FREE GAME" Here IN Months

Reply   |   Comment by Mike I  –  5 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+8)

Mike I,

Google & you'll find that Steam is THE place, service, community for games nowadays. Yes, there are negatives. Yes, it means adding more software, & watching out for scams etc. Yes, it might be nice to avoid it entirely, & there is some discussion that Microsoft *might* help folks do just that eventually with their universal platform & store. But for now & the immediate future Steam is *almost* unavoidable for games other than those played with Android or iOS.

Reply   |   Comment by mike  –  5 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

Hi all. I just downloaded and walked around a bit so can not say to much yet but.... this game can be plaed fine without VR. on http://steamcommunity.com/app/400250/discussions/0/458606248614652940/ a person calling himself "immuminatie" asks if VR stuff is needed and the {representative of the} developer answers with "Hi, not necessary"

will tell more if i know more about the game but thought that might be vital information :P

Reply   |   Comment by Mavadelo  –  5 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+1)

I don't mind having STEAM forced down my throat. I see the last time a steam offering was made I actually got far enough to register before giving up. This time, I went further, but like above, I am currently lost in a maze of reconfirmations without the menus and instructions the GAOTD says to follow.

MAYBE this will get cleared up after the 130MB update to the Steam Engine I thought was already installed?

I assume the "code" I got for this game will be used on the check out page AFTER I give my billing information?

NOT the highest experience I have come to expect with GAOTD..............and yes, I'll d/l the game as I plan to get into VR fairly soon.

............................Moderator comment............................

Hi Bobbo, Steam isn't being forced down anybodies throat, we are all free to get the game or not. The only reason we have Steam games at the moment is because we are not being given games from other developers like our old regulars Playrix, Alawar and Immanitas, though I suspect Immanitas was a taster for Steam as every game we got from them was also available on Steam?
With respect to billing information, there's no indication that you have to involve yourself with billing because you should already have your key, which should have been sent via email. You just follow the installation process I detail in the review at the top of these comments. That said I presume you are already familiar with inputting Steam keys into your Steam account?

Regarding your question, you never have to install Steam if you don't wish to. I hope the installation process went okay for you. If you keep getting updates for Steam it probably means you have signed up for the beta. I get updates every day as I had the checkbox checked for the beta when it was first introduced. You can unsubscribe from the beta and stop constant updates by clicking on Steam (in the top toolbar) and then select settings from the drop down menu. This opens up a small window where you can configure lots of aspects such as the account details, friends and family; for example, you can allow up to five friends and family members access to your account via their Steam accounts by you authorizing their accounts to your account. They cannot however play games from your account while you are playing. There are loads more options to set up the account to how you like it, for example you can have the client always open to the shop when you boot Steam up, or open to any one of the other tabs such as Library, Community or to your profile page where you can also access your friends activities, join groups, manage your inventory etc. (The inventory is where Steam cards are stored as well as extra games you may have purchased to give away as gifts to friends or other drops made in certain games such as Team fortress and CS:GO. In fact, there's so much more, but I'll let you discover all of those for yourself.
To make sure you are not signed up for the beta make sure you are in the accounts tab. Below the button for changing your account email you should see a very thin line diving the window roughly into two parts and below that it says 'Beta participation'. There should be a button that says 'Change'. Click on that to open a second window. Where you'll see a brief explanation of the beta program and another button that says 'Steam Beta Update'. Click on the much smaller side button with the down pointing arrow to open the drop down menu where you can then opt out of the beta if you have been signed up to it. if you haven't it will be confirmed by taking those steps. I hope this helps.

Reply   |   Comment by bobbo  –  5 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+5)

bobbo, ===thanks Mr Moderator. I was mostly joking...but its definitional as to what "forced" means. Non-forced in my mind would be a link the the game to be downloaded and that would be it. Instead, the ONLY way to get the game, is to join steam. In context, that is a forcing, once certain givens are established.

..............and it is an aberration from your almost always used approach.

...............and as I said: I don't mind it. Actually welcome a chance to see a website that otherwise I woudn't look at because I know if I don't want the hassel, I can skip this offering......which I am being FORCED to do as the second update to installing the Steam Engine evidently can't find my web connection.

I thought Steam was a reference to Steam Punk. Didn't think it would be to the exasperation experienced by those trying to sign into their service? Peace be upon you!! Great website/service/info/feedback you provide. Everything in perspective.

............................Moderator comment............................

Hi Bobbo, :)

Please read my reply to your last comment. i think this comment was posted just as I was finishing my reply? That is in regards to the Beta program. If you are not signed up you shouldn't be getting regular updates.

Reply   |   Comment by bobbo  –  5 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+2)

Strikes me as more of a demo for VR systems. Interesting, but boring after a while. You walk around and pick up shells and apples, read pithy thoughts in various books. The best part is going underwater and looking at the fish/turtles. Not a lot of interactive things, which this game could use. Uses the standard WASD/arrow navigation + the shift key to run, hit the e key to pick up shells and apples, hit space bar to jump. No music, I think you have to d/l a separate file, but sound effects were nice. Graphics good, but not great, this might be due to my aging video board. It's always daytime, doesn't seem to have a night mode, which would make it a little more interesting, especially with all the lamps you come across.

This was a real PITA to download. I've had a Steam account for a long time, but this whole thing just goes round and round. Once I finally got Steam to recognize the game, the download went smoothly.

Thanks to White Rabbit for all his time/effort over the years, but things don't seem to be doing well with the new system and I am not keen on the hoops we have to jump through.

Reply   |   Comment by Lady Lark  –  5 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+10)

Me again. I had to get you to walk me through activating a game on Steam but I have lost the email, so I need to get you to walk me through it again. I have the key. I log into Steam - it says I haven't logged in for a while (maybe as week or two at the most) so I have to enter a code to verify it is my account. I verify. I have to log in again and I have to verify a second time it is my account. I do this. I finally get into my Steam account and I am in the wrong part because there is no Games Menu.
The email says:
Installation instructions:

Please mind that you need a Steam account to activate the software. If you don't have a Steam account, you can create one here: https://store.steampowered.com/join/ and download the Steam client app here: http://store.steampowered.com/about/ To activate the software, launch the Steam client software and log into your Steam account.

1. Click the Games Menu. - DON'T HAVE ONE
2. Choose Activate a Product on Steam. - NOT AN OPTION
3. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process. - HA HA VERY FUNNY.

The email gives me the option to CREATE an account and DOWNLOAD the Steam client app. How about an option to LOG IN to the correct part of the steam community, so I don't have to go through this rigmarole every time.

I am with so many other users of this sight - Who thought teaming up with Steam was a good idea?

...................Moderator Comment........................

Hi Julianne, it's just another source of games for the community. I've made some screen captures showing th main steps in activating a game on Steam, assuming you've installed the client and created an account. the steps are very easy. : see the images below. i hope the resolution is large enough for you to read the script. i only had three choices of color and red was the brightest I could use. I've made the images larger than i usually post to help.. :)

Step 1)

Step 2)

Step 1=3)

Step 4)


I hope this helps?

Reply   |   Comment by Julianne  –  5 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+4)

Julianne, Hi Jullianne. When you have the steam software open you will need to look at the bottom of the steam window. On the left side you will see "+ Add A Game" mentioned. Click on that and 3 options will be available. The second option will be "Activate a product on Steam" , this is the option youi want, click it.
A new window will pop up, follow instructions in the window (basically clicing next, type/paste yoiur code, click next and confirm.
Now on top of the steam windows with the "big font" menu (store, library etc) click Library. Here a list will be present on the left hand side wher the game will be listed. Click it once and the game page will be presented to you with the install option, after you installed the install button will be replaced with a play button :)

have fun

Reply   |   Comment by Mavadelo  –  5 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+1)

You can activate a game by going to your library tab. On the very lower left there is a link to activate a game on steam.

Reply   |   Comment by ratdog  –  5 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (-1)

Julianne and Others,

You might be running into the same Steam log in confusion that I have accidentally run into in the past. I'd like to add a little more detail regarding this, and hopefully WR will see this and incorporate some of the points into his Steam info.

tl;dr - Think of Steam itself as another game (the client) that you have to download and log in to in order to use it's full functionality.

Long explanation:
There are actually TWO log in locations for a Steam account with slightly different functionalities, and understanding these functionalities is important.

1) Using a web browser, go to https://store.steampowered.com

The website is how you can activate and log in to your Steam account, make purchases via Steam, and download the Steam client. This allows you to access your account from anywhere you have internet access. What you CANNOT do via the website is see the Library tab in the top menu bar (although you can still see a list of your games by first clicking on your [Login Name] tab in the top menu bar and then clicking the Games link in the right menu bar), nor add a game code that you did not purchase directly through Steam (such as the Steam games offered here and at other software bundle sites).

You also cannot download and play a game ONLY through the website, which I'll explain next.

2) The second log in location is the Steam client.

The client controls the actual GAME USAGE/PLAYABILITY, not the website. You have to download (from the website) the Steam client, open the Steam software on your computer separate from your web browser, and log in (again) within the Steam client in order to gain access to those other functionalities. Within the client software is where you will find the Library tab in the top menu bar and the "+ Add A Game" link/button in the bottom left. They do not show up on the browser website, even when you have logged into your account via the website.

Once you have the Steam client open and you are logged in via the client, you can then add a game code to your library, download a game, and play a game.

There is also a game download "link" on the games list on the website that I mentioned above, but it is not an actual game/file download link. Instead, it is a command that is sent to the Steam client on your computer telling it that you made the request to start the game download. For this reason, the Steam client HAS to be open and you have to be logged in (not someone else's account logged in) for that download request via the website to work.

What this essentially means is that while you can access your Steam account for the purposes of viewing and purchasing on any computer that has internet access, you can only play a game via your Steam account on a computer that has the Steam client downloaded and logged in with your login info.

You do not have to be logged in to the website for the Steam client to work, as it is a stand-alone program, but you do have to run the Steam client and be logged in there in order to actually play your games.

...................Moderator Comment........................

Thank you for your feedback TrickyKitty, I'll just leave a note in the installation section pointing to your comment.. :)

Reply   |   Comment by TrickyKitty  –  5 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+5)

Julianne, You are a legend ! Thank you so very much. As you knew it would, it worked. Please don't ever leave me, my knight in White Fur :)

Reply   |   Comment by Julianne  –  5 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

Basically, it is a Steam game where you walk around and pick up "objects". That is pretty much it.

Reply   |   Comment by Tigereyes  –  5 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+11)

If you'd like to see how this game plays out try this link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FKBKUvvUTYI . It looks like it's more of an "experience" than a game.
Hope this helps

Reply   |   Comment by mrlotterby  –  5 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+11)

Coincidentally, I got this game from Steam just about two weeks ago :)

It's not a "game" in terms of skills, combat or levelling and so on, it's more a walk on the beach, which is a really nice idea and a good alternative to playing any other video games.

The graphics are awesome, also the music and environment sounds are awesome which fits to the location you currently are (the music blends in when you get closer and blends out when you leave, very nicely done!). There are many tropical fish underwater.. which reminded me of the Fishdom fish from Playrix ;) and the sound even changes underwater.

You can collect apples and shells (there are Steam achievements for these, but it doesn't work on my end for some reason), and there are books to find on many spots which give you a few lines of wise words to read and to think about.

A very relaxing "game", you should try it :-)
Sorry for my English, but I hope this helps, though.

Reply   |   Comment by Moonshadow  –  5 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+8)

so now we have to get a stream account ?????

............................Moderator comment............................

Hi Sue, Only if you wish to try this game, though if you don't have a VR head set, don't bother as the game is unplayable without the headset, which costs almost £700 to purchase at this time. The game giveaway team will still be giving away non steam games. it's become much harder to get games recently. we seem to have lost our main sponsors Playrix , Alawar and Immanitas entertainment, though that's not set in stone. Developers can now make a lot of money by adding their games to the indie bundles of which there are 40 plus available at any one time. Many of the games we used to get from Playrix are now available via these bundles for virtually nothing, but they can make thousands of dollars just from one bundle sale, depending on how many games are included. for example there is a Mumbo Jumbo bundle available via one of the indie bundles a this time with almost 20 games available, which you can purchase in three tiers. the cheapest tier costs $2, the second tier $4 and the highest tier with all of the games $8. Another bundle has several of Playrix's games. Both Playrix and Alawar are now well known to the giveaway community, partly thanks to this site and many community members will buy from either developer without getting free games from them via this site. Of course, this is just an opinion, not a hard fact. I may be totally wrong and in a few weeks we may see all three of our old favorites back?

Regarding your question, you never have to install Steam if you don't wish to.

Reply   |   Comment by sue  –  5 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+4)

From the lack of real description and from the 3 bland photos of a beach, I am not sure that this is a "game" or not, and if it is, what kind of game is it? No idea from the paucity of information here as to whether or not I would like this so at this point in the day, I am not downloading it. Really wish you'd give more information to allow us to decide if this "game" is for us or not.

Reply   |   Comment by DrKen  –  5 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (-1)


In defence of Whiterabbit – whom I do not know, and he must be fed-up by now, – you could always visit the vendor's Homepage (displayed above, on the left), for this & any game's description.

Reply   |   Comment by Ioannis  –  5 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+10)

He also gave you the link to the Steam Discussion as he probably only had a few hours to play the game before being attacked by users about the lack of a description of a VR game in which you walk and explore an island. WR also gives 3 links to videos that tell you more. I don't see the problem.

Reply   |   Comment by Keisha  –  5 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+1)

You're right - I could always visit the vendor's home page... but then why have this site?

Here's another option: don't put up a game until the description is ready.

The problem is that there has been a certain expectation fostered here, and now that the site is changing, maybe its indicative that the usefulness of this site has passed. Used to be that there was NOT a game give away every day - sometimes not even once a week, but that was OK because the quality of what was offered when it was offered was generally pretty good. Now it seems that more times than not, the game being "given away" is not being given away but rather there is a contest to win a freebie. And now today, the "game" is not even a game from what comments I've read here - its more a virtual tour of a beach.

This site used to be all about NOT having to scour the web in search of free games. Maybe its time for this site to reconsider its mission. If the mission is changing, that's OK, but be up front about it. Very honestly, I'm probably going to stop my email subscription to this site and start visiting the half dozen websites for those vendors whose games I enjoy... those are vendors I was introduced to here and from whom I then purchased other games based upon my initial, freebie experience.

In the words of the late George Harrison, All Good Things Shall Pass... and so, too, this site.

Reply   |   Comment by DrKen  –  5 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+1)
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