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A Land Fit For Heroes Giveaway

A Land Fit For Heroes

A story-based RPG of three unlikely heroes with three interlocking storylines.
User rating: 56 (63%) 33 (37%) 30 comments

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Based on Richard Morgan’s trilogy of dark fantasy novels, A Land Fit For Heroes is the new story-based RPG of three unlikely heroes with three interlocking storylines. Kirellin of House Caith is a skilled war veteran, a man with a death wish who suffers the mental trauma from years of combat, Calnar is a young Majak warrior, repeatedly abused by his father during his childhood, he channels his inner rage as one of the fiercest fighters in bloody combat.

Ilaria is an accomplished thief with a tortured past filled with violence and personal anguish. Each of their paths will cross in this adventure where they are tested to the extreme – but wherein the reader decides upon their fates.

System Requirements:

Windows 7 or later; 2 GB RAM; 300 MB HDD


Liber Primus Games




The game is available for $9.99, but the winners of our contest will get it for free.

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Comments on A Land Fit For Heroes

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A Land Fit for Heroes

In Brief

A Land Fit for Heroes is a profound story of three distinct characters falling into a sequence of bloodthirsty events full of gore and mystery. It is not your average story-based RPG; A Land Fit for Heroes is darker, deeper and very explicit, primarily it’s narrative is targeted towards a mature audience.


Based on Richard Morgan’s trilogy of dark fantasy novels, A Land Fit For Heroes is the new story-based RPG telling the story of three unlikely heroes with three interlocking storylines. Kirellin of House Caith is a skilled war veteran, a man with a death wish who suffers the mental trauma from years of combat, Calnar is a young Majak warrior, repeatedly abused by his father during his childhood, he channels his inner rage as one of the fiercest fighters in bloody combat. Ilaria is an accomplished thief with a tortured past filled with violence and personal anguish. Each of their paths will cross in this adventure where they are tested to the extreme – but wherein the reader decides upon their fates.

Children go missing in the marshes. Ancient spirits awaken. Powerful machine-demons manipulate the fate of mankind. But all of this is just a game for even darker forces. In the first of its kind, bestselling bestselling author Richard Morgan brings his trilogy of novels to life as a three-player RPG set in the world of Land Fit For Heroes.

Three intertwined stories, three dark characters - one ending. A unique story-driven RPG with tactical, grid-based combat element.
Play in Multi-player or Single-player mode, controlling a single character and cooperating with the other two, or controlling all three at the same time. Cooperate across devices: play on mobile or PC.
Enjoy the dark and gritty narrative about personal horror. It’s time to a tell a different story. A mature story. This is a story-driven RPG unlike any other.
Fight turn- and grid-based tactical combats against the dwenda. Enjoy old-fashioned dice rolling and moving figures. Use rune-based mosaic magic to defeat your enemies.

Reference accessed HERE June 11th 2016

For those who don't like story based RPG's, instead of posting a few words saying you think this is a waste of time, or other words to that effect, would you instead give some feedback detailing why you don't like the game and how it could be improved from your point of view. If you don't like this genre at all, explain why. There are thousands of subscribers (at least there used to be) to the game giveaway of the day every weekend which makes this an ideal forum for giving developers ideas as to what their consumers (i.e you) would like to see in a game. For example, you could suggest extra content such as mini games, or a level editor that you would like to see that would make it more appealing to you.

If you miss today's game giveaway you can get the game for £6.99/$9.99 from Steam. The Steam summer sale starts in a couple of weeks and you're likely to get this for at least 50% or more off.HERE


To install this game you have to link with Steam by logging into your Steam account via your browser. Details should be send to all winners via email soon after the competition is over.

The Game:

Remember the old ‘choose your own adventure’ books, back in the day? You would read a section of a story, then make a choice as to where it would go next, being prompted to turn to a certain page to continue depending on your choice. This was before videogames became as complex and varied as they are today, with the likes of Baldur’s Gate, Knights of the Old Republic, Mass Effect and Fallout taking the place of those old adventure novels. Pen and paper RPGs were also a good way of experiencing an evolving adventure, based upon the choices made by players. It’s these fans that Liber Primus Games appear to be targeting with their new PC adventure, A Land Fit For Heroes.

Based on a trilogy of novels by Richard Morgan, A Land Fit For Heroes (hereafter to be known as ALFFH) sees you taking on the role of three characters, either playing them all in turn in single player, or three players taking a role each in multiplayer. Once you have chosen the stats for each character, you will be dropped into the first chapter (playing single player, you play the first chapter of all three characters, then all three second chapters, etc.) and you will be greeted with a wall of text. This may be a complete turn-off for many gamers, but others will immediately be drawn into ALFFH’s dark fantasy world.

This is where things get tricky. You see, ALFFH has very little ‘videogame’ to it, as you spend 95% of your time reading its story like a book, the other 5% is spent selecting story choices or taking part in the game’s limited combat. As a reader and writer of fantasy, I enjoyed reading the dark and sometimes harrowing story, with its natural dialogue and intriguing characters, but it absolutely will not be for everyone.

Unlike most ‘mature’ games, this actually does feel mature. Its story is deep and full of lore, its characters likewise, and the choices you make when setting up your character are reflected in the story’s text. Creating a gay male may result in him waking up beside another man, or perhaps offer up an explicitly detailed sex scene that will make Game of Thrones fans blush. His/her sexual preference may not even play a part in the story, depending on how you play the game, but it’s all handled very well and never feels contrived.

Sometimes the game will force you into combat, which is where the only real ‘gameplay’ comes in, and the view switches to a grid-like board. Little figurines represent your character and their opponents, and each will take turns to move and attack. Nothing new here, really. You spend action points (AP) to move around the board, attack or use healing items, and the AI will do the same. When attacks inevitably arrive, or you’re dishing out damage yourself, dice are rolled to determine the success/failure of the blow, which adds to the pen and paper atmosphere greatly. Battles rarely offer any challenge however, whether to keep the game flowing or simply due to it being too easy, it isn’t clear. It does make the combat seem like an afterthought though, especially when character stats seemingly play no part in proceedings. This seems a shame, as a bit of extra time developing the battle system would have increased the quality by some margin.

Another area to be improved should have been the sound, more specifically the music. Initially it helps the enrich the atmosphere of each chapter as you read, but it soon becomes apparent that it loops indefinitely and you can actually hear the stuttering point at which the music restarts. It cheapens the experience somewhat and the repetition can grate, especially for the slower readers such as myself. Other than the music, there is almost no sound in ALFFH, with selection sounds, dice rolls and attack hits/misses being the only additional sounds available. It’s not exactly an issue, but a few stock sounds are just another example of the game feeling cheapened, possibly as a result of keeping development costs down.

A Land Fit For Heroes isn’t a particularly rewarding game, nor is it even a game in the traditional sense, but it is quite a unique experience nonetheless. With an engaging and well-written story (minus a few typos here and there, but have you ever read a book without at least one or two of those?) combined with a simple and inoffensive combat minigame, it will offer something that the more old-fashioned gamer can appreciate.

The above review was posted by Gary Bailey at Brash Games. Reference accessed HERE June 11th 2016

You can see videos of A Land Fit for Heroes gameplay

Although I purchased this game when it was released on steam last month, I've not played it enough to give a conclusion yet. So I've not scored it either.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the developer Fabio Ferrara for giving away 100 copies of A Land Fit for Heroes and to the game giveaway team for securing this giveaway.

Useful Information:
The problems section that used to be posted here in the Game review is now included in the Game Discussion FAQ's thread; which you can find HERE.

I've updated the games section that used to be posted with the review. The thread is now called 'Weekly round up of game deals, formerly the games section of the weekly reviews. You can find the new thread (which I've posted in the sticky section of the game discussion forums to make it easier to find if you are perusing the game discussion forums) HERE.

The latest free game over on Origin has changed to Nox. Nox is an action role-playing game developed by Westwood Studios and published by Electronic Arts in 2000 for Microsoft Windows. It details the story of Jack, a young man from Earth who is pulled into a high fantasy parallel universe and has to defeat the evil sorceress Hecubah and her army of Necromancers to return home. Depending on the player's choice of character class at the beginning of the game (warrior, conjurer, or wizard), the game follows three largely different linear storylines, each leading to its unique ending..

You can get it HERE. Please note that you do require the Origin game platform to be able to download and install the game.

If you are having problems installing the game check the thread I've linked to above. If you can't find any fixes check the comments made below and over the last few weeks for suggestions. Thank you.

If today's game wasn't of interest to you, you may find games either free or for less than the price of a cup of coffee (from your favorite coffee house) via the 'Weekly Roundup of Game Deals' thread which you can find HERE.

I've still to send out some Steam keys to those that commented on last weeks game and a couple from the previous week. I decided to take a break from virtually everything last week partly to recharge my batteries. To those that wished me a happy birthday last week, thank you. Also a massive thank you to Whizzy or Mavadelo (his Steam name), who has created a review site for me. I am talking to him via Team Speak over the coming weeks while he tutors me in the ins and outs of the site. The site won't go live right away as I want to post lots of game reviews. It will be a combination of arcade and AAA game review, some old and some new. I will also try to post reviews of new releases. At least those that I purchase. For example, I've just started playing the new version of Mirrors Edge: Catalyst that was released yesterday. It's an excellent sequel. If you liked the original you'll love the new one. For those who don't know anything about Mirror's Edge it's a parkour style game where you run and jump across high rise buildings delivering messages. It's set in a dystopian future where conglomerates rule the world. You live outside of the law. . You can see the launch trailer (showing a fast paced cameo of the game) HERE. It may be one of my first AAA game reviews on the new site. I will still continue to post my reviews here and moderate as always. I'm hoping the new site will invigorate me, which can only be a good thing with respect to my reviews here, as I have lost a lot of impetus over the last few years, and especially recently since the changes. I will be having regular giveaways of my own, but nothing like what we get here as my giveaways are all paid for by me. As mentioned previously, I have around 10 000 Steam keys and several hundred other keys for other platforms such as Origin, Itch.io and Desura, many of which will be up for grabs. Most of the games are low budget games (up to $20), but I do have lots of more expensive indie and AAA game keys to give away, (well, more like in exchange for reviews and other comments). (Some of the AAA games I have spare include X-Com:Enemy Unknown, Civilization V, Aliens vs Predator, ArmA II & 3, Batman Arkham City and Arkham Origins, Baldurs Gate Enhanced, Deadly Premonition, Battlefield 3, Gas Guzzlers Extreme, Company of Heroes, Defense Grid 2, Call of Juarez, Disciples II: Gallean's Return, King Arthur - The Role-playing Wargame, Max Payne 3, Dragon age Origins, Far Cry 3, Front Lines: Fuel of War, Grid, a couple of the GTA titles, Rage, Omerta - City of Gangsters, Mount & Blade: Warband and lots of others.

Reply   |   Comment by Whiterabbit-uk  –  5 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (-4)

Hi Robert. You have a much greater chance at winning these games becasue the odd are in your favour. For example, even without the Twitter which gives you 2 entries (it wont authenticate for me and others( i still have 15 entries with 6 more to add before the 3 days are up. That gives me 31 entries. As it stands now that would give me a 1 in just over a 1 chance becasue there are 100 keys to win. Of course others will be adding more entries, so the odds will go down. so far the worst odds were the second game given away last month that gave you a 40% chance of winning. I've seen at least three community members win three games so far, so your chances are a thousand times better than the odds you quoted

Reply   |   Comment by Whiterabbit-uk  –  5 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+3)

Whiterabbit-uk, I have won 3 or 4 steam games from the contests here and one that was a non steam contest on here. I agree with you white rabbit uk the chances of winning the contests here are really good.

Reply   |   Comment by bobby giovannucci  –  5 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

bobby giovannucci, yup this is my 3rd win, 4th if you include the other giveaways that comes along as well.

Reply   |   Comment by Daniel  –  5 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+2)

Hi again. Twitter still does not work for me. It is saying that "giveawayoftheday.com could not authenticate me."
I still cannot get the points.

It is only fair that if we are "forbidden" to get those point, that will help us get this giveaway, a license code should be given by default ... :D

Reply   |   Comment by idluckyone  –  5 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (-1)

This looks good, being visually impaired limits me on many giveaways, such as hidden objects, but I love fantasy and always took a liking to choose your own adventure. I would also be willing to review on a visual ease aspect for the game to help other buyers

Here's hoping i get lucky

Reply   |   Comment by Laura  –  5 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

Hi again Whiterabbit-uk. I have a problem with sharing on twitter.
When I click on the twitt button a pop-up webpage is opening [https://www.giveawayoftheday.com/competition/loader] and then a pop-up message appears with the message: " The page at https://www.giveawayoftheday.com says: Application cannot write actions. Contact Twitter Platform Operations through https://support.twitter.com/forms/platform "

It appears the same even if I am logged in or not in my twitter account.

I think something is broken with the giveaway and not with my browsers. In all I get the same error.

Have a good evening! :)

...................Moderator Comment........................

A few communmity members have had this problem as I did. Have you checked to see if you still received the extra entry? I seem to have got it eventually. IMaybe your security is blocking Twitter? IUnfortunately I can't help you there. I created a Twitter account specifically for these game. Prior to February when these offers started i'd never used Twitter, so don't know much about it. sorry.

In answer to your previous post. Apart from TK who mentioned this about a month ago. You are the only other community member who has had issues with the way I reply to comments, at least the only one who has actually mentioned it.

Unfortunately I cannot use the reply button when answering community members comments while moderating because there is no reply button in the administration panel. I would if there was as it does seem logical to use the reply button, and putting my comments in bold would give the community member an idea it was from the moderator. . Apart from habit as I've been answering comments this way ever since I started moderating in March 2008 when no one could reply to a comment. That facility was added when the site was updated this February. Old habits die hard. However, that's only a minor reason for carrying on replying the same way. I would have to open another browser band not log into the admin panel, then search through the comments to find the comment I was replying to as they are no longer numbered. Recently I've been spending up to four or five hours at a time moderating when I could be spending that time with my family or doing personal stuff. Instead I spend inordinate amounts of time on either the giveaway site or the forums, and usually end up staying up all night catching up on moderation and writing reviews for the next game . If I followed your wishes it would add much more time to my moderation. I have already considered what you had suggested when TK mentioned it and did trial it briefly; unfortunately it really does add too much time to what I already have to do for each giveaway. I've previously asked the giveaway team to get another moderator to help, and have suggested a few volunteers none of which the giveaway team were happy to take on, saying they felt it was too much of a security risk?

I'm sorry you feel my moderating style isn't acceptable to you, but it's unlikely i will change it. at least not in the near future unless reply buttons were added to the admin panel.

Reply   |   Comment by idluckyone  –  5 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (-1)

Ho Whiterabbit-uk. Thank you for the reply. I suspected you do not have the reply option in the admin panel. I only suggested to use another portable browser only because for me, in practice, it does not use much time to do so. I use multiple portable browsers, and I can find easily what I need on a webpage if I know what I'm looking for. I thought it coud be easy for you too. If not, what can you do? Nobody is going to die from getting your replies just as you always did. I was also motivated in my previous message, by the fact, in the giveaway software section of this website, the "GOTD Team" gives "proper" replies, so I also thought, somehow you could do it too. I also thought, you are getting payed somehow, in some way, for your work, since it is taking, at least time from your day.
I also know not too many comments appeared here mentioned your way of replying, since I am reading, almost, all the comments in here for few years, and I also accepted as de facto, but, I also hoped your admin panel evolved along with the website "frontface", and you might still reply the way you did for so many years, because of habit and/or of preserving the "ggotd style of replying". But as you said, it is not the case.

About the twitter error, I do not use an active antivirus [and happily I do not have viruses - I check from time to time] and I started my firefox browser in "safe mode" [without any addons] and still did not get it to work :(
The twitter red button always remains red, so I did not receive it, in any of the 6-7 times I tried to ge it.

Have a good day. :)

................................Moderator comment..............................

Thank you for your reply. I too cannot get Twitter to verify. Still, the odds of winning are quite high. I know of at least two or three community members who ave won three of the games so far, though I've not won one even though I've entered every lone. Thankfully I already have the games. I was intending to give the codes to someone via the thread I've posted over in the game discussion forums.

Reply   |   Comment by idluckyone  –  5 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (-1)

Nice Giveaway.Thanks

Reply   |   Comment by sunil karakkottumadam  –  5 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (-3)

Application cannot perform write actions. Contact Twitter Platform Operations through https://support.twitter.com/forms/platform -> cannot tweet

Reply   |   Comment by Anthony Le  –  5 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+3)

Oooh, this is a nice giveaway! Thanks to everyone involved in this giveaway :-D
How does this compare to Inkle's Sorcery! adaptations, or the Talisman PC port?

Reply   |   Comment by Ninara Poll  –  5 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (-5)

I got this game a while back, so I won't be going for a license.
It's great to see an Indie game, RPG, non-traditional RPG, not Hack&Slash, good rep
Hope to see more!

Reply   |   Comment by wyrwolf  –  5 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (-1)

This looks quite different from what I'm used to from here, even though it still has the BS hoops to jump through in order to 'win' a key. Looking at the pics I wonder why it's necessary to list a sexual orientation for whatever character is being looked at... I've never seen info like that have any relevance to gameplay in my experience. Maybe I'll win, and see what that's all about.

Reply   |   Comment by Jon  –  5 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+2)

"A Land Fit For Heroes" is more about the storyline than the actual combat. I found the storyline to be quite intriguing.

In Chapter 1, Kirellin of House Caith, I read a very detailed account of a very bloody battle. After the battle, there is a description of a surgeon. I feel an improvement would be to have a name for the surgeon. He would be a little more significant with a name.

Later in Chapter 1, a servant beckons the hero. Here again, I think an improvement would be to use an actual name. I think it would make this part of the story a little more personal. The bartender remained nameless also. They (servant & bartender) seem very insignificant.

Overall, Chapter 1 gave a very vivid insight into the hero. I found it a little gory. Obviously, the hero got some enjoyment out of taking the life.....this tells me quite a bit about him.

The Character Sheet has a lot to consider, as far as the hero goes. This affects the storyline from the get go. I like being able to choose different amounts of qualities. It is a nice touch.

The game gives the Rune opposites. This is a real plus since I found that some were not very intuitive (i.e. Blast - Cloud, Cone - Arrow). I think color coding the Runes in the table would be an improvement. Color coding would make it possible to catch this quickly without having to read the instructions underneath the table.

As far as the board goes, I like it that I can move diagonally. This adds more of a strategic challenge. I like the console that comes up for the hero also.

Overall, I like this game. This could be because I'm an avid reader and the storyline is told so well. I'll get through the combat to get to the rest of the story....lol.

Thanks Liber Primus Games for the offer today. I enjoyed the review, even though it wasn't Stephen's...lol. Thanks GGOTD for the available competition.

...................Moderator Comment........................

Thank you for your feedback Paula, although I wasn't intending to award any games this weekend (partly becasue I've still not sorted out last weeks games and a few from the week before) I thin you deserve another HOG. If you see this message post in the forums with a new list. I've got a few more of those HOG's you liked.. :)

Reply   |   Comment by Paula Flinn  –  5 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+1)

to webadmin, the twitter option seems unable to be used atm. I get a chrome notification saying "Application cannot perform write actions. Contact Twitter Platform Operations through https://support.twitter.com/forms/platform"

Reply   |   Comment by Mavadelo  –  5 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+2)

Thank you for this contest. I do apreciate the effort to keep this website active, even if only, this time, few could be the happy winners.

I think your [Whiterabbit-uk] comments are few of the most normal one posted on the internet. Without any exaggeration, I think your comments are the only things that are not annoying about this website, with all its sections.

The moderation on this website is the worst that there is, in its giveaway software genre, and its been like this for years, and it is well known on internet; even on wikipedia was mentioned this. Even your "not annoying" comments and quite useful I might add are so intrusive, that they are posted inside somebody's else comment. For Christ's sake man, click the f...... reply "button" and write it with bolded characters, if you might think it might not be visible enough. Use a portable version of firefox for reply if you cannot do it from your regular browser, when logged as moderator.

Also, if these companies that do give us these free licenses, would bother to have here some comments too, would help a lot in making a more positive environment.

PS: If this is such a toxic place, you should post above the commenting section something like "the 3 rules of positive and constructive commenting" or after clicking on the comment button, a little popup shoud appear asking politely to respect those "the 3 rules of positive and constructive commenting" ... or something like this... And if not respected, their comment might not be made visible and/or get a reply/answer to their ...situation.

This is my constructive and positive comment :)

Reply   |   Comment by idluckyone  –  5 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

What Happened to Free games ? Now you have to jump through hoops, and hope you might get a chance at a game! And the Games Are mostly Demos .New owners or what ,Please call me when its really free not an game to get a game!

Reply   |   Comment by Mike I  –  5 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+12)

Mike I, the games are NEVER demos, if you end up with a demo YOU are doing something wrong.In fact the games fiven away this way with these hoops are yours to keep, even if your system crashes it is a matter of reinstalling steam and downloading the game through that. If for some reason you end up with a demo I would post in the forums here https://www.giveawayoftheday.com/forums/forum/6 or here https://www.giveawayoftheday.com/forums/forum/17

Reply   |   Comment by Mavadelo  –  5 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (-6)

Mavadelo, today and any day a join and win competition is on YOU ONLY GET THE DEMO as the 100 license keys for the full game are the prize at the end of the competition 6 days from now!

Reply   |   Comment by TK  –  5 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+2)

oh dear, i see the main user votes is editable by the admin, it was at 1 thumbs up and 5 thumbs down then did a refresh and it's 1 thumbs up and only 3 thumbs down! There is no mechanism by which the votes can go down unless an admin is cheating!

If you are going to edit the votes make it more impressive add a hundred thumbs up go on I dare you! Throw your entire credibility out the window properly!

.................................Moderator comment.....................................

I am the only person online with access to the admin panel, and have been since before the offer went live and I can assure you I haven't messed with the voting stats. I didn't even know it was possible. With respect to the thumbs up and down vote. It just goes to show that many who do vote haven't even played the game, so those votes tend to be meaningless as they are based on preference rather than actual experience playing the game. It's unlikely most community members visiting here today have even heard of this game let alone played it yet.

I have because I buy most games released on Steam and purchased A Land fit for Heroes the day it was released last month because I enjoy story based RPG's especially old school rpgs as I was a fan of the old Dungeons & Dragons and Tunnels and Trolls games back in the late 70's/ early 80's

I've checked the admin panel and there is no facility to change the votes. I can only assume you mistook a 5 for a 3. (which is possible).

Reply   |   Comment by TK  –  5 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (-1)

TK, I can't belive that you are the only one who has access to these files.
Is this your server the platform is running on? Are you the owner of GAOTD? No - I Think you are just a moderator.

Sorry - but there have been several times in the past when the comments where deleted and after compleints they were again visible.

Fact is - Somebody is messing with the votes and the comments!

Reply   |   Comment by starquest  –  5 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+2)

starquest, you do realize that 1000's of people visit every day here right and that while you refesh a few people can have voted up or down? I have seen numbers go up and down significantly over seconds many times in both directions and since most people vote with their gut instead of their mind (oh and rpg.. vote up, .... oh a "contest" vote down") the voting system is utterly worthless

Reply   |   Comment by Mavadelo  –  5 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (-4)

Mavadelo, Actually you are mistaken. This vote counter is not set up to average out the votes. One thumbs up does not take away or equal a thumbs down. With this in mind the count could very well go up in each area but logically it can NEVER go down. Unless of course as has mentioned earlier, an admin or moderator is doing it. These are the facts. So with that in mind if the numbers EVER go down then I would be suspicious also.

Reply   |   Comment by BSODCSI  –  5 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+5)

BSODCSI, you are correct, I was mistaking it for the comment votes system :) Software votes should not go down. Perhaps as WhiteRabbitUK suggested you saw it wrong or perhaps a caching issue? I am sure WhiteRabbitUK is not tempering with those votes, I can't say anything about the owners/webadmins of this site but it would definately hurt the trusworthy of the site so it would be a very stupid thing to do if they actually manipulated the voting system (which, with gut voting I keep saying is utterly useless)

Reply   |   Comment by Mavadelo  –  5 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

starquest, please address your comment to the moderator not me! I don't think moderators have to have full wordpress admin rights but they could...

This bit is to Whiterabbit.uk aka the moderator, I certainly did not mistake a 3 for a 5 as the percentage thumbs down went down too from 80% with 5 down to 75% with 3 down votes after.

It happened right before my eyes and I could hardley believe what I saw. I had always thought complaints about votes manipulation were just users not understanding how the system works but what I saw was not possible without some backend manipulation by a wordpress superuser.

Reply   |   Comment by TK  –  5 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+2)
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Pixen is a professional pixel art editor designed for working with low-resolution raster art.
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Shout Screen - Big Text Announcements Giveaway
App allows you to convey your message to other people when its not possible to speak or shout.
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MR RACER : Car Racing Game Giveaway
A racing game for Android.
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10x10 Merge Dice Giveaway
Play 10x10 Merge Dice.
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Balance Game Giveaway
Go far till the end.
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Rotation Control - Floating Rotation Control Giveaway
Rotation Control app gives you three options to rotate your device screen.
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