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Freedom Fighter Giveaway

Game Giveaway of the day — Freedom Fighter

Take down as many Guards as possible while avoiding traps and hazards
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Freedom Fighter was available as a giveaway on January 18, 2021!

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"With your trusty shank and die hard will to survive, you've successfully broken out of your Prison Cell. How many other prisoners can you set free on your way to Freedom? Take down as many Guards as possible while avoiding traps and hazards along the way! From Knives, to Guns, and Mines to Bombs!"

Do you love having the bragging rights to a game over your friends? How about over an entire community?? Well then, look no further. Freedom Fighter has multiple leader-boards, to dub the Best of the Best, the title of "Steam King". Do you have what it takes to become one of the Steam Kings of Freedom Fighter!? Find out today!

- Very tight controls (Keyboard/controller)
- Classic retro pixel graphics
- Easy to play Hard to master
- Steam Achievements
- Steam Stats
- Multiple Steam Leader-boards

System Requirements:

OS: Windows Vista Processor: AMD A4-5000 APU Memory: 1 GB RAM Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 8330 DirectX: Version 10 Storage: 16 MB available space Sound Card: Realtek High Definition Audio


Volens Nolens Games



File Size:

78.0 Mb



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Freedom Fighter
In Brief
Freedom Fighter is a retro side scrolling platform action game with a local multiplayer and solo modes.

From the limited time I've had to play this, it' seems like a well constructed and challenging side scrolling action platformer; with a solo and up to four player local multiplayer. You can select four different character skins and four different environments to play through. The key bindings are initially accessible using the Ctrl key, but once you start they are not available.

The Game:
After escaping from your prison cell you get a limited amount of time to free other prisoners and escape. To accomplish this use the Z key to unlock the doors. Watch out for prison officers wandering around. If they see you they will fire their weapons, so be prepared to stab them with your shiv. Once you've killed your first officer you automatically pick up their weapon. Bombs and mines are also found. Watch out for traps. Die and you start afresh as there are no extra lives. You can swap between weapons using the C key. Movement is using the Arrow keys and Jump use the X key. Freedom Fighter is basically a rogue like side scrolling platform action game. You can see the key bindings in the image below. They are not editable.
You can see a video of game play HERE

When playing a two player versus the key bindings for selecting the character skin are A & D for P1 and J & L for P2. If you play with three or four players, they have to use controllers. Once you've selected the characters skin (coloured Red, Brown, Dark Grey and Light Olive Green). Once you've selected the skins for both players you can ready each character by pressing the F and O for P1 and P2 respectively. If you wish to change the colour e.g. if your opponent has selected brown to your red, you may want to change to a more conspicuous colour, press the G and P keys respectively for P1 and P2. If you double click either G or P it will return you to the number of players screen.

The only real negative I have to say about this game is that I couldn't figure out how to close the game down without having to resort to Cntl-Alt-Del to force the game down to the task bar (or clicking the Win key); then closing the game from the task bar. As with all Falcoware Games for the past several months, the Falcoware installer has been removed, so there are no adverts shown at the beginning while the game is booting up and apart from when you first install the game, there are no browsers opening up to Falcoware, which personally I really appreciate as I had a lot of problems when the Falcoware installer was included via my security software. You can still visit Falcowares home page by clicking the internet shortcut located inside the installed games folder. The four desktop shortcuts can also be sued for this, or you can just delete them with no effect on the game.









Don't forget to check the Epic game site for this weeks freebie, which is the premium AAA game Star Wars: Battlefront II . You have to have both the Epic Launcher and Origin installed to be able to play the game.
Notes on Security
I did a scan of the installed game (zipped); from 57 different antimalware suites, one called Jiangmin, (never heard of it myself) detected an Adware Trojan i.e. Trojan.Generic.caidq. You can see the scan results HERE. One hit from 57 is insignificant and is most likely a false positive. The usual (low level) adware that was previously installed with Falcoware games (as already mentioned previously, having been removed with the Falcoware installer). The adware was always confined to the Falcoware game launcher only and was never injected into the computers system. It's presence was so that the distributor could earn cash from the advert and the browser redirection (whenever you closed the game down. This money was then used to pay the developer of the game for allowing the game to be given away for free.

Reply   |   Comment by Whiterabbit-uk  –  10 months ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+17)
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