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Cerdocornio Giveaway

Game Giveaway of the day — Cerdocornio

The Galaxy is in Danger once again...
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Cerdocornio was available as a giveaway on January 24, 2020!

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Only zombies now inhabit abandoned cities.

The Galaxy is in Danger once again, but this time it's gonna be saved by the Most huggable hero of the History. Get into the Shoot’em up where you have to use all your skills in Calculate the perfect Timing with the Jump-Shoot Mechanic and defeat all your enemies. Enjoy this game by the Indie Game Developers, Zuakate Games!

- Prepare to guide Cerdoconio, fight villains and fall in love of the handsome hero
-Master the Awesome Jump'n'Shoot mechanic to defeat all your enemies.
- Move through the challenged levels by writing down the password, really write it down, FOR REAL
- Space, Insects, and a Pig with a Horn, what else you can ask for? CERDOCORNIO

System Requirements:

Window XP or better


Zuakate Games



File Size:

80.4 MB



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Developed by Overwolf
Developed by WinDS PRO Central
Developed by Valve
Developed by Razer Inc.

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Brief Description of the game
Cerdocornio is a side scrolling shmup (shoot em up), with an unusual control mechanism. It's like a cross between a shmup and a lunar lander as you don't have the usual W and S up and down control, instead your up and down movement is active whenever you are firing your weapon. Initially I found it a little difficult to control and probably died 10-15 times before I mastered the controls; however, but once I got used to it, it wasn't that hard to control the ship. The graphics are cute and cartoonish in nature and you can upgrade your weapons by picking up the occasional power up that scrolls past you. I bough this over 3 years ago on Steam. You can see the Steam communities comments which are positive HERE (we are getting a free standing version, not a Steam version) and some videos of game play HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE. The only negative I have against this game is the use of passwords to access levels you have unlocked. Even when I've kept a record of passwords for old games, when i've returned, invariably i've lost the passwords. Plus is an awkward way to access your save as you have to stop to record your password at the end of each level. Also, if you are too quick with your mouse clicks you'll lose the password and have to start again.
Still, if you enjoy shmups, this is definitely one worth downloading. Its only £0.39 on Steam at the moment during the Lunar Sale.













Useful Information not related to today's game giveaway:
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Half-Life 2
Half-Life 2: Episode One
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Team Fortress Classic
Indie Gala has some new games added to their free section; these include Deep Space Anomaly - an intensive, fascinating and mad game which is sweeping away all borders where the main objective - to kill enemies and to have fun! Also, Affliction - which is set in the fictional Eastern European country of Ghulovka, amidst a terrible civil war, Affliction allows players to take on the role of Vasya, a patient plagued by nightmares and fractured memories, who awakes inside of a cell in a bizarre research facility where grim human experiments are taking place; and Disgraced - a game based in Feudal Japan, Disgraced allows you to assume the role of a soldier who was reluctantly conscripted into the newly proclaimed Shogun's army. Serving a corrupt and tyrannical government, you're expected to follow orders and commit terrible atrocities. Torn between duty and justice, you must choose your own path, and forge your own destiny
Don't forget to check out the Epic game store for the latest freebie on offer HERE/. It's an excellent physics based game called 'The Bridge'; a logic puzzle game that forces the player to re-evaluate their preconceptions of physics and perspective. It is Isaac Newton meets M.C. Escher combo where you manipulate gravity to redefine the ceiling as the floor while venturing through impossible architectures. Next week it's the excellent Farming Simulator 19
There are more free games over at Indie Gala HERE.
Finally, check out Delenns thread over in the Game Discussion forums for details of other free games and offers HERE

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A couple of semi-freebies, Microsoft is accepting applications for Flight Sim & Age of Empires III testers.



Reply   |   Comment by mike  –  10 months ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+3)
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