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September 25, 2011

“Sawoid” is a brickbreaking game with startling futuristic 3D images. You are volunteer assigned to the VIOLATOR ship. Your objective is to conduct a raid into enemy territory and destroy the troop supplies. For this particular long-term mission away from the supply ship, the scientists have developed Sawoid, a totally new type of armament not requiring reammunitioning! Nothing can stand the wrecking Sawoid. However, there is one shortcoming, Sawoid is hard to control! Good luck, private!

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System Requirements: Pentium 1.0 GHz or equivalent; 128Mb; Direct3D compatible 3D graphics card with 32 MB; Windows 98/ ME/ 2000/ XP/ Vista/ 7
Publisher: Stars Ashes
File Size: 14.5 MB
Price: $9.95

This software was available as a giveaway on September 25, 2011, this giveaway is not available any more. You can download the trial version of this software at

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  1. Sawoid was created by Stars Ashes, the developer who also created two other familiar breakouts called Egyptoid and Egyptoid 2, as well as a shooter called Incinerate. All have been given away previously and are now available for free via Gametop, as is today’s game. :). Sawoid was previously given away back in July 2010 where it received a positive 47% out of 213 votes with 35 comments then again earlier this year when it received a positive 72% of 350 votes with 45 comments all of which you can read HERE and HERE. You will need to click on the view all comments link to see all the comments. Don’t let the low number of positives put you off this game. It’s actually a well-made breakout with decent graphics, released about 2 years ago.

    The download size is 14.5Mb which when installed expands to 25.2MB. The game unpacks to a dual setup and activation module and a read me file. There is no activation code required as it is automatically activated via the dual activation/setup module. The default installation path is:


    There is no shortcut installed or a start menu shortcut. If you’re not sure how to create the latter, there’s a short tutorial available in the game discussion forums. You’ll find it easily as it’s in the stickies on the front page of the gaming forum.

    The game works on Win XP Pro 32 bit, Vista Home Premium 64 bit and Home Basic 32 bit and Win 7 Pro and Ultimate 64 bit. (these are just the iterations that I personally have, the game should work on all versions)


    You volunteered to be assigned to the VIOLATOR ship. Your objective is to conduct a raid into enemy territory and destroy the troop supplies. For this particular long-term mission away from the supply ship, the scientists have developed Sawoid, a totally new type of armament not requiring resupplying! Nothing can stand the wrecking Sawoid; however, there is one shortcoming, Sawoid is hard to control!

    Good luck, private!

    reference accessed HERE 1st July 2010

    The Game

    There’s not a lot you can say about a breakout/arkanoid that most community members won’t already know, so I’ll try and keep this short. I’ll describe the features I found in Sawoid before writing a brief conclusion to the game.

    The most striking difference between Sawoid and most other breakouts is that Sawoid doesn’t have a ball; instead it has circular saws. You get three lives to start with, but can easily build these up to several lives as there are a generous number of bonus lives available. Otherwise it’s a typical 3D breakout with average looking graphics. The game has 20 bonuses that include ball and bat changers, additional lives, bombs, a magnet, armour, different types of cannon and four different types of Sawoids as well as a few other bonuses.

    You can change the games resolution if needed to one of several choices via the options menu. There’s also the usual sound and music sliders, a windowed toggle and the ability to turn on improved lighting. I’ve posted a couple of screenshots to illustrate the difference between the advanced lighting and no lighting.

    When you complete a level the level scrolls onto the next level as though you are in a ship. There are three difficulty settings. On medium I found the Sawoid was a little too slow for me unless I picked up the speed up bonus a couple of times. You’ll find gun emplacements, and moving ships that fire back at you. When you start a level your ship has 100% armour. If you get hit by the pulse cannons or missiles you’ll lose 5% of your armour by each hit. They fire dual cannons so this can result in a 10% loss depending where you are in relation to the incoming shots; however, there are armour bonuses that are quite common, though most armour bonuses give only 1% armour back.

    Thankfully there are three or four different sizes of armour bonus available. There is a damage indicator to the bottom right of the playing area. Some of the gun emplacements and ships are protected from damage when hit from the front. To destroy these you need to use your guns or hit them from behind.

    You don’t get unlimited ammo with the guns and lasers, so you need to use these sensibly. I counted about 30 shots, which is ample to do a significant amount of damage to the level in terms of destruction.

    When you are left with only a few bricks they are automatically destroyed by powerful lasers. All bonuses apart from new lives are lost when you move on to a new level, though any damage to your ships armour is automatically repaired.

    Comparison between no lighting and advanced lighting:


    You can see lots of images of Sawoid as a slideshow via the following link:

    System Requirements

    Processer – Pentium 1.0 GHz or equivalent
    System RAM – 128Mb
    Direct3D compatible3D graphics card
    32 MB Graphics RAM
    Windows 98/ ME/ 2000/ XP/ Vista/ 7


    I found the default speed of the Sawoid too slow, and therefore too easy to win. (though I have played a lot of breakouts regularly for years so could be considered an expert) However you can pick up speed ups which when set can increase the Sawoid speed to a more challenging level. However if you are a novice to this genre of games I’m sure the speed of the Sawoid is fine. :) I’m a little biased over this issue because arkanoids/breakouts are one of my favourite arcade genres. Another problem for me was the bat. It was mounted on two arms that took it a significant way into the level. You can see from the images posted that it protrudes about an eighth of the total depth of the playing arena. I rarely lose balls (or in this case saws) when playing breakouts but lost a significant number in this game despite me finding it easy. This occurred more often when the saws came at you in an acute angle as it was hard to judge where the saw was in relation to the bat. I would suggest the developer adds the ability to choose different sizes of bat at the beginning of the game to counter this problem or change the bat style altogether.

    Compared to the 200 plus arkanoids/breakouts that I’ve owned over the many years that the first breakout was created by Taito Corps I’d give this one a 7 out of 10 for decent game play and graphics. It’s not the best, but is playable and better than most free breakouts that are available.

    I have posted several images but Word press doesn’t appear to be allowing them to be seen any longer. I have uploaded some images to my photobucket account so you can still see some images. I’ve also posted this review over in the forums where the images are visible. you can see that review HERE


    Similar Games available for free

    You’ll find loads of Arkanoid/breakouts HERE, HERE (Giveaway forums) and HERE (Caimans – 169 breakout games)

    You can also download today’s game every day for free over at Gametop as well as several others such as A-Ball (which is also known as Nuclear Ball), Geometry Ball, Scaraball, Cosmoball plus others, though you will get your browser opening every time you shut the game down. Thankfully this is one of the games they have had for quite some time so there’s no tool bar or home page tick boxes to bother with, but just in case they’ve changed it since I last checked make sure when you are installing the game that you watch each step of the installation wizard.

    You’ll also find 13 breakout titles over at MyPlayCity HERE, that now include several of Alawars breakouts such as all of the Strike Ball games (Strikeball, Strikeball 2 and Strikeball 3), as well as one of my early favorites called Actionball Deluxe and it’s sequel Actionball 2; oh yeah and not forgetting the second Hyperballoid game, which in my opinion was a big improvement on the original despite the first one having a massive number of levels (over a thousand) with gorgeous graphics called (not surprisingly) Hyperballoid Complete Edition (or if you purchase it from Big fish Hyperballoid Gold edition) – the down side w.r.t. the original, was that even with the speed up power-ups, the ball used to go too slow for me, (however; GMMan did create a speed-up mod for me); there’s also previous giveaways (though not Alawar games) such as Egypt Ball and Egyptian Ball as well as several others that you can download for free. I recommend all of the Alawar titles especially Hyperballoid 2 (Which has an editor for making more levels – there may be custom made levels to download via Alawars site, but I’ve not checked in some time) and the original Actionball Deluxe (the sequel also has upgradeable power-ups) and Strikeball 3 (The third in the series is similar to the earlier Magic Ball games {Magic Ball 2} but with better graphics and power ups that are also upgradeable, plus the game is slightly more challenging than any of the Magic Ball series (which for some reason Alawar decided to change the name from Magic Ball to Smashball Frenzy)). Unfortunately the best (IMO) arkanoid/breakouts such as Ricochet infinity, Acky’s XP Breakout, Reaxxion and Shatter are not available for free via any of the free game sites apart from illegal ones. You can purchase Shatter from Steam for £6.99, though during the big sales over the summer and Christmas period and maybe thanksgiving you can get up to 75% off. Both Ricochet infinity and Acky’s XP Breakout have editors and for the former thousands (literally well over 60 000) of downloadable levels for free. There are also free level packs for Acky’s XP Breakout, but not to the same extent as Ricochet. you download the levels for ricochet directly from the game and can upload your own creation from the game as well (which probably explains why there are so many – all the levels are graded for game play, graphics etc and get a score of A to D with +’s and -‘s (for example B+; though the best of the best are starred as well)

    Comment by Whiterabbit-uk — September 25th, 2011 at 3:01 am
  2. This is a great looking game but it is rather difficult to control with only the mouse. I would have preferred a keyboard option. The position of the “bat” so far forward also makes it difficult to judge angles and get the “bat” under the saw. I have tried a couple of mice and two trackballs and does not seem to be much if any improvement to the control. I will try it a few more times but so far it looks like a game I will be removing.

    …………………Moderator Comment………………..

    Thank you for your feedback Taranach

    Comment by Taranach — September 25th, 2011 at 3:48 am
  3. Very good breakout game. I don’t find it either slow or easy, personally, guns shooting at you is a good touch and adds to difficulty. Agree with other comments that the ‘deep paddle’ makes judging the ball much more difficult that usual.

    …………………Moderator Comment…………………..

    Thanks for your feedback Andy

    Comment by andy — September 25th, 2011 at 5:47 am

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