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Truck And Police Giveaway

Game Giveaway of the day — Truck And Police

A top down arcade racing game game with a beautiful low poly graphic.
User rating: 11 (73%) 4 (27%) 11 comments

Truck And Police was available as a giveaway on November 11, 2022!

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Truck And Police is a top down arcade racing game game with a beautiful low poly graphic by hammergames.

Game Features
Fast gameplay - short and fun
Easy to pickup and play - retro style top down racing gameplay

WASD: Movement
Space: Nitro
Esc : Menu

System Requirements:






File Size:

144 MB



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Developed by PopCap Games
Developed by Overwolf
Developed by Facepunch Studios
Developed by GameTop

Comments on Truck And Police

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Only played this for a short while, completing fiver levels and attempting to complete a sixth; so, may add more information (if there are more levels) if I get time to explore further into the game.

The developer's intro does say it's a short game.
Truck & Police:


In Brief:
Truck & Police is a 2D top-down driving game. The settings menu allows you to toggle between full and windowed mode. There are five graphic quality settings. These do not create a clearer image if you select the higher modes, all they do is add levels of shading/shadows to the game. You can see the difference between the lowest and highest settings via the second and third images. The second image is set to the lowest graphic setting, the third to the highest setting. The highest resolution supported is 1920 x 1080, with lots of different resolutions down to 640 x480; (most monitors a decade or newer probably don't support the lowest resolution).

The red indicator in the bottom right of the screen is your NOX indicator; (i.e., nitrous oxide or more correctly dinitrogen oxide [N2O] or dinitrogen monoxide ). When exhausted it will slowly refill.

The game includes brief story boards describing various characters such as Jack, Peter, James and the police officer George interspersed with gameplay levels. For example, Jack is a truck driver, he wants to join a truck drivers' demonstration, but has to try and get to where the demonstration is taking place before the police on his tail catches him. If he crashes or go too slow the police will catch up and arrest you. If this happens, which, it undoubtably will initially, because the route you are forced to take has broken down vehicles and slow-moving traffic, that gets in your way. If caught, you'll start from the beginning of the route and try again. If you make it to the truck drivers blockade you win the stage/level.

Each stage is introduced by a story board. The second stage covers the story of Peter who is a member of a racist group. To prove to his peers that he's a genuine white supremacist he wishes to participate in demonstrations, to do this he has to travel a particular route to where the first demonstration is being held. Again, you have to avoid being caught by the police and attempt to get to the place where the demonstrations are taking place. If you succeed, you again unlock the next stage. Following Peter is the drug addict James, then you get to place the police officer George in at least three scenarios. I've not completed the third of Georges scenarios where you have to catch the second of two vehicles; so, cannot say if there are further levels to play. If I get time later today, I'll see if I can catch the vehicle and see if there are more levels to beat.

If you take a break from the game, be sure to use the continue button when resuming. If you click on the new game button, it will wipe all your progress.

You can see a video of game play HERE

W or ↑ = Forward Movement
A or ← = Left Turn
S or ↓ = Brake & Reverse
D or → = Right Turn
Space = Nitro
P or Esc = Pause (doesn't work while in menus or storyboard)
F1 = Go to main menu while in pause
F2 = Quit while in pause
A controller can be used to drive your vehicle with the left stick and NOX can be used while using the stick by pressing the Y button. NOX won't fire if the vehicle isn't moving. The controller does not work on any of the menus or storyboard pages.

The game is okay for a brief dip into during a break from more involved AAA or high-end indie arcade games or serious brain teasing games, or during a coffee/tea break.

Personally, I found the game vaguely entertaining for the first few levels; however, I found there was little to keep me glued to the game, because every level was basically the same apart from the story board for each level having a different theme, as well as slight changes in the background colour and you got a different vehicle. The police car was the most memorable and using the NOX; unfortunately, I couldn't grab a screen capture while using the NOX because my fingers didn't stretch to the third key needed to take the capture. By the fifth stage, and after three or four failed attempts at catching the second of the two vehicles I gave up in frustration. I kept crashing or slowed down significantly when overshooting the road, though I did manage to catch up to one of the two vehicles; plus, it was fast approaching 4.30am and I needed to retire as I had to get up at 6.30am to wake both my kids up for work as their alarm clocks never wake them up (really).
Suggestions to avoid crashing:
Most of my crashes occurred after making a turn. The natural road line you would take following a bend usually results in a flatbed truck stopped just out of sight from the bend, and usually placed across part of the road or you may find slow-moving vehicles that cause you to crash into these stationary trucks. If you can force yourself to move to the opposite side of the road after taking a bend, you're more likely to avoid stopped or slow-moving traffic. The vehicles that are likely to obstruct you are placed quite craftily to cause you to slow or stop when manoeuvring around left or right bends. Also, avoid using NOX near bends as you're likely to go off road. Offroad movement is slower and sometimes you may get stuck temporarily.
Notes on Security
I scanned a zipped copy of the installed game using Virus Total and it found zero hits from 63 antimalware engines. You can see a scan of today's installed game HERE



Reply   |   Comment by Whiterabbit-uk  –  19 days ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+12)


Here's a few more in game screen captures








Reply   |   Comment by Whiterabbit-uk  –  19 days ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+16)

I have played 3 levels of this game, and uninstalled it (not possible in the Windows "Programs and Features", only with the uninstaller in the program directory).

To make things short: I feel a little bit abused as a beta tester, this is not a publishing ready game, in my eyes.
At the current state this game for me it looks unready in almost every aspect.
(-graphics - sound - game mechanics --level design -menues (comeon.....))

Crash-scenes: negative
Police-arrest-scene: negative
Damage model: negative
storyline: unnecessary and boring, better spend your time in programming the game mechanics and level design

The graphics:
- irritating areas of mud and stones on the street with no influence on the gameplay
- the black tire-trails also do not hamonize with the game, other cars in the game don´t show such trails

The track design:
- 90-degree angles everywhere (this really hurts)
- the view on the track is too small
- environment: boring. How about some trees, cactus, barrels, barriers, rocks, oilpuddles... whatever....

The sound:
-The whistled main title does not fit to the retro-graphics.
-the 80´s influenced background music in the game is ok, but very repetative after a while, no way to turn it off?
-Sound effects of the police car is cool, but sounds for sliding and drifting?

and so on and on and on....

Verdict: not the worst racing game ever, but among the worst.
Tip: try codemasters "Micro Machines" or "Need for Speed 1" (a really unfair comparision? we write the year 2022....)

Reply   |   Comment by Eightiskid  –  18 days ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+2)


Thanks for your detailed feedback; appreciated. I deleted it once I'd reviewed it.

Reply   |   Comment by Whiterabbit-uk  –  17 days ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+1)

Arrow can be used.

No handbrake.

Reply   |   Comment by Dominique Saussereau  –  18 days ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+2)

Quoting from the screenshots:

"… it is the whites who do whatever they want."

"Because they are whites, they should be treated lightly. They were lucky they were not black, or I would have shot them."

Wow. Was this intended as irony? Because to me, even as "jokes," those comments come over as both racist AND pro-"white supremacist."

So because of that, no thanks to this GGOTD. This leaves a nasty taste in my mouth.

Reply   |   Comment by Cad Delworth  –  18 days ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+2)

Cad Delworth, I do agree with the content of this game as it is a bit racist. I mainly ignored the story line and I just played the game itself to see how it played. I think games that have a story line as such may get slapped by the ESRB with a M for Mature Rating or Adults only at the very least. They can get away with these things on Steam as the platform accepts games not rated by them.

They do have a Twitter page which is here: https://mobile.twitter.com/hammergamesstu1

But I don't see any website for them. Perhaps feedback to the developer for the sensitive subject matter may help? Ashoot only seems to be the distributor of the game.

Reply   |   Comment by sailorbear510 aka Jason  –  18 days ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+1)

Cad Delworth, hardest on the police officer, imho. It's definitely sarcastic or satiric, though not deep enough to truly be sarcastic. If you're not familiar, this is based on real incidents. A ongoing series of truck convoy protests last January/February in various parts of Canada over Covid vaccine requirements. For some, not taking a stand here, the protests were tainted by the often unsolicited involvement (including American truck drivers) from right-wing American groups whose platforms contained more than just discontent about vaccines. These may have contributed to the protests going on significantly longer and becoming uglier than they might have normally, causing Prime Minister Trudeau to declare an emergency. Or maybe not. Though for me, I don't look at it as one of America's proudest moments. But, that's the background. Of course, not all games are about fairies and unicorns and some developers decide to go the snarky, cynical, caustic route. They at least purport to deal realistically with the world we sometimes find ourselves in, and I'm not going to take a side on that, though some may feel the jokes here are cheap. Not going to take a stand on that either. Though I certainly respect it if you do.

Reply   |   Comment by mediaman(watcher)13  –  18 days ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+2)

Sorry, not to get too heavily into this, but I think I was slightly unfair above. Don't want to insinuate that some Canadian protesters weren't sincere about their Covid feelings, that, instead they were completely manipulated by the Americans. There were certainly Canadians who fueled this movement, including 1 separatist organization (separtists - believe it or not!) from 3 of the Canadian prairie states. Perhaps they invited the Americans in, but most reporting indicates that the American groups that got involved were more interested in using the Canada protests as a proxy for publicity about their own discontent in America, rather than any sense of solidarity. Many Canadian truckers were surprised to see American truckers, for example. Also, a principal funding campaign raised over 4 million from the USA, almost half of the total money it raised. I'll stop now.

Reply   |   Comment by mediaman(watcher)13  –  18 days ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+2)

Cad Delworth, it reminds me of the truckers demonstration /blockade of Ottawa recently :-(
I won't be downloading this.

Reply   |   Comment by Dobromilka  –  18 days ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+1)

Today's game is a very interesting concept. I'm glad to see a developer experiment with retro style polygons as it would be interesting to see more games use this development technique.

That being said I found my car a little difficult to steer using the tried and true usual first person shooter controls :)

Storyline a bit odd.

It seems the developer may have been inspired from car chase theme games such as Spy Hunter from Midway.

I love the direction of the development the developer of this game took the approach on but it needs a little work on the physics and better steering for the truck in game.

Reply   |   Comment by sailorbear510 aka Jason  –  18 days ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+6)
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