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Panopticon: Path of Reflections Giveaway

Game Giveaway of the day — Panopticon: Path of Reflections

Enter a world in which the border between reality and illusion is paper thin!
User rating: 23 (96%) 1 (4%) 12 comments

Panopticon: Path of Reflections was available as a giveaway on July 5, 2020!

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Enter a world in which the border between reality and illusion is paper thin and the answer to a mystery will test the limits of human understanding!

Guide Senior Inspector John Perry as he sets out to find magician Andy Fox and his assistant, who vanished into thin air while using a new machine during one of Andy's performances. Explore far off locations in which the unexpected is expected, scour alternate dimensions for clues and hidden objects, and employ your skills as a virtual sleuth to solve cunning puzzles. Along the way, you'll perform magic tricks, interact with the Great Houdini, and outsmart a scheming shop keeper!

The world of Panopticon is filled with twists and turns, and will keep you guessing until the truth is revealed in the final, stunning moment of the game. Are you prepared for an adventure unlike any other?

System Requirements:

Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8; CPU: 1.4 GHz; RAM: 1024 MB; DirectX: 9.0; Hard Drive: 1431 MB





File Size:

872 MB



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Panopticon: Path of Reflections was originally given away on the 19th June 2016 HERE; where it received a positive 79% from 109 votes with 155 comments.
Panopticon: Path of Reflections
In Brief
Panopticon: Path of Reflections was originally released as part of the Alawar catalogue of game titles, Panopticon Path of Reflections is now available from the Avanquest GSP label and some of the Free game sites. You can also buy it via Steam as part of a 6 in 1 bundle (on sale for £3.14), together with five other HOG's . This is a Hidden Object Adventure game. In this game you take on the role of Senior Inspector John Perry who has been set the task of investigating the mysterious disappearance of the stage magician Andy Fox and his assistant during a performance.

The game is well-designed with a good mixture of adventure, puzzle solving and hidden object game play. The game requires a 1.6GHz processor with 1024MB of RAM, 1.4GB of hard disk space and support for Direct 9.0c running Windows Vista and later. If you require a written walkthrough you'll find one HERE; via game house. I've posted some links to videos below that may hel if you are stuck. You can read a Steam community members review of the game when they purchased the 6 in 1 bundle HERE; they scored it a 3 out of 5
Reveal the mystery of the great invention of Tesla in the amazing hidden object game Panopticon: Path of Reflections! Get ready to take part in the breathtaking adventure together with inspector John Perry and discover the truth! Are you fond of detective stories? Welcome to the game Panopticon: Path of Reflections that is filled with mysteries and try your luck at looking for the truth! Transfer to the 1886 and join the sensational investigation ever! Do you like circus? Here you will get to the backstage and get to the core of several of tricks! Are you ready? Then let us start! In the game Panopticon: Path of Reflections you become the witness of the famous mystification of Andy Fox and his assistant Angela Forest who disappeared during the performance into the thin air in front of everybody. People like sensations but it was really strange because nobody has seen the pair of illusionists since that performance. The police is stuck, it's time to help! Set off to the famous House of Illusions where Andy lived and investigate it! Here you will probably find lots of interesting, so keep your eyes wide open. Explore the time machine, find the letters from legendary Tesla and go to the amazing travelling circus! A great variety of hidden object scenes awaits you in the game Panopticon: Path of Reflections, explore them carefully not to miss the clues and do your best to complete different mini-games! There are lots of them: place tiles on the game field to combine the same suits or rotate fragments of an ancient drawing to open the lock to the mysterious House of Illusions. Keep in mind that everything there can be interpreted by different ways that's why look for false bottom to everything in the game Panopticon: Path of Reflections! What was Andy's plan and why he had simulated his disappearance? Explore miraculous locations in which the unexpected is real, and employ your skills as a virtual sleuth to solve cunning puzzles in the ravishing game Panopticon: Path of Reflections!
Introduction accessed HERE 19th June 2016, reposted 5th July 2020

If you have a problem installing, activating or getting todays game to work, please visit the problems section, which I've now incorporated into the FAQ's thread, which you can find HERE.
The Game:
As usual with games in this genre, you get the opportunity to make a number of adjustments to the game’s environment and difficulty level. Slider bars are available to set the volume levels for background music and sound effects including the spoken dialogue that features in the game. There are options to play the game in full screen mode with a custom cursor and keeping the aspect ratio. You can also opt to play in Casual mode with a fast Hint and Skip recharging plus sparkles to identify active zones or Expert mode with a slower recharge and no sparkles.
An introductory sequence, featuring spoken dialogue and animated characters, lays the groundwork for the story line before you are called into action. You can skip this sequence and any subsequence conversational interludes with a mouse click. There is an optional tutorial that explains about the different mouse cursors which indicate when specific actions are available and other aspects of the game.

For most of the game you will be in Adventure mode as your characters investigates different locations in alternate dimensions that you access through a strange machine. The view of the current scene will feature a journal in the lower left corner while the right corner holds the rechargeable Hint feature. The space between these two tools will be taken up by an inventory which remains concealed until its area is invaded by the mouse cursor. Generally items in the inventory serves a single purpose but occasionally there will be an object that can be used more than once and it will automatically return to the inventory after each use. Concealed in the top left corner of the screen is the game’s menu option and this, like the inventory, appears when the mouse cursor approaches it.
The various scenes, whether in the House of Illusions or one of the alternate dimensions, that you need to visit in order to solve the mystery, are well drawn with some interesting animations. From time to time you will encounter other characters. They are always willing to chat with their dialogue delivered by a voice actor. The dialogue will also appear on screen in text format. These characters are generally willing to provide assistance to help you with your task but they do expect you to perform a task for them, such as supplying a monocle, thimble or tarot cards, before you get their help.
Hidden Object game play follows a fairly standard pattern. You will be asked to find 15 items presented in a text list that are located within a cluttered, close-up scene. Some scenes are reused but there is variety in the list of items to locate. Occasionally some of the items in the list will be coloured yellow to indicate that an additional action will be required before the object can be located. You might need to open a container, create a pair of objects or repair a particular item. As a reward for finding all the objects in a list, you will receive one of them to be added to the inventory.

As there is no map feature, you might feel that you are left to your own devices with regards to plotting a route between locations. Fortunately the Hint feature can offer assistance as to which direction to move to next. In such instances, the Hint feature will not need to recharge after being used. The Hint feature will also pinpoint areas of interest and, sometimes, indicate the tool or object you need to use as well as identifying an object not yet found in a Hidden Object scene. It will not help when you are attempting to solve a puzzle.
Some effort has been made to integrate the numerous puzzles into the game’s story line with its emphasis on magic. While the Hint feature is disabled during puzzle solving, there is a Skip option plus outlines which can appear to help with positioning when you need to create something.
Original review Edited and accessed via Game Chronicles on the 18th June 2016. however, the review appears to have been removed from their website following their site being moved to a new provider.
Other Reviews:
You can see mini reviews HERE and BFG's forums where the game is discussed in detail HERE
You can see several videos of Panopticon: Path of Reflections game play HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and several videos in a series of walkthrough videos HERE













Useful Information not related to today's game giveaway
Don't forget to check out the giveaway forums. Delenn has usually posted the latest freebies. This weeks Epic Game giveaway is Hue. We were supposed to be getting Conan Exiles, but it seems Epic games doesn't have it themselves yet. They have instead added an extra game to next weeks offerings which will be the excellent cooperative zombie shooter Killing Floor 2, Lifeless Planet Premier Edition and The escapist 2. This weeks free game is Hue an award-winning puzzle-adventure, where you alter the world by changing its background color; full colorblind support is also included). Just pop over to the game discussion threads HERE and HERE for links to most of the free games.
There's also a couple of new additions to the Indie Gala developers freebies HERE and HERE (Snow White Solitaire Charmed Kingdom, Adam Wolfe (Complete Edition) and Spirit of Xanadu, plus a couple I've previously missed in the showcase section called Temper Tantrum and Last Man Standing).
Finally, the legendary Steam Summer Sale started on the 25th June and runs until the 9th July. .
Please Stay Safe everyone

Reply   |   Comment by Whiterabbit-uk  –  Last month  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+30)

My PC Specifications
Windows XP Pro 32bit , Intel Core2Duo E8500 3,16Ghz ,
4 Gb memory (DDR 2) , NVIDIA GeForce GTX460 768Mb .

The last time the game was given (19th June 2016) , I couldn't install it .
I was getting an error every time I was trying to .
Today (05th July 2020) I've encountered the same problem .
So , it's impossible to install the game .

System Requirements : Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8 .
Four years passed and no one fixed the problem .... WHY ???
Below , I will describe the way I've used to install the game under Windows XP .
But first , I must apologize to the GameGiveawayOfTheDay Team , because the method I've used is
highly unorthodox and NOT desirable from the GameGiveawayOfTheDay Team .

Sorry, but I've had to delete this part of your comment. I've emailed you with an explanation. hope all is well with you?

So , I've booted from Windows 7 .
Then I've used the fore mentioned program to "liberate" the setup file from Themida wrapper .
I will NOT mention the name of the program for obvious reasons .
Then I've rebooted Windows XP , used the "unwrapped" setup file and installed the game .
The game did not worked , but that's because of another weird thing that happens from time to time .

Sorry, but I've had to delete this part of your comment as well due to sensitive information. I've emailed you with an explanation. hope all is well with you?

I have mentioned this problem to WR hopping that he would have some idea about why this is happening ...

About the game .
I've only played it for a few minutes , just to see if it works .
Graphics and sound/music are nice and the story looks interesting , at least to me mainly because I love
this kind of back stories .
I love sci-fi / paranormal / metaphysical stories .
I would love a HOG game with a "lovecraftian" Cthulhu story ... :-)
About the mouse reaction problem mentioned by WR and tiscrea © - The Netherlands , did not encounter
it yet .
And that's that ...
I will try to find time to play the game some more and come back to report anything interesting enough .

Reply   |   Comment by JEDIGEG  –  Last month  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+2)

JEDIGEG, Thank you for your feedback G Appreciated. Sorry about the edits, it had to be done due to sensitive information.

Maybe the issue lies with the differences between win 32 and Win 64 applications?

Reply   |   Comment by Whiterabbit-uk  –  Last month  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+2)

White Rabbit-uk, hi .
NO problem my friend . :-)
To be honest , I was expecting full deletion of my comment .
So , this is much MUCH better .
Thank you very much for spending time on my comment and for the partial edit of it .
I've read your e-mail and I will send you an answer ASAP .
As long as I will not forget it ... :-)

Reply   |   Comment by JEDIGEG  –  Last month  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+1)

Long slow dl, unusual. Actual install also bit longish. But Windows 10 x64 Pro plays very nicely. Decent graphics. Just played on the Easy setting & hints work well. Would have been a drag to find correct placements for some items, especially ones "in the dark". Puzzles easy enough. Just those placements w/o hints would be real struggle. Journal helps. Story draws you in.
Would give it a 9 for casual players, probably pros think 7.5 Thanks GOTD.

Reply   |   Comment by beergas  –  Last month  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+3)

Looks like GSP Software was bought out. According to this page "GSP Software was a publishing label of Avanquest Software Publishing Ltd.. It was used from 2007 (when Global Software Publishing was bought by Avanquest) until 2016 (when Avanquest was bought by Maximum Games)." The complete list of games is linked from the above page. I found no listings for Panopticon though. I was mainly curious to see what other games were packaged with it. Well, this game is interesting and I found no problems with it for my Windows 10 Home Edition 64 bit laptop. Before starting, I set the compatibility for DPI to be program controlled and that was all. The game runs well but the introductory text was hard to read against the background so if you like the full story and have vision problems, you will have to depend a lot on the sound. It feels very much like an old Sherlock Holmes movie but in color, a normal run of the mill HOG with a scifi twist.

Reply   |   Comment by Therese Shellabarger  –  Last month  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+3)

Hey, they took out my link www.mobygames.com/company/gsp-software

Reply   |   Comment by Therese Shellabarger  –  Last month  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

Looks very much like the most recent avast! Program Update, which introduced Ransomware Shields, is stopping the GGOTD wrapper from working.

It used to work fine by turning off Behaviours Shield during install, but even with avast! more or less disabled, neither today's nor yesterday's GGOTD installer will wor on my PC.

Are there any other avast! AV users out there who can contribute to this discussion? It's really frustrating to not be able to run the GGOTD installer successfully any more, especially when I really wanted yesterday's and today's games!!!

Reply   |   Comment by Cad Delworth  –  Last month  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+1)

OK, I have established what the problem is: it's definitely the new Ransomware Shield in avast! which is preventing installations.

If you use avast! AV, you are probably used to having to temporarily switch off Behaviour Shield to do a GGOTD install. If you have installed the latest avast! PROGRAM update, you have a new Ransomware Shield under Protection. Switching this off is not enough to get GGOTD installs working: you have to remove it from your install of avast! AV. (This is not as bad as it sounds: the new Shield is also buggy and will NTO allow you to add locations to be protected!)

To completely remove Ransomware Shield in avast!, click Settings, General, Troubleshooting; then click the ADD/REMOVE COMPONENTS button; then CLEAR the checkbox beside Ransomware Shield and restart your computer.

After the restart, you will be able to instrall today's GGOTD "as usual" by temporarily switching Behaviour Shield off.

I hope fellow avast! users find that helpful. Of course, it would be even more helpful if avast! fixed their buggy component in the first place!

Reply   |   Comment by Cad Delworth  –  Last month  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+1)

Have been getting disappointed with the Toomky games. After install the video just rolls making them impossible to play.

Reply   |   Comment by Halharbi  –  Last month  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

Halharbi, I agree. Just what the hell is it that causes that video flickering, and what can be done to fix it?
Very frustrating. I've tried finding a fix for it in the forum, but no luck.

Reply   |   Comment by Thomas  –  9 days ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

Thank you for this nice HOG. I can't remember it from when it was given away earlier. Maybe I missed it at that occasion.
On my PC the reaction to the mouse is a bit slow sometimes, but the game installed without a problem.

Reply   |   Comment by tiscrea © - The Netherlands  –  Last month  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+4)
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