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Knight Fighters  Giveaway

Game Giveaway of the day — Knight Fighters

Knight Fighters is a 2D side-scroll platormer with fighting action
User rating: 14 (78%) 4 (22%) 4 comments

Knight Fighters was available as a giveaway on November 23, 2018!

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The Ancient Knight can attack with sword strikes, punches, kicks and even chain combos, both at the ground or the air. He can also jump to avoid obstacles. Be prepared!

In ancient times, one warrior protected with armor was equal to ten ordinary soldiers. Steel armor and a long sword could transform an ordinary man into a hero. And this fantastic character was invented by science fiction writers. Ancient Knight - a real person capable of repelling group assaults and take on ten opponents at once. His weapons are a sword and a brave heart. Controlling the knight, you are destined to overcome hordes of enemies and overcome challenging obstacles which await you at every turn.

How to play:
WASD - Move Ancient Knight
J - Attack
K - Jump
Double Tap - Run

System Requirements:

Windows 10/ 8/ 7/ Vista/ XP





File Size:

25.3 MB



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Comments on Knight Fighters

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I didn't know we would be getting games every day this week. Only found todays game after midnight with less than 8 hours to go it's doesn't seem worth spending a couple of hours playing the game, and putting together a full review especially as this is the quietest part of the giveaway w.r.t. downloads; so, I won't post a review.
Just played the game for the first time for 15 or so minutes. Briefly, it's got a similar menu style to the two Zombie Murder games we were given on Tuesday and Wednesday. The controls are simple; i.e. WASD for movement, J for using your sword and K for jumping. It's a basic side-scrolling platformer, with basic graphics, but it's playable enough for me to keep the game in my games library. I will probably only play this for a few minutes at a time in between more interesting games as it does tends to get a little tedious after a while due to the graphics remaining the same throughout. There seems to be a distinct lack of lack of environmental backgrounds apart from the one I've played through, but the mechanics, gameplay, and graphics are okay. The game is pretty basic, but not rubbish.
You can see a video on the Steam page HERE






Reply   |   Comment by Whiterabbit-uk  –  2 months ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+6)

I won't be downloading this simply because it is not my kind of game but I am sure others will enjoy it.

I just wanted to comment to say thank you to all the publishers and GOTD team for offering these games on more than just the weekend lately. It really has been a treat!

Reply   |   Comment by jboy  –  2 months ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+16)

jboy, Thanks for your comment. The only one so far after 16 hours. Trouble is we don't usually get games throughout the week. most community members are used to weekends only with the occasional Friday and Monday thrown in; usually with limited Steam offerings. This is the first full week of giveaways that I can recall since the giveaway site went to weekends only back in April 2008, 10 years ago. Granted, most of the games are basic, but all were playable and reasonably entertaining.

Reply   |   Comment by Whiterabbit-uk  –  2 months ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+9)


You're welcome, Stephen!

Yes, I noticed the site was quiet today. A holiday yesterday here which pretty much extends into a holiday weekend so maybe that has something to do with it. At least as it pertains to USA users.

I was around when it was 'game of the day', I cannot believe its been 10 years! I get the e-mail notifications which is how I am alerted about the games. I am still backed up with unplayed HOGS plus still not finished that fun 'Claws & Feathers 3' so I did not take advantage of today's offering. However, basic or otherwise, all game offerings are always appreciated.

Thank you for your efforts, as always! I hope all is well with you and yours.

Reply   |   Comment by jboy  –  2 months ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+8)
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