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Inbetween Land Giveaway

Inbetween Land

Open the portal to a strange world and save your friend with Inbetween Land.
‎$6.99 EXPIRED
User rating: 17 (81%) 4 (19%) 24 comments

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Open the portal to a strange world and save your friend with Inbetween Land, a stunning sci-fi adventure. There's a sense that something just isn't right when a childhood friend calls for you.

The city's mundane rhythm is suddenly disrupted by the emergence of a flying island high in the sky. Though the island initially appeared to be deserted, the citizens realize that they are not alone in the universe. Before long, the island becomes a tourist magnet, increasing revenues and crime. Then one day, Mary, who works at the city orphanage goes missing after a beam of light is seen coming from the island above. Explore the creepy island using the clues Mary left, make friends with the spirits of the island's people, solve challenging puzzles, find missing crystals and take your friend back home in this absorbing adventure.

System Requirements:

Windows Vista/ 7/ 8


Specialbit Studio




The game is available for ‎$6.99, but the winners of our contest will get it for free.

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Inbetween Land

In Brief

A casual HOG adventure created by Specialbit Studio. 75 S team keys are up fpor grabs. winners will be announced next week.
Inbetween Land is a casual adventure HOG created by Specialbit Studios. Open the portal to a strange world and save your friend from Inbetween Land, a sci-fi adventure.


If you win a key for Inbetween Land please give some feedback about your opinion of the game once you've had time to play through some of the game, for example, what you liked or disliked about it, or how it could be improved from your point of view . If you don't like this genre at all, please explain why. What, improvements, if any, would change your opinion? There are thousands of subscribers to the game giveaway of the day every weekend which makes this an ideal forum for giving developers ideas as to what their consumers (i.e you) would like to see in a game. For example, you could suggest extra content such as better or more original mini games, or a level editor that you would like to see that would make it more appealing to you. Maybe you think the graphics are a little dated and are in need of re skinning, or maybe you've just had enough of the genre and want to see something different or something with more originality?

If you don't win a key, miss the offer totally and don't mind playing games via Steam you can get the game 24/7 via Steam HERE. It usually costs £4.99/$6.99. You can also get the game from Big Fish games HERE or for free from Gametop HERE. Gametop games are similar to MPC games with respect to toolbars, home page changes etc. If you do download and install a game from any of these free sites make sure you uncheck any boxes to avoid the above changes. As with all games from these free game sites, when you close the game down, it will open your browser to the sites home page. This earns them cash, part of which is given to the developer of the game you downloaded for free.


The city's mundane rhythm is suddenly disrupted by the emergence of a flying island high in the sky. Though the island initially appeared to be deserted, the citizens realize that they are not alone in the universe. Before long, the island becomes a tourist magnet, increasing revenues and crime. Then one day, Mary, who works at the city orphanage goes missing after a beam of light is seen coming from the island above. Explore the creepy island using the clues Mary left, make friends with the spirits of the island's people, solve challenging puzzles, find missing crystals and take your friend back home in this absorbing adventure.

Reference accessed HERE 19th April 2017


Assuming you win a Steam key for Inbetween Land once you've found it (should be sent to the email you used to enter the giveaway - it must be the email you first used to sign into the game giveaway site. If you’ve used a throwaway email there may be problems getting a key, because the key may be sent to that email. If you have any problems use the contact form. Hopefully the giveaway team will re-post the information they posted several weeks ago explaining the email situation. ) you have to activate the game via your Steam client. Once activated it will be permanently tied to your Steam profile and you'll be able to install the game at any time, anywhere on any computer, so long as you can validate who you are (usually via emails etc.). If you don't have a Steam account you will first have to download and install the Steam client HERE

Then create a Steam profile/account. Once that has been completed you can input the Steam code that you've received (after completing the form filling) via the game button along the top of the Steam client, (located between friends and Help). From the drop down menu select 'Activate a product on Steam'. This opens a product activation window. Just follow the prompts to complete activation. Once the Steam code has been accepted, the game will be permanently associated with your Steam account and can be installed any time you wish. The installed game takes up just under 400MB of disk space.

If you have a problem installing or activating or getting Inbetween Land to work, please visit the problems section over in the Game Discussion forums, which I've now incorporated into the FAQ's thread, and which you can find HERE

The Game:


⦁ 52 Fascinating locations to explore
⦁ 19 Thought-provoking mini games
⦁ 3 Game modes: Casual, Normal, Expert
⦁ 4 Engaging comics

Inbetween Land is one of those games that will either draw players in or lose them entirely based on its story alone. It places you in the role of an average woman, sent to a floating island in the sky where she’s challenged to save her comatose best friend, whose sprit is inexplicably floating around. Still with me? Moving on: crystals are hidden behind locked doors, magical panels or within crypts, and colorful alien ghosts will guide you through the collection of these shards to eventually save the day…and send the floating island…back…to space?

Beyond a test of your suspension of disbelief, Inbetween Land is a test of your patience. From the get go, the storyline proves nonsensical, disappointing, and hard to buy into long enough to form connective tissue with the gameplay. Speaking of which, the majority of your time with Inbetween Land will be spent making your way through linear, isolated groups of environments as you track down five separate crystals, one at a time. Since we’re in the sky, though, we may as well look for a silver lining. In this game’s case, uninspired plotting and overly inspired writing are at least complemented with a mildly engaging take on the genre’s puzzles.

Fragmented hidden object scenes give you images of items that you’ll need to find scattered about a single scene. Once you find all of the missing pieces for a particular tool or item, it’s placed back into the environment in an interactive context. These scenes work well; they feel cohesive, unique and are arguably the main highlights of Inbetween Land. Unfortunately, as the game continues, they may prove to be the only highlights.

In between fragmented object scenes, you’ll collect dozens of “key items,” that are scattered around environments, but will only be given the slightest of opportunities to combine these items into something more useful. Especially after completing the more innovative fragmented object scenes, this gives the game a jilted, almost lazy feeling. Worse still, the puzzles that emerge are too often repetitious tile-sliding or rotation tests.

While these “challenges” fail to hit a difficult sweet spot for pros, it should be noted that this may actually be a good thing for players that are looking for a more casual experience. What definitely isn’t a good thing, however, is the game’s incredibly short length, as you can make your way from beginning to end in less than two hours on the game’s easiest difficulty setting. Functionally, there are also some click recognition and mouse-movement-speed issues within some of the game’s puzzles, as the game makes clicking and dragging some tiles an incredibly slow-moving experience.

Ultimately, Inbetween Land suffers right out of the gate from an over-the-top storyline that I can’t see hooking even the most forgiving or imaginative. And while the fragmented object scenes perform well, and the comic book-inspired graphics prove quite lovely throughout, there’s simply not enough content, puzzle variety, or cohesion here to warrant an immediate purchase. Like the the title says, stay in between on this one: try before you buy, and proceed with caution.

Reference accessed HERE by Brandy Shaul on 30th Aug 2012 reposted by Whiterabbit-uk 19th April 2017

Other Reviews, Videos and a Slideshow of images:

You can see Steam community reviews of Inbetween Land HERE (mostly positive), Big Fish community reviews HERE and forum comments HERE and HERE. You can see some gameplay videos of Inbetween Land HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE and finally you can see a walkthrough (including tips) and a slideshow of over 100 images HERE (walkthrough) and HERE (Slideshow).


Inbetween Land is a well made Adventure HOG with well made frangmented object scenes. Overall a reasonable game to play, but not the best of this type. If you enjoy adventure HOG's you'll probably like this one. 7 out of 10 for graphics and game play.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the developer Specialbit Studio for giving away 50 keys for this casual adventure HOG and also to the game giveaway team, as always, for securing other ways to get free games, in this case a Steam key.

Useful Information not related to today's game giveaway:

The problems section that used to be posted here in the Game review is now included in the Game Discussion FAQ's thread; which you can find HERE.

I've updated the games section that used to be posted with the review. The thread is now called 'Weekly round up of game deals', formerly the games section of the weekly reviews. You can find the new thread (which I've posted in the sticky section of the game discussion forums to make it easier to find if you are perusing the game discussion forums) HERE.

The rest of the information that used to be posted here can also befound in the forums HERE. I haven't had the time to update certain sections, but most of the information is still valid and the links that take you to certain deals will still take you to the places where new deals are live.

Reply   |   Comment by whiterabbit-uk  –  Last year  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

whiterabbit-uk, Hello!
I notified you by e-mail and sent the key=)

...........................................Moderator comment...................................

Thanks Alexa

Review now completed and posted. Needed to play the game for a few hours before posting.

Reply   |   Comment by Alexa Bennett  –  Last year  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

As time goes by, more and more of the so-called (Game) "Giveaways" have become "Join & Win" contest entries rather than real giveaways. I am so tired of these! I am on the verge of never returning to GOTD ever again. Please, PLEASE go back to having REAL giveaways more often.
As a side note: Personally, I prefer Steam keys to Playcity/BigFish or even DRM-Free giveaways... but that's just me.
Thank you reading my little rant.

...........................................Moderator comment...................................

Hi About t2 Quit

I wish it was stll the same as it used to be. Thanks to this site it opened up the world of arcade games to me. Prior to the game giveaway site I'd only purchased shmups and breakouts and the odd unusual platformer such as Gish. None of the other genres really interested me. however, to get them free and with no extra's like the free game sites adds, I started to discover all of the other genres, that on paper just didn't appeal. You Tube didn't exist for me at the time so I'd not seen any game play for games such as Match Threes, in fact such concerts seemed really boring to me. so yeah, it would be great if this site reverted back to its old self. Unfortunately market forces have led to the situation we are in now. The financial crisis of 2008 really put the kibosh on this and other game sites and has since led to many game developers going out of business. Also, the advent of the indie bundle the first regular one of which was the Humble bundle first appearing seven years ago in May 2010. Now you can take your pick of literally 50 or more bundles from various sites at any one time and get quality games for up to 95% of their usual price, add on to that the constant game sales on Steam, Origin and other gaming sites, games have become very cheap and are forcing game developers to find tactics that enable them to profit from their hard work. Free game sites have also expanded over the last decade, offering thousands of commercially available arcade games for free, though you do have those minor annoyances like your browser opening to the game sites home page, which earns then money, some of which goes to the developer of the game you've got for free. Even the game giveaway site gives a small amount of cash to those who give their games away, unfortunately it's not as much as they can earn from adding their games to indie bundles are giving them away 24/7 via those free games site. so, as developers disappeared from this site, the owners had to find other ways to expand their influence. This came in the form of Facebook and Twitter. The more people who join the community, the more likely we would get developers interested becasue there are always a small minority of community members (like myself(, who end up buying games from those developers partly due to their generosity in giving away their games.

Unfortunately times have changed and it's very unlikely we will see this site reverting back to they way it was. Sad I know, but that's the ways it has to be now. If you feel you need to leave because of this, that is your prerogative, however you would be missing out on the occasional game that you may have liked. The site still offers free games, just not every day like they used to nor every weekend like they used to, and I know most of the free games they do now offer are from MyPlayCity, but they have had the toolbar and home page/browser changes removed, so are safe than getting them directly from MPC. The browser opening when you close those games down is still active, but that is to ensure the game remains free (i.e. browser opening earns cash part of which goes to the developer).

Reply   |   Comment by About 2 Quit  –  12 months ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)


IndieGala has changed again..it's now...Sparkle 2 Evo

..........................Moderator comment.............................

Thanks Delenn, Loved this game when it was first released. although a shmup, it reminded me of my microscopy work while studying protozoan cultures for my final year undergraduate project (orgnisms that are used to break down sewerage - I was looking at the recovery {called mineralization} of the River Irwell in the UK from sewerage influx over the length of it's course).

Reply   |   Comment by delenn13  –  12 months ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+1)

Thought this a download, not a join and win.

Reply   |   Comment by Warren  –  Last year  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+3)

Tiwtter broken for 2 days now...

...........................................Moderator comment...................................

Same for me. Won't authenticate.

Reply   |   Comment by Frac  –  Last year  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

GOG is giving another game away...Fantasy General


...........................................Moderator comment...................................

Yeahhhh! Thanks Delenn.

Reply   |   Comment by delenn13  –  Last year  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+1)

delenn13, Thanks for the heads up! Wasn't even thinking of going to GoG today, but now am downloading a free game that I will play!

Reply   |   Comment by indianacarnie  –  12 months ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

Here's another freebie:

Giveaway Club has Cake Shop 2 for Free- TM Game

"Open a roadside café and earn money while treating your customers to delicious cakes with different fillings! Quickly serve visitors and use unique upgrades to keep your clientele content and coming back for more. In time, you'll earn the opportunity to purchase advanced culinary equipment and build a confectionery corporation. A fast-paced time management game, Cake Shop 2 features five cafés to manage and build, 19 upgrades to utilize, a cast of colorful characters, gorgeous graphics and beautiful music!"

It says"Exclusive offer from the Giveaway Club and MyPlayCity - the game without third party advertising and browser add-ons." I hate TM Games; too much like work. But I would like to know if they still include the connection to the browser when you close it. So if anyone downloads it..Please let me know. I am just curious.


...........................................Moderator comment...................................

Thanks Delenn

Reply   |   Comment by delenn13  –  Last year  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+1)

@That Wrascally Wabbit, I always post over on the forum too. :)

Here's another...SAINTS ROW 2 Giveaway @ GOG.com

"When the Saints are involved in something, they like to go for bigger, better, and more free. So with the arrival of Saints Row IV and Gat out of Hell, they are bringing along some deep Deep Silver discounts, Saints Row 2 for FREE, and the chance to Connect your Steam Saints Row collection with GOG.com. In collaboration with Deep Silver, we are giving away a free copy of Saints Row 2 to everybody for the next 48 hours!:


I have gotten a few good DRM-free games from using GOG Connect.

"Now, if you've already started your Saints Row collection on Steam, but would like to have these awesome games DRM-free on GOG.com as well, take advantage of GOG Connect for Saints Row series. Just go to connect.gog.com, link your Steam account and add any eligible Saints Row games to your GOG.com library."

Rock Paper Shotgun Suggest a cool "Gentlemen of the Row mod for the squillion things it adds" to the game. https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2017/04/20/saints-row-2-free-on-gog/ Just make sure you read the directions.


...........................................Moderator comment...................................

Nice One Delenn. got this originally on disk, but also purchased it on Steam when it was 80% off. Great game on the lines of the earlier GTA games, and wasn't as corny as the later Saints Row games. I'll include this in my review tomorrow. It ends around 6pm UK time Saturday, so hopefully some community members will get it.

Reply   |   Comment by delenn13  –  Last year  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

Sale on SkullGirls

Bundle Stars Has SkullGirls on sale. https://www.bundlestars.com/en/game/skullgirls It's $1.64 CA..I think it's $1.50 US. The game is worth $10.99CA. Plus all the DLC is discounted.

Nice to see some Girl Power games.

"Skullgirls is a fast-paced 2-D fighting game that puts players in control of fierce warriors in an extraordinary Dark Deco world. Featuring all-new game systems which test the skills of veteran fighting game fans while also making the genre enjoyable and accessible to newcomers.

Skullgirls is a modern take on classic arcade fighters with a hand-drawn high-definition twist. It’s a one-of-a-kind, action-packed competition complete with awesome combos and an intriguing backstory."

...........................................Moderator comment...................................


Reply   |   Comment by delenn13  –  Last year  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

If you're curious about this game, try the free 1-hour trial from Big Fish Games -- all the games they carry offer this free trial, and they won't bother you at all after the trial expires. I'm going to try it now, then probably purchase if it's any good.

I've been wondering: which sites give the best deals to the game developers? Anybody know? There are some developers I'd like to support.

As always, thanks for the review Whiterabbit :-)

...........................................Moderator comment...................................

Please excuse the delay in replying. Had forgotten there was a game yesterday. The best way to find out is to contact developers directly and ask them which give the best percentage to them. I agree with you on that. would much prefer to buy either direct from the developer or a distributor who gives the most back. doesn't seem right if they take too big a cut, especially in today's digital age.

Reply   |   Comment by Maureen  –  Last year  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (-1)

Win10 64 bit Home. I already have this game from BigFish Games. Not a bad game. Since going to Win 10 it does take a bit to load. Hints are easy to use when you get stuck.

Reply   |   Comment by Suzanne  –  Last year  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

GA is bugged. Can't join. Tried Chrome, FF, but nothing works. Gives error on all social sites.

Reply   |   Comment by marty010  –  Last year  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

Hope I will win a key - just joined the competition :-)

Reply   |   Comment by Anu  –  Last year  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (-1)

this game looks like a great game, and im really wanting to play it but ??How do you get this game ? is there a button on this page that i need to click to direct me to the download link ?? usually when ive downloaded various things from this site , all i have to do is click the button that says "DOWNLOAD" and after i click button "download " will start-

...........................................Moderator comment...................................

It's a six day competition with 75 keys to be won. There is no download from here. Once the winners are announced in six days time a key will be sent to their emails and they can activate the game on Steam.. Winners won't be announced until

Reply   |   Comment by memyselfandmind  –  Last year  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (-2)

Forced Showdown ended 2 days ago but so far no winners are announced. They kinda forgot about that one?

Reply   |   Comment by Mavadelo  –  Last year  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

Hey Wabbit,

Heard about this?

StarCraft For Free

I am guessing this is in celebration for the release of the remastered version of StarCraft: Brood War, which is scheduled for this summer.



P.S. This is an actual download. Not a Steam key.

...........................................Moderator comment...................................

That's great news. Doesn't seem like 20 years ago that I bought it. Will get this download though as I don't think the disk works on my newest computer.

Reply   |   Comment by delenn13  –  Last year  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+1)

BTW, Wabbit, nice review but you know how I feel about HOGs. Have enough on my PC I don't play. Will let some one else WIN it.

More info about StarCraft:

This is what Rick Broida from CNET"s Cheapskate has to say about it:

Bonus deal: Free-game time! Late yesterday I shared the news that Blizzard is giving away the original StarCraft, one of the all-time great real-time strategy games. In fact, you get not only StarCraft, but also the Brood War expansion pack. Sure, the graphics are a bit dated, but the gameplay? Still awesome.

To get the freebie (available for Windows and Mac), all you have to do is follow the above link, then click the appropriate installer. Note that once you run it, the setup seems to include only Brood War, but don't worry -- you're getting the full game.

...........................................Moderator comment...................................

I purchased the collectors edition of Starcraft when it was released. Still got the box and the disc, but everything else seems to have disappeared. Great game in its time. Thanks for the heads up. Did you post over in the forums as well? :)

Reply   |   Comment by delenn13  –  Last year  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

delenn13, thanks for this Delenn13 :) On a side note. The download initially gave a fail in my chrome, It showed however "resume" under the little arrow next to the download on the bottom bar of my browser (I think, I have the Dutch version that says hervatten"" which means resume) and when clicking that thedownload started and finished ok. So for those getting a corrupt file or no file at all... check there :)

Reply   |   Comment by Mavadelo  –  Last year  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+1)

delenn13, I got mine from BFG. This game was given out in 2012. You should try it again.

Reply   |   Comment by Suzanne  –  Last year  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

I joined steam group but clicking continue does nothing.

...........................................Moderator comment...................................

Hi Jan vandam

Try using a different browser. I have issues using my usual browser, so have to move over to I.E., or Chrome to complete some of the tasks.

Reply   |   Comment by jan vandam  –  Last year  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+1)

now it works, i did nothing, not even changed browser
i use chrome

Reply   |   Comment by jan vandam  –  Last year  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)
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