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Garden Shop Giveaway

Game Giveaway of the day — Garden Shop

Develop your own flower shop and make it prosper!
User rating: 13 (93%) 1 (7%) 4 comments

Garden Shop was available as a giveaway on February 15, 2020!

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Develop your own flower shop and make it prosper! With Chloe's help, take up several challenges across more than 70 exciting levels. Use your wits and organizational skills to satisfy the needs of your demanding customers!

Grow flowers throughout each season, pot them, decorate your plants and earn as much money as possible! Expand and upgrade your shop, as well as buy a number of boosters. One last word of advice: customers are always right, and their patience is extremely limited!

System Requirements:

Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 10; CPU: 1.6 GHz; RAM: 1024 MB; DirectX: 9.0; Hard Drive: 213 MB





File Size:

50.1 MB



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Garden Shop - Rush Hour!
In Brief
A flower shop themed time management game with colourful cartoon like graphics.
The game was origially given away 7th Oct 2017 HERE where it received 74% positive rating from 23 votes with 7 comments.

You can get a feel for today's game giveaway (Garden Shop: Rush Hour!) before deciding to download it by watching a few game-play videos. You can access several of them HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE; plus, if you have the time and/or the inclination, there's also a slideshow of almost 70 in-game images to see HERE.
Develop your own flower shop and make it prosper! With Chloe's help, take up several challenges across more than 70 exciting levels. Use your wits and organizational skills to satisfy the needs of your demanding customers! Grow flowers throughout each season, pot them, decorate your plants and earn as much money as possible! Expand and upgrade your shop, as well as buy a number of boosters. One last word of advice: customers are always right, and their patience is extremely limited!
Reference accessed HERE. 5th Oct 2017

The Game:
Chloe is an ambitious girl and it has always been her dream to run her very own highly popular and successful flower shop. One day she decides to finally go through with it and open up a shop however it quickly becomes clear that her dream isn’t that easy to achieve. Help Chloe on her quest to transform her shop into the most prosperous and popular flower place across the entire town.
One of the best parts about Garden Shop is how well it manages to introduce new players to the game. The first few levels of the game double up as tutorial levels and each one of them has something to teach regarding the gameplay. The tutorial levels do an excellent job of explaining all the basics and the great thing is that since you’re playing the game at the time, you’ll be able to implement whatever you learn which is nice and helps make the learning process much easier.
The gameplay of Garden Shop is that of a well executed time management game. The objective of each level is to reach a specific amount of points before the timer runs out but sometimes levels come with unique objectives that add some much needed depth into the mix. The method of playing is pretty standard; every customer that comes in will require a specific kind of flower which will be shown over their head, you must look at this then prepare the flower and hand it to the customer as quickly as possible. The faster you prepare a flower, the more points you receive for it.

To make the game feel more dynamic, there are different kinds of customers. Each customer type has different characteristics. Some are patient, some are impatient, some are generous and therefore you must adapt your play-style to meet their needs if you want to succeed. Before each level you can also purchase many kinds of upgrades for your shop that can prove to be quite helpful during service time.
Garden Shop has one of the most colorful and vibrant art styles out there. The game looks absolutely stunning thanks to all the fluid animations, solid character designs and just the overall sharpness of its graphics. On top of this it consists of some really high quality sound effects as well that players will certainly appreciate quite a lot.
When you download Garden Shop for the first time you’ll be able to play it completely free for 60 minutes on a trial basis. If you want to keep playing after the trial then it can be purchased for its standard price which will lift all time restrictions and allow you to play as long as you want.
Edited reference accessed HERE. Originally posted by Virtual worlds October 2015 . Edited and re-posted by Whiterabbit-uk 5th Oct 2017 and 15th Feb 2020.

Other Reviews and Videos of Garden Shop - Rush Hour!:
You can see Big Fish community reviews of Garden Shop - Rush Hour! HERE, and you can see some videos of game play HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE; plus a slide show of almost 70 images HERE.
I've only played the game to level 7 and found it a little tedious. As with most games of this type you are introduced to new elements as you progress; also, the graphics were nice and colorful, but it would be unfair of me to give a full conclusion and a score due to the negative bias I have for this type of game because Time Management (TM) games are for me the least enjoyed of all arcade game genres, {though there are a few such as the first few in the Farm Frenzy series that I have enjoyed playing previously, but even those I didn't purchase as I received free copies from Alawar for beta testing them almost a decade ago}. A final word; I did find the game easy to play, but compared to other T.M. games of this type, nothing new or innovative appears to have been added. If you enjoy playing TM games, you'll probably like Garden Shop. It is well constructed, the instructions on how to play are clear enough for most people to understand and as already mentioned the game looks good.

Problems getting the game to work:
If you're having problems installing or activating or getting Garden Shop - Rush Hour! to work please visit the FAQ's Thread which you can find HERE and read through the communities comments because sometimes fixes have already been posted, for example, a common issue seen since the Themida wrapper was introduced three years ago is that some community members installation of the game is blocked by their security (usually an error message is flagged for example 'The executable is corrupted' even though in reality it is not) because Themida code has been known to hide malware, so as a precaution some anti malware programs will block and even delete the suspect installation files even though they are actually free from malware. This issue can be solved either by rebooting your computer in safe mode with networking or a quicker method is to temporarily turn off your security software to allow the installation. In the almost 11 years this game giveaway site has been operating there has 'never' been a game given away that was infected with malware.
If for any reason you want to contact the giveaway team, for example, you have a game to offer the community, or are unable to download the latest game or other issues that the FAQ's thread or these comments don't cover or solve you can do so HERE





Useful Information not related to today's game giveaway:
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From now until Half-Life : Alyx is released sometime in March, every Half-life game is free to play on Steam HERE. They include, Half-Life, Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2: Episode One, Half-Life 2: Episode Two, Half-Life: Opposing Force, Half-Life: Blue Shift and Team Fortress Classic
Indie Gala has some new games added to their free section; these include Wastewalkers - a post apocalyptic top down open world adventure. Deep Space Anomaly - an intensive, fascinating and mad game which is sweeping away all borders where the main objective - to kill enemies and to have fun! Also Super Panda Adventures - a side scrolling platformer; you play as the brave panda-knight Fu, who is about to finish his training to become the new guardian of the Princess. At the same day of the big celebration party, some uninvited Robots show up to conquer the planet and take the Princess away in their Space Ships!.
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The Eden Rising base game is also free on Steam. It's an open world, SP/Coop/MP Sci Fi tower defense third person RPG with crafting and survival elements. The latest Humble Choice (costing $12) is now live, with a choice of nine games from a list of 12 (Frostpunk + 1 DLC, Pathfinder: and Pathfinder: Kingmaker plus Frostpunk, Book of Demons, CryoFall, Okami HD, Eliza, SHENZHEN I/O, Project Warlock, The Hex, Warstone TD, Underhero, Night Call ), virtually every single game in the bundle if purchased separately apart from 'The Hex that costs £7.19) would virtually pay for the bundle if you purchased the games directly from Steam. Frostpunk and Pathfinder: Kingmaker are alone worth over £60/$75. All games are Steam work games. Plus there is a drm free game called 'Tales From Off-Peak City Vol. 1' that is an additional choice included for free. You can play the game Last Year an online pvp cooperative atmospheric violent first person horror based game for free until 17th Feb (PM) HERE. Finally, check out Delenns thread over in the Game Discussion forums for details of other free games and offers HERE.

Reply   |   Comment by Whiterabbit-uk  –  9 months ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+19)

Another one of these annoying games, once into it there is no obvious way of quitting & getting out of it,

Reply   |   Comment by Lawrence Carter  –  9 months ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (-1)

I played this game a while back - here's some info that might help:

1. The game stays the same - you have different seasons, but that only changes the items the customer orders - the layout of the shop never changes.

2. As the game progresses there are more servers that can serve customers. This part was poorly executed and is a nightmare. However, the game is fun to play if you ignore this part. So select one person to serve the customers - leave all the others standing right where they are - ignore the fact that they are there - and this game becomes quite fun for a while. Eventually it becomes a click-fest - at which point the uninstall works well too.

(The servers block each other - and get in each other's way - and you can't click through - so you can't tell the server make this order deliver it to the customer - because they will make the order and then stand around - and now the next server you clicked on will go the customer - but she doesn't have the order ... but because she's standing in front of the customer - you can't send the server with the order to that customer - it's not fun.)

Reply   |   Comment by Info  –  9 months ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+11)

Info, thanks for this! I haven't played yet but saved your comments for when I do!

Reply   |   Comment by tinyearl  –  9 months ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+3)
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