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Egypt Ball Giveaway

Game Giveaway of the day — Egypt Ball

Destroy the bricks with a ball to reveal the secrets of ancient Egypt!
User rating: 25 (96%) 1 (4%) 12 comments

Egypt Ball was available as a giveaway on November 13, 2021!

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If you are looking for a challenging, exciting and colorful game with interesting twirls of the plot - you are welcome to Egypt Ball! Your mission in the game is not only to destroy the bricks with a ball but to reveal the secrets of ancient Egypt, unveil codes and complete the mission with the best time. Your strikes must be accurate, and then your game process will be most efficient. Egypt Ball combines catching, shooting and points scoring thus letting all your skills become evident. Catch the gems as they give you extra points. The amount of bonuses available in the game is amazingly wide!

System Requirements:

Windows XP or better; Pentium 200mhz or better; 64 MB RAM; 15 MB hard drive space; 800x600 display resolution mode or higher; High or true color highly recommended; DirectX 5.0 or better





File Size:

19.3 MB



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Comments on Egypt Ball

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Egypt Ball:

In Brief:
Egypt Ball is a 14 year old 3D Breakout game with an Egyptian Theme. It's virtually the same as the game Gem Ball: Ancient Legends which we were given March 2007 (same Theme, same board, same bat same bricks and same developer {Urse Games}).

You can see several in-game videos of game play HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE & HERE. The last video is of Gem Ball: Ancient Legends. I’ve included this to show you the similarities between the two games. As mentioned above and in the review below. They both have the same level designs. The only differences being the two difficulty settings and the two modes of play in gem ball compared to the single difficulty and single mode in Egypt Ball. You can see Gem Ball HERE.
Levels are diverse, moves are extremely swift, the difficulty level increases as you progress. Egypt Ball is an arcade game with a puzzle core. The aim of the game is to destroy the bricks with a ball and to reveal the secrets of ancient Egypt. Attempt to achieve this by completing each of the 100 levels in the best time as well as unveil codes.

Egypt Ball combines catching, shooting and points scoring using a limited number of bat and balls that you are given - the colour of these balls is important because it provides you with additional strength. Move your bat to reflect the ball in play to destroy the walls that cover gems and other treasures of Egypt's ancient civilization. For every 20 gold coins earned you are awarded an extra life. Catch the falling gems as they give you extra points. The number of bonuses that help you achieve the above goals is generous and includes the ability to slow down the balls, in play, expand your bat, speed up and get an anvil for better strikes as you progress through the early levels you unlock more bonuses such as safe rays, darts fire and fireballs thrower, a multicolour ball that always helps you to get rid of various bricks quicker and a Mega laser.

Significantly edited and added to reference accessed HERE. 24th Nov 2018, reposted 9th November 2021.

The Game:
Egypt Ball is basically a cut down version of Gem Ball: Ancient Legends, which we were given 11 years ago (March 2007). The level design is exactly the same; the main differences are that Gem Ball has three difficulty levels and two modes, Adventure and Arcade. Whereas Egypt Ball only has one difficulty setting and one mode, which is the Arcade part of Gem Ball. You can get Gem Ball totally free via FreeGamePick HERE. FreeGamePick does the same as MyPlayCity with respect to your browser opening when you first install the game and when you close the game down. There are no toolbars installed.
I've checked back to when it was originally given away (March 14th, 2007) and have reposted my original comment. I've also checked images of Gem Ball via Google images and can confirm that today’s game has the same level designs from the arcade mode of Gem Ball, the same power-ups and the same graphics. The only things different are difficulty levels and the adventure mode has been removed from the original game then repackaged as Egypt Ball. Apart from those changes, this is basically the same game as the one we were given 11 years ago, so to save time I'm going to repost my original comment with some slight changes and include additional information about the game.

Egypt Ball has the usual number of decorative bricks of different types used in the construction of the various levels, there is also a wide selection of balls that can help in varying degrees. Some balls will only destroy bricks that match their colour; others can destroy every type of brick with or without the help of an explosion; while there are also special balls that destroy everything in their path, including walls or other seemingly permanent obstructions, or have the ability to fire arrows in every direction.
Egypt Ball has its fair share of power-ups and other goodies. The power-ups fall at regular intervals and include extra lives, those that enlarge or shrink your paddle; allow you to hold and aim a ball at a specific spot and triple the number of balls currently in play. There are also useful brick breaking weapons added to the paddle such as the Darts Fire and Mega Laser. Some power-ups affect the ball as mentioned above; for example, the explosive ball, power ball, multicolour ball and shooting ball. With Egypt Ball, you can have so many balls in motion that it can become rather confusing and makes for hectic paddle re-alignment. In such cases as this, it does help that the balls in Egypt Ball do not react when they meet each other. Rather than be deflected and change directions, they continue on their normal path. Personally I would have liked to have seen an option where you could turn deflections on, or include deflections between balls in a separate difficulty level.
As well as the variety of power-ups that are released by destroyed bricks, you can also collect jewels and gold coins. The jewels add to your score, depending upon the type, while an extra life is exchanged for every twenty coins you collect. Another way to gain an extra life is to catch the Ankh (a key-like cross symbol) when it becomes available in some of the scenes.

One feature of Egypt Ball that should surely appeal to many players will be the Mega laser. This weapon appears just before a scene is denuded of bricks. It allows the player to quickly destroy any remaining items or continue using their skill at controlling the ball to finish off the job.

Edited reference by Whiterabbit; originally posted March 2007, reposted with additional information by Whiterabbit-uk 3rd Nov 2018
Egypt Ball is an excellent 3D breakout game that in my opinion is worth downloading (I am biased because breakouts have always been one of my favourite arcade games ever since the very fist one was created back in the 1970's.

Notes on Security
I scanned a zipped copy of the installed game using Virus Total and it found 2 hits (Jiangmin & Zillya) from 59 antimalware engines. These two antimalware engines that are amongst only several antimalware suites that often tag MyPlayCity Games compared to most better known and more reliable antimalware engines; so, it's very very very likely to be a false positive. (I downloaded the game and have had no issues security or otherwise)

The downloaded executable possibly/may include some low level adware that opens your browser once to MyPlayCity's home page after the game has installed and also places a few shortcuts onto your desktop; these shortcuts can be safely deleted once the game has been installed).

The MyPlayCity installation does NOT inject any malware into your system. When your browser is opened to MyPlayCity's home page following the games installation, it earns MyPlayCity games some money, part of which is given to the developer of the game for allowing the game to be given away free. The giveaway version of MyPlayCity games version has had most of the adware disabled.

You can see the results of the scan via the following link:

Reply   |   Comment by Whiterabbit-uk  –  Last year  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+22)


Other Free and commercial Arkanoid/Breakouts:
Arkanoid/breakouts have always been one of my favourite casual arcade genres ever since I played the original Breakout (created by Atari). You can now play that first ever breakout game via your browser HERE; it's very basic, but for me, brings back fond memories of my youth, where I spent a small fortune on this game (together with Space Invaders) in my local hostelry and arcade.

You'll find details of loads of free and commercial arkanoid/breakout games over in the forums via my 13 year old thread Arkanoids and Breakouts: A list of decent freeware (and not so free) HERE; sadly many of the links are probably broken (due mainly to the sites that hosted them no longer operating), but Googling the name of the games should find download links for the free ones; (always check any downloads with your security and one of the online versions such as Virus Total.

Anyone who has the amazing Ricochet Infinity (one of my top five all time favorite breakouts) will know that the in game link to thousands of custom made levels no longer works since Amazon closed the site where fan made levels were uploaded to some years ago (Amazon bought out the original developer of the ricochet franchise Reflexive Arcade almost a decade ago). However, I found a dedicated site where fans of the game have created a repository for most of the level sets graded C and above (there's possibly some lower graded sets as well. It took me days to download them all (in shifts) because there are so many.

Also, you can get all previous Ricochet games for free via abandonware sites (grey area legally); for example, the original Ricochet HERE as well as Ricochet: Lost Worlds and Ricochet: Lost Worlds Recharged. The latter two games include a level editor (only the first in the series lacked an editor). You can add any non infinity level set from the link I've posted above, i.e. apart from any created in the last version Ricochet Infinity; all level sets from Infinity can easily be identified when on the download pages.

You can find Taito's original Arkanoid (released in 1986) HERE and the sequel Arkanoid: Revenge of Doh (1987) HERE; (both Arkanoid's require the x86 emulator DOSBox to work). You can also play the original Arkanoid as well as 30 other breakouts via your browser HERE. You'll probably be able to find and download the later sequels Arkanoid: Doh It Again and Arkanoid Returns; both released a decade later in 1997.

If you are okay playing via your browser, you'll also find more browser based arkanoid games HERE.

Other free non breakout games:
Please check Delenn's threads over in the giveaway forums HERE and HERE for the latest non Steam and Steam freebies. Also for the latest Steam sales check THIS Steam database site out. You can list the games in 'price' & 'percentage off' by clicking the headers. If you link SteamDB with your Steam account all games that you already have will be highlighted in green. When there are Steam games being given away, you'll see 100% off (we just missed a couple of decent freebies).
Don't forget to check Indie Gala's freebie section HERE, then click on the Showcase header, selecting freebies from the drop down menu; recent additions include Dino Run DX, Cheap Golf, Kill Em All, Dead Hungry Diner, Contract with the Devil and Secrets of Magic 2: Witches and Wizards (a decent match three game). All remaining freebies can be found in the showcase section (around 100 are available). Not all games that go into the showcase remain free, so you should grab them as soon as you can.

The latest Epic freebie's are Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep: A Wonderlands One-shot Adventure - Smash skeletons, defeat dragons, and battle giant golems in Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep: A Wonderlands One-Shot Adventure. Experience the acclaimed 2013 quest that started it all in this standalone campaign jam-packed with fantasy, fun, and mountains of magical loot!.

Also available free this week is Rogue Company Season Four Epic Pack; a DLC (usually costing £27.99) for the free to play Rogue Company which is available HERE.

From Thursday 18th (late afternoon) next week we will be getting three games that include Guild of Dungeoneering - a turn-based, dungeon-crawling, card-battler with a twist: instead of controlling the hero you build the dungeon around them. Using cards drawn from your Guild decks, you lay down rooms, monsters, traps and of course loot! Meanwhile your hero is making their own decisions on where to go and what to fight. Also KID A MNESIA EXHIBITION - An upside-down digital/analogue universe created from original artwork and recordings to commemorate 21 years of Radiohead’s Kid A and Amnesiac; this title is due for release next week; seems like Epic are doing the same as when A Total War Sage: Troy was released last year. Only on the first day of release y could you get it free. Finally and Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna) an atmospheric puzzle platformer developed in collaboration with the Iñupiat, an Alaska Native people, drawn from a traditional story that has been shared across the generations. Guide both characters in single-player mode or play cooperatively with a friend as you trek through frozen tundra, leap across treacherous ice floes, swim through underwater caverns and face enemies both strange and familiar.
The best Indie Bundles sites that have been operating from around 2011 are the Humble Bundle and Indie Gala sites where you'll find decent bundles with over 90% off the usual price of the games included in the bundles. Also well worth checking is CDKeys, where you can pick up games with as much as 98% off. I got last years STAR WARS™ Squadrons for 98% off back in October, costing me a crazy £0.38p. You'll find CDKeys HERE. You can get the Ultimate Edition of the acclaimed game Control (GOG version) for £0.59, (Epic version) for £0.49 (both 98% off).

Problems running or downloading todays game giveaway?:
Finally, if you are having issues running todays game giveaway check out the Game FAQ's thread over in the forums HERE.

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Outcast v1.1 is free for a temporary period over on GOG. you'll find the deal on the main page via the following link:


You do require a free account to be able to get the game.

Reply   |   Comment by Whiterabbit-uk  –  Last year  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+4)

According to my archives , the game was given away at least one more time ,
at Saturday 24-11-2018 .
I've installed it back then , played it for awhile and then forgot it .
Not because it was not a good game but because there is always something new
in front of me to occupy my time ...
Actually , it's a very enjoyable game .
I know , because I've found it's old installation and played it for a few minutes .
It still works after all those years without any problems .
If you like Arkanoid style games , this is a very good one IMO .

I remember playing the great granddaddy of this game , in only black and white , called breakout ,
waaaay back at the early 70's .

I also remember playing at 1971 or 1972 a black and white , breakout style game but without the bricks
in the upper section of the screen .
There was only the screen , the paddle and a square white "ball" .
You guided the paddle using a round nob like the ones on an electric stove , only bigger .

I have searched for this games from time to time for years now but with no success .
Does anyone remembers anything like that ?
I would love to see it again .
I was 8 years old when I saw the game .
It's been almost 50 years (I am 57 , born 18-07-1964) .
Yes yes, I know , I am a dinosaur ... :-)

Thank you all for any info about the game .
I hope Whiterabbit-uk will have something for me .

Reply   |   Comment by JEDIGEG  –  Last year  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+5)


Hi G,

What you describe can only be Pong, especially with the dates you quote.

The first breakout game was released by Atari in 1976 and was an offshoot of Pong that was released in 1972. Atari wanted to create a game based on the success of Pong but that could be played by one person, so the game was turned 90 degrees and the top bat was replaced by a wall of bricks. I've posted a link to a browser version of the original breakout in my additional post above; HERE it is again. You'll find several versions of Pong that you can play in your browser HERE. You can also find 11 pages (15 per page) of early versions of Pong and breakout/arkanoids HERE. you'll require various emulators for the different platform versions e.g Vic-20, Amstrad CPC, C64, MSX, Master System, Amiga, Atari ST, DOS, Win 3x, Apple, BBC Micro etc



One of the images was lifted from a groovy history Atari pong pioneer HERE

Reply   |   Comment by Whiterabbit-uk  –  Last year  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+7)

Whiterabbit-uk, thanks for the info and the links .

Reply   |   Comment by JEDIGEG  –  Last year  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+1)

Mr Whiterabbit...

I think you missed adding this gem if I am not mistaken:
Catch you later sir.

Reply   |   Comment by ibwebb  –  Last year  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+4)


Hi G, I didn't include it because I'm not sure if it should be on the abandonware site; that said, Amazon, who purchased the rights are not selling it now, so it may be okay. I've posted details in the forums in the Arkanoid/breakout thread.

Reply   |   Comment by Whiterabbit-uk  –  Last year  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+5)

I get error: Unable to set graphics mode.

Reply   |   Comment by Luise O'Reilly  –  Last year  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+3)

Luise O'Reilly, you may not have up to date or missing components on your PC. Make sure you have up to date drivers and the final release of the Direct X Web component runtime libraries (found from many reputable sites and even in your Steam folder. )

Reply   |   Comment by sailorbear510  –  Last year  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+6)

Luise O'Reilly,

Hi Luise,

I was getting a black screen until I went into compatibility mode to change some of the properties.

Try right clicking on the shortcut to the game and select properties from the drop down menu; then select the compatibility tab from the Egypt Ball Properties window. Make sure the ''Run this program in compatibility mode for'' is checked and then select ''Windows XP (service pack 2)'' and also check the ''Run this program as an administrator'', then press the ''Apply'' button located at the bottom of the window.

The above fixed the issue I had, hopefully it will for you too. :)

Check sailorbear510 comment as well. These old games often require your drivers to be updated.

Reply   |   Comment by Whiterabbit-uk  –  Last year  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+11)


Thanks for the help sailorbear510. :)

Reply   |   Comment by Whiterabbit-uk  –  Last year  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+8)
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