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Dungeons And Myths 2 Giveaway

Game Giveaway of the day — Dungeons And Myths 2

Choose wisely, the enemy does not forgive mistakes!
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Dungeons And Myths 2 was available as a giveaway on March 9, 2023!

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The main goal is to move the blue brick out of the playing field.

You are attacked by many fabulous creatures and you need to repel all their attacks.In the sequel, even more enemies are waiting for you, who are going to destroy your master. There are many more enemies, they have become more dangerous and faster. But you also got a couple of new tactics.Now units are also coming from your side that attack the enemy. This will allow you to gain experience and choose the trap or unit you need. Some of them use magic crystals, and some are built for gold. Choose wisely, the enemy does not forgive mistakes!

-Dynamic gameplay
-Interesting gameplay
-More enemies

System Requirements:






File Size:

133 MB



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Developed by Overwolf
Developed by Razer Inc.
Developed by WinDS PRO Central
Developed by Valve

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Dungeons and Myths 2 is a 2D tower defense style game with a top down view and pixel art graphics where enemies come at you from right to left. You place traps in the 'lanes' (and other areas like the top and bottom, send units to attack your enemies, as well as instant use items that cause immediate damage to stop them from getting to your lord. The yellow/red coin in upper left allows you to buy the traps and those slowly increases with time. When you view a trap on the bottom it shows how much that trap costs either in the gold or red coin and will be dark when you dont have enough. You also can choose a random upgrade from a choice of 3 after each wave of enemies indicated by the upper yellow line (blue in first game). Your lord is capable of fighting hand to hand with mouse click explosions that can be used a certain number of times indicated in the upper right which also increases as the yellow line goes down all the way. Plants vs. Zombies popularized the lane tower defense style to generate its own genre.

There are pick ups after defeating enemies you must move your mouse over that enable you to have more money for defenses to aid in the battle so there is a lot of arcade like interaction in this game rather than say just placing traps and sitting back to watch what happens (strategy only) which some may or may not like more.

This is a sequel to Dungeons & Myths, given away here in January, and I liked that one more actually and bought it at the low cost in hopes it would be fixed/developed further. The main issue with the first one and why it wasnt promoted yet imo was mostly bugs that needed fixing to finish (the ui disappeared) and some garbling of the text in the upgrades screen as two examples. It also might be a bit too random in the upgrade choices causing you not to have a choice of vertical/horizontal shooters that work better. This might make a later level too hard if you dont have the right choices right away. Otherwise it showed a lot of promise, was fun in the time I played although not a long game, and still hope it gets some fixing. Also these games should have some basic instruction on what all the mechanisms are and what the gameplay does which should help. I think some people just had no idea what all the things on the screen were, for example at the far right on the 1st version at top is a countdown timer for the level to end after you kill everything once the countdown timer reaches 0.
Dungeons & Myths 1: https://game.giveawayoftheday.com/https-store-steampowered-com-app-2204860-dungeons-and-myths/

In this one so far it just feels a bit too manic, with too many enemies and your troops on the screen right away from the beginning and is not well paced like the first yet. Further some enemies now shoot which needs to be paced as that seems a bit too strong right away, and the number of your troops should be further apart initially similar to the bats in the first game. The upgrades are also coming far too fast right away for a new player to understand the mechanisms and what each option does. The sound isnt as good, and the enemies/troops arent as appealing so far to me. I will play around some more as sometimes change is just jarring and might get better with more play, but currently I'm giving this a rating of D+, where the first was a C and with fixes might have become a C+/B such as slipping in a few more levels/enemies before the harder levels hit.

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