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Beetle Bug 2 Giveaway

Game Giveaway of the day — Beetle Bug 2

Help Beetle defend his underground home from evil invaders!
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Beetle Bug 2 was available as a giveaway on April 18, 2021!

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The game reflects the "struggle" between spring and winter.

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Help Beetle defend his underground home from evil invaders. Each maze-like level calls for your arsenal of logic, wits and weapons to succeed. Fly around and dig through chunks of earth to get by in this side-scrolling adventure, but beware of enemies and falling rocks! With extra bonus levels scattered about, you'll want to explore every inch of this underworld.

System Requirements:

Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 10; CPU: 600 Mhz; RAM: 128 MB; DirectX: 6.0; Hard Drive: 25 MB





File Size:

20.4 MB



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Beetlebug 2
In Brief
Beetlebug 2 is a maze like game where you have to find the exit to progress to the next level. To do this you have to destroy various walls to access blocked area's and kill any enemies that block your way. Many of you older gamers will recognize the game as a classic bomberman style arcade game.

You can see several videos of game play HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.

Beetle Bug 2 is a story of our lion-hearted beetle's reappearance! Just like in the previous version of the game given away last week . Beetlebug is involved in a great number of adventures, heroic deeds and cleaning missions. It cleans the territory and makes the environment better without all those filthy aggressive monsters that bring chaos and pollution.

Explore the underground area with a limited number of grenades and collect gold and additional bonus items. The tasks for each level are given at the beginning of each level. So you'll know how many monsters are waiting for you. In order to overcome all the difficulties Beetlebug has learnt to fly and dig into the soil. It can move and slide stones and kill the enemies even without his poisonous and powerful weapons. So you only need to help the brave tiny insect to choose the right route and think how to eliminate enemies in the best way.


Beetle Bug 2 is an improved version of the first beetle bug game with more obstacles, improved controls and the tasks are funnier, the underground insects world is more colorful.

Introduction originally from MyPlayCity, but has been heavily edited and added too by Whiterabbit 18th April 2021.

The Game
When starting the game you'll see a pack selection screen where you can choose from four different packs. The original normal difficulty pack with 101 levels, two more special packs with 10 and 50 levels respectively and a fourth hard pack with 92 levels. when you select any pack you can then choose to start with any level from that pack and choose from three difficulty levels easy, normal and hard, which makes playing the hard levels even harder if you choose to play them on the hardest difficulty.


From the main menu you can select the option menu which enables you to change the volume of both the sound effects and music separately as well as clear previous recorded scores and toggle between full and windowed mode; for example, eliminate particular monsters that are presented as images of the monsters to be eliminated. While exploring each level you'll see information panels that give you important tips for example blue monsters only turn left or dig soil to move forwards, up or down. The top left hand corner of the screen shows the points you have earned so far, the amount of gold you've collected, the top right shows the number of monsters still left in the level and the bottom left shows the number of grenades you have collected from small bugs that look like orange into ladybirds but with spikes instead of spots.

Each level introduces you to the task ahead, with the number of monsters you will need to kill or avoid. Enter each level, clear it of monsters to enter the next level. You control Beetlebug using the up down left and right arrow keys. Eliminate enemies by dropping bombs and rocks on top of them. Some bugs will give you grenades which can also be used to destroy enemies. Score points by collecting treasure and small beetles. Each of the difficulty levels has a separate score board, but different level packs are combined. Move through each level clearing soil, drop rocks and bombs onto enemies and collect treasure. Avoid falling rocks as they can remove some of your health as can contact with any enemy. Once your health is reduced to zero you have to start the level from the beginning. Once you've eliminated all of the enemies detailed in the introduction to each level you can proceed to the next level.









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