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Ballistic Attack Giveaway

Game Giveaway of the day — Ballistic Attack

A classic defense of its base in an unusual and vivid setting.
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Ballistic Attack was available as a giveaway on August 1, 2019!

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Run against time to reach your goal, pay attention to your surroundings and It avoids the dangers.

Ballistic Attack is a classic defense of its base in an unusual and vivid setting. Defend the base and gain points of improvement. Hordes of enemies will try to break through the defense. Give them a hard fight with the Ballistic Attack. Defend the approaches to your base, to withstand several attacks using 10 types of steep weapons with the possibility of improving it.

System Requirements:

Windows 7 /8 /10





File Size:

39.1 MB



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Developed by Overwolf

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Ballistic Attack
In Brief
A top down tower defense game.

Ballistic Attack is a classic top down tower defense game. You are tasked with defending your home base using various tower defenses at your disposal. As you proceed you will earn points that can be spent on new defensive systems, or upgrading ones already in use. Hordes of enemies will try to break through you defenses, so you will need to employ various strategies to overcome them.
The Game:
Today's Tower Defense game is very similar to the one we received last month called Ballistic Protection; (which you can see HERE). It has similar graphics, the same number of tower defensive systems and the same cost for each; however, Ballistic Attacks main menu is a lot more basic that Ballistic Protection with respect to the graphics; however, the level designs are slightly better looking. Despite the low quality graphics, Ballistic Attack is quite challenging. I’ve been playing Tower Defense games for many year and usually survive at least several levels before I'm defeated when starting a new version of the game, however, I lost my base at the third or fourth wave on level 2 and on level 4 I lost the base before the end of the second wave, despite employing traditionally successful strategies. That leads me to the conclusion that this game is worth checking out even by those well versed in Tower Defense strategies. It’s basic in its designs, but it has all the usual elements you find in a top down tower defense game.

Ballistic Attack has garnered mostly positive comments out of almost a hundred reviews from the Steam community, which you can see HERE. You can also see a video of game play via the Steam store page for Ballistic Attack HERE.
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If today's game doesn't interest you maybe some of the following (mostly free) suggestions will.
The latest weekly giveaway over at Epic Games ends tomorrow and includes two games; entitled Moonlighter (an Action RPG with rogue-lite elements) and This War of Mine (an atmospheric post-apocalyptic rogue-like side scrolling platformer); these two games would normally cost you £30. From August 2nd these change over to two more games, i.e. Alan Wake (an atmospheric third person psychological horror/shooter) and For Honor - standard edition (an atmospheric third person hack and slash RPG with gore, swordplay and story rich). These two games give you a combined saving of over £35). Both This War of Mine and For Honor do have extra dlc available that expand the games, but are not necessary to enjoy the games.






Other free Tower Defense Games:
Today is your last chance to pick up for free the award winning Torchlight a beautiful isometric 3D action RPG that was released a decade ago; which you can find via Epic Games HERE until 6pm this evening (UK time). The next free game from Epic games is Limbo an atmospheric and surreal 2D side scrolling puzzle platformer which you'll find HERE later today. It has mainly positive reviews via Steam.
All of the following (in this paragraph) Tower Defense games are freely available via MyPlayCity, Gametop or FreeGamePick: Fort Defense, Garden Defense, Goblin Defenders: Battles of Steel 'n' Wood, Iron Heart 2: Underground Army, Iron Heart: Steam Tower, Iron Sea Defenders, Iron Sea Frontier Defenders, Royal Defense, Royal Defense: Ancient Menace, Royal Defense: Invisible Threat, Toy Defense, Toy Defense 2, Toy Defense 3: Fantasy, Beefense, Garden Rescue: Christmas Edition, Garden Rescue, Defense of Egypt: Cleopatra Mission, Defense of Greece, Medieval Defenders, Steam Defense (side scrolling TD game), Alien Hallway (side scrolling TD game)Anti Zombie Defense, Miami Zombies, Bath Salts Zombies, , Day D: Time Mayhem, Gnomes Garden 2. All of the above games are still sold at various game distributors because they are still commercial games, however, they have come to an agreement with the original developers that allows them to give the games away because they include adware that earns the distributor money, some of which goes to the developers. In fact they can earn much more from their older games by allowing this that via direct sales once the initial release has passed .
My all-time favorite Tower Defense games are all commercial and include Defense Grid: The Awakening (the first game I ever purchased via Steam), DG2: Defense Grid 2 and the First Person Tower Defense games Sanctum and Sanctum 2, as well as other TD games such as Towers of Altrac and Plants vs. Zombies. The second version called Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare is a lot more challenging and is in third/first person view. You can pick that up via Origin HERE (there's a shed load of dlcs for this game, which i wasn't aware of as its been dormant in my Origin account for almost 5 years; that said, its still a reasonable TD game without all the extra's but not as good as the original.

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