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Bad Guy Adventure Giveaway

Game Giveaway of the day — Bad Guy Adventure

Bad Guy Adventure - Hardcore platformer with shooter elements.
User rating: 11 (73%) 4 (27%) 1 comment

Bad Guy Adventure was available as a giveaway on March 28, 2023!

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Experience romantic Regency England in this sumptuous solitaire game.

The bad guy while resting received an unexpected surprise in the form of weapons, but hordes of monsters were attached to it, which pose not only a threat to humanity, but also for the recreation of the bad guy who knows how to operate weapons and what to do with monsters.

Bad Guy Adventure - Hardcore platformer with shooter elements, where the player appears on a level full of monsters, clearing which he can go to the next level, which becomes more difficult every time.

Game features:
- Complexity
- Beautiful visual style
- Dynamic Music
- 30 levels

System Requirements:

Microsoft Windows; Processor: Intel Celeron 1800 MHz; Memory: 512 MB RAM; Graphics: Intel HD Graphics; Storage: 56 MB available space; Sound Card: DirectSound Compatible; Additional Notes: Keyboard





File Size:

147 MB



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Developed by PopCap Games
Developed by GameTop
Developed by Overwolf
Developed by BeamNG

Comments on Bad Guy Adventure

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Bad Guy Adventure is more of a Action Shooter game with light platforming elements to move around the screen and get to the exit. It was released on Steam on Feb 17, 2021 and never been given away before here. Controls are WASD keys to move (unremappable in game such as using arrow keys which should be added), W or spacebar to jump, E to reload or exit, and using the mouse to aim and shoot.

Yes there have been a number of very similar looking games given away here over the last few years, using the same or similar mechanics, though obviously with different characters, weapon types and environments. In this case the 360 degree mouse aiming is a plus over some other titles that just shoot left or right for the shooting mechanism as its more of a action shooter first...however the platforming elements such as double jumping off a wall dont feel very smooth and perhaps can use some work if its intended to be sold. Once hit by enemies the screen also darkens which makes it a bit more challenging as its harder to make out enemies but is at least playable, and the game itself is designed to be more difficult than usual- for example enemies shoot back, each level is a bit more difficult and you wont see the usual health boosters littering the screen as normal. I would change the darkening however to only a few seconds rather than for the remainder of the level.

There is no story to speak of both in game or even in the description. If you enjoy shooting enemies which jumping around the level you may enjoy this title, but if you are looking for a top grade platformer or shooter its lacking vs other titles in both of those genres and perhaps why there are no reviews on steam.

Rating: D+

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