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Alien's Armageddon Giveaway

Game Giveaway of the day — Alien's Armageddon

Alien's armageddon - This is a side-view shooter where the player acts as the destroyer of humanity. The player controls an alien ship, which technologically, many times exceeds the level of earthlings. People are giving up all efforts to stop the harvest, but will they succeed?
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Alien's Armageddon was available as a giveaway on July 17, 2020!

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People are playing with the gods and their actions interfere with the natural development of the universe. Extraterrestrial civilizations gave them a lot of chances to come to their senses, but man fancied himself the crown of the universe, there is no more time and the space Federation had nothing left to do but simply wipe humanity off the face of the Earth.

Alien's armageddon is a side-scrolling shooter with a side view, where the player acts as the destroyer of humanity. The player controls an alien ship, which is technologically, many times higher than the level of earthlings. People throw all their strength to stop the harvest.

Dozens of ground vehicles, aircraft, anti-aircraft guns will resist the player.But will they be able to stop the invasion?
Passing levels and destroying enemy equipment, the player earns points, for them you can pump your ship by buying more technological weapons that will decide the fate of one of the parties.

System Requirements:

Windows XP and above


Repa Games



File Size:

19.6 MB



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Developed by Overwolf
Developed by Razer Inc.
Developed by YopYop156
Developed by AxySoft

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Aliens Armageddon
Aliens Armageddon is a side scrolling shooter, with upgradable weapons. There are 10 difficult to beat levels (I tried to beat the first level several times but always died). Destroying tanks, artillery and helicopters earns you cash, which can be spent on upgrading your weapons and health. Maneuver your ship using the WASD keys and aim and shoot using your mouse. If you like side scrolling shooters, this is a challenging title and worth downloading.
It was released on Steam 4th July 20, but as yet has no community reviews, however, you can see a video of game play on the Steam store page HERE. We get a free standing copy from Falcoware.









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