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307 Racing Giveaway

Game Giveaway of the day — 307 Racing

Test your driving skills right now and show what you are capable of!
User rating: 10 (63%) 6 (37%) 7 comments

307 Racing was available as a giveaway on August 16, 2022!

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The game reflects the "struggle" between spring and winter.

307 Racing is an exciting racing simulator. The game has the ability to choose different cars.

Your task is to win all enemy on all traces. The game has realistic controls for each vehicle.

Test your driving skills right now and show what you are capable of.

Game features:

* Addictive and fun driving game;
* Immersion in driving atmosphere;
* Different cars;
* Different camera views.

System Requirements:






File Size:

179 MB



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A simulation game about the life of a truck driver.
Developed by Overwolf
Customize your car and drive it while avoiding multiple obstacles.
Launch birds in space taking into account the gravitational fields.

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If you post any comments after 6pm UK time this evening, I may not respond for several hours because a game I've been waiting to be released is released at 6pm today i.e. Way of the Hunter, the highly anticipated hunting game that may be a decent competitor to one of my other favourite games, theHunter: Call of the Wild; though I do not condone real hunting and haven't eaten meat or seafood since the summer of 1989 when I met my vegan wife.
To anyone who has a Groupee's account and has previously purchased bundles from them; they are shutting their servers down soon; someone in the Groupee's chat said the download servers would be shutting on the 21st of August. I have found some Greenlight bundles with unredeemed Steam keys, but most of the earlier bundles seem to have been voided.

307 Racing:


In Brief:
307 Race is a low poly racing game with garage, paint shop and upgrade stations.

You can see a video of game play HERE.
The Game:
The game starts with a vehicle parked in a garage with the garage door opening. you can view inside and the view out of the garage by moving your mouse. Pressing play brings up the main menu that includes Options, Garage, Paint Shop, Upgrades and Single Player buttons. The options menu enables you to change the graphic quality to allow for much older computers with a _ & - button, you can select automatic transmission ( if you don't want to be bothered with having to think about changing gear as well as a match making server that has three selections, Default, EU and US (sadly no Asian or Australian servers).

The garage includes a hatchback vehicle with a speed of 125mph. you can select different colours, but they cost more money, ranging from $45K to $375K. You can select two cars i.e. the Yellow or the bright pink vehicles for free. the rest cost you the listed amount, for example the light blue hatchback called Hatchback 7 costs £205,000. To purchase it or any others, click on the Green button to buy or the red button to cancel it. All vehicles perform the same no matter what you pay for them. You have a starting bank of 3 million dollars.

Once you've selected your vehicle, you can go paint various parts of it via the paint shop, each paint job costing cash. you can change the colour of the body, glass tint, brake disks, rim colour and neon under carriage glow. You can then go and upgrade your vehicles top speed, acceleration, brake power, tire/tyre traction and steering sensitivity. Each of these can be upgraded between 8 to 10 times, each upgrade costing the same amount of money.

Once you've sorted your vehicle you can then select the single player option which gives you two choices, Free Roam or Races. Choosing Races give you access to four routes, i.e. Circuit Hills (8 cars) , Mountain Lake (4 Cars), Race 2 (4 cars)and Race 3 (2 cars)with one locked route called race 4. The latter three appear not to have been given a name because they are actually called Race 2 Name, Race 3 Name and Race 4 Name. Each of the races has prize money available for the first three to cross the finish line apart from Race 3 that awards cash to the first two over the line. To unlock Race 4 you have to pay $100, 000. Once unlocked you'll discover that there are no opponents to race against, plus the race is the same as race 3.

forward Arrow = move forward
Left Arrow = steer left
Right Arrow = steer right
Space Bar = Brake
S = change gear up
X = change gear down
C = toggle view from chase to steering wheel view
B = look back
Mouse = select menu items
Well, there are too many issues with this game for me to actually enjoy playing it. Firstly, there seems no point in selecting a different car and paying for it because you can repaint any of the vehicles via the paint shop for a lot less than what you spend on the even the cheapest vehicle. Upgrading your cars speed and other upgrades appears to make you vehicle unbeatable. I got from last place to first in only several seconds at the start of the race after upgrading my vehicle; however, even when I restarted the game with a new car, and didn't upgrade it, it was still just as fast and handled the same. .

Driving on the roads seem reasonable, if a little spongy at times. The first four routes are different but the one you pay to unlock is the same as one the third nameless one, also, it's not really a race as you don't race against anyone. In every race, once passing the finish line my vehicle just kept on going with no need to even control the vehicle. It was similar to most decent rally games where you can watch your race after the event. I won every race but didn't get any of the prize money.

If the developer fixed these issues, the game could be a reasonable coffee break time waster; but as it stands it's a game I'll be deleting. and instead I'll go play one of my old favourite rally games Flatout 1 or 2, both of which are around the same price to buy as this game is over on Itch.io.

I couldn't see any way to increase the number of laps either; which, if this game worked as it should would be a must have.

Final points, there is no multiplayer despite it indicating in the options there is and occasionally the driver would appear to jump out of his vehicle in odd looking ways. The only difference between the fastest and the fantastic graphic settings are shadows are added in varying qualities between the six available settings i.e. fastest, fast, simple, good, beautiful, fantastic; and. finally as mentioned above there appears to be no difference between a fully upgraded vehicle with respect to handling, speed, acceleration etc to one that has no upgrades, which apart from the additional time to select your different upgrades, does nothing.

A thumbs down from me.... :(







Notes on Security
I scanned a zipped copy of the installed game using Virus Total and it found zero hits from 59 antimalware engines. You can see the results of the scan via the following link:


Reply   |   Comment by Whiterabbit-uk  –  Last month  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+12)

windows thinks its a virus and cancels download

Reply   |   Comment by sonny  –  Last month  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

sonny, This is most likely Windows Smart Screen that reports it can't check the download. I've installed it on my machine and used several well know AV manual scanners on the directory and it found none. A good way to check and these portable scanners don't require downloads or installs

Reply   |   Comment by sailorbear510 aka Jason  –  Last month  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+1)

Today's game comes from BD Games and the Itch IO site which is well known for independent game developers. The game at the time of this review was published less than 6 days ago. To the best of my knowledge no Steam version exists yet but the game can be purchased for $5 although the site does encourage to donate more if you like from what I saw.

This is as simple as racing can get, you just have your arrow keys, up, down, left and right which you guessed it, accelerates the car and makes you steer right and left. However, if you own a XBOX 360 or XBOX One Controller the game is much more enjoyable. The Analog stick controls the car while B and A accelerate and deaccelerate the car. The whole menu interface is not controllable by it though.

It's an arcade style racing game where you have to earn money to upgrade your cars. If you've played Super Off Road you've known that you have to place first in order to go to the next race and get the top cash prize although I found myself putting in lots of quarters just to upgrade the truck quicker.

Graphics are ok for an indie racing game although the game lacks textures on the water seen while driving around the track and the track surface itself lacks reflections.

Car physics were the best I've played of an indie racer on the Giveaway site and the car sounds were actually believable.

One thing to note about todays giveaway is that in the options menu I saw something mentioned about Match Making. Was this game intended to have online multi-player and if so, does it still try to connect to the internet?

Overall, this racer is decent to an extent although you may get bored with it quickly and find a lot of other racers of this genre more enjoyable. I did like the Need for Speed series on PS1 when I owned it many you can actually enjoy in your browser through the internet archive. Due to the emulation of the games used in the browser you do need a pretty fast machine for accurate emulation.

Reply   |   Comment by sailorbear510 aka Jason  –  Last month  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+6)

No in-game configuration setup or details, so you have to poke around to find what keys it uses.
The installation creates 5 desktop icons: only one of these is for the game, the other four are to websites - and are placed in C:\Program Files (x86) even if you choose to install game elsewhere.
The additional four desktop icons are left behind after an uninstall so you'll need to clear up this trash yourself. Crashes when uninstalling.


Reply   |   Comment by William Neill  –  Last month  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+4)

William Neill,

Hi William, thank you for your comment. I seem to remember Peugeot released a free racing game demonstrating one of their models that had fantastic graphics at the time; we are talking at least a decade ago, but it was comparable to the Need for Speed games around that time. May be worth searching for if you need a racing fix?

I deleted todays game after checking it out. If BD Games fixes what I consider bugs, then it may be worth keeping.

p.s. I did post details of the key bindings, which are not editable directly from the game. I think Mike suggested a program you can use to sort this issue if you find the key bindings not to your liking. As a left hander I found the vehicle movement keys perfect as I always use the arrow keys for movement if I can.

Reply   |   Comment by Whiterabbit-uk  –  Last month  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+7)

William Neill this is standard with FalcoWare Games. The sites don't really do anything but it's the behavior of the installer. I deleted the shortcuts and installed today's game and it did not replace those links. They are simply placed in there when a game is installed. The links simply promote other games given away. The Giveaways have all the bad stuff removed but some elements that's not associated with the bad stuff remain.

Reply   |   Comment by sailorbear510 aka Jason  –  Last month  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+1)
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