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September 17, 2011

The rules of Super Balls are very simple. Select a ball you can see on your screen and click on the open space of the board. The ball will go to the indicated position. After each movement, three additional balls will appear in the field >Next<. Balls of the same color should be set, in order to arrange five of them vertically, horizontally or diagonally. If we succeed in doing so, the balls will disappear and we get points. When we put more than five balls of the same colour we will get an additional opportunity to use one of the bonuses (one of the buttons below the field >BONUSES<)

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System Requirements: Windows XP/ Vista/ 7
Publisher: ALLCinema Ltd
File Size: 9.29 MB
Price: $9.99

This software was available as a giveaway on September 17, 2011, this giveaway is not available any more. You can download the trial version of this software at

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  1. SUPER BALLS puzzle game

      Main Menu

    Today’s game giveaway is Super Balls Puzzle Game , a colored ball matching lines game
    The giveaway downloads to a 9.29 MB zip file that unpacks to a read me that has a registration number and a wrapped set up file. To register the game you’ll need to read the read me. On starting the setup wizard you’ll need to change the language unless you are Spanish as the default language is set to Espanol. There are 16 languages to choose from including the usual European languages, plus what looks like Japanese, The game installs to

    F:\Program Files (x86)\Super Balls (64bit)


    F:\Program Files (x86)\Super Balls (32bit)

    The installed game is approximately 17.3MB in size . Shortcuts are installed to the desktop. Be sure to uncheck the install to quick launch bar unless you like all of your shortcuts kept there. There’s also a shortcut installed to the Start Menu/Programs list, where you’ll also find a link to the developers web site and a skin creator for the games GUI. One small annoyance is that once the game installs your browser is opened to the developers site, but this is innocuous.

    To register the game you need to enter the settings menu. The registration pane will then be obvious.


    The rules of this puzzle game are very simple. Select a ball you can see on your screen and click on an open space of the board. The ball will go to the indicated position. After each movement, three additional balls will appear in the field > Next < . Balls of the same colour should be set, in order to arrange five of them vertically, horizontally or diagonally. If we succeed in doing so, the balls will disappear and we get points. If we arrange lines of more than 5 balls, we will be rewarded with using one of bonuses. There are also bonuses, which activate by themselves and work for a certain, strictly defined period. The more balls we arrange, the higher bonus we receive. See the bonus section below) Reference accessed 16th Sept 2011

    The Game

    The game play has been explained in the introduction above. You can set the game up to play in kids mode where you only get three colors, or a training mode with 5 colors a normal mode that uses 7 colors. You can adjust the ball speed and select from 14 different ball styles. There’s a GUI skin editor which is accessible from the Start Menu shortcuts. You can also turn off the music from the settings screen and if you have problems with the graphics there’s a button called ‘problems with graphics’, which when clicked on then changes to ‘Problem with graphics! Solved’. 😆 It’s even got a boss key for those of you who like to play at work.

    You can see a video over on the developers site and there’s also an example of how to use the bonuses. In order to achieve really high scores you need to use the bonuses correctly. Without bonuses all you can achieve is approximately 500-1000 points, with bonuses the results can be several times higher. There’s also a high score list on the developers site where you can see how much you can score if you play the game making use of bonuses effectively. The only other points to need noting are the plethora of bonus’ that are available. These are listed below.

      PicDepict.comThe Game

    Main Bonus’

    • DELETE – clears the fixed number of balls (shown in a little window) of randomly chosen color on the sides, top and bottom.

    • OTHER COLORS – bonus for 7 balls – after pressing this bonus the colors of three balls will change. You get them on the board as “Next”.

    • 2 MOVES – bonus for 8 balls – after pressing this bonus you get two additional turns without new balls to come.

    • UNDO – bonus for 9 balls – pressing this bonus will undo the last move.

    • ERASE – bonus for 10 balls (e.g. 2 raws, 5 balls each) – pressing this bonus will erase all the balls in a color that you can see on the bonus button. Color of the balls is chosen at random.

    • REMOVE – bonus for 11 balls – after pressing this bonus you can delete one ball on the board (x3 means that you can use this bonus three times, so you can remove even 3 balls).

    • x3 – bonus for 12 balls – bonus starts automatically and runs for three minutes, during which all your pointsare multiplied by three (in addition to points accumulated in random bonus).

    • 4 BALLS – bonus for 13 balls – bonus starts automatically and runs for one minute, during which you can put only four balls in line (instead of five) to disappear.

    • BLACK – bonus for 14 balls – bonus starts automatically and runs for three minutes, during which you have three black balls on the board. You can replace any other color with them.

    • SUPER BONUS – bonus for 15 balls – all bonuses at one time!

    • RANDOM BONUS – for 6 balls you’ll get a “?” sign, which means that you have a small chance of getting a bonus, if you make six balls in a line once again, you’ll get “??” sign and your chances are fifty-fifty. For the next 6 balls you’ll get “???” sign and your chances of winning a bonus are very high. After pressing this bonus you can randomly get one of these:

      ■the same bonus
      ■”other colors” bonus
      ■”two turns” bonus
      ■”go back” bonus
      ■”color removal” bonus
      ■”Ball delete” bonus
      ■”score x 3″ bonus
      ■”Four balls” bonus
      ■”Black balls” bonus
      ■+100 points to 500 points in increments of 50
      ■your points x3
      ■points you have plus points randomly chosen (max. what you already have)
      ■it deletes vertical lines (a random number of lines)
      ■it deletes horizontal lines (a random number of lines)
      ■- 100 points to -500 in increments of 50
      ■- half of points we have
      ■zero points (we get no points)
      ■We lost all the bonuses’ we had
      ■+ 3 balls on the board
      ■the game is over in 3 minutes (the next bonus deletes this one)
      ■+ random number of balls on the board (no more than half of free slots)
      ■- random points

    I’m not really into this type of puzzle game, partly becasue I tend to find them frustrating; that said, this game has a plethora of bonuses that make the game a lot more fun to play than other games of this type that I’ve played in the past. I’d recommend you download and try the game yourself as i’m not the best perso to give advice on this type of game. Don’t let the simplistic graphics put you off. The game has more depth thyan first appears. (Don’t blame me though if you start to pull your hair out, lol)

    I’d recommend that the developer gets rid of that annoying squeak when you try to place an illegal ball, or at least give the user the option to turn it off. I’d also add a slider for controlling the volume rather than just a toggle to turn it on or off. Include more skins with the game. also include adequate instructions on how to use the skin editor (that’s accessible from the games installed folder or the Start Menu/Programs shortcut. Tomorrows gamegiveaway, a premium game compared to today’s offering should appeal to the majority of users who like to play arcade games.


    Game play – 7
    Graphics – 7
    Audio – 6
    Re-playability – 6
    Originality – 5

    Total = 6.2 out of 10

    Similar Games:
    There’s another version of this lines game over on MyPlayCity called Jolly Balls which you can download via the following link:

    Comment by Whiterabbit-uk — September 17th, 2011 at 3:33 am
  2. After downloading and installing I could not see any colors on the playing field. Went to their website and watched the video. It should a video problem fix that I did follow. However, even this did not solve the problem. All I saw was a white playing field and a few colored balls in the upper left hand corner.

    Could not get anything to display on the playing field. Appears to be an interesting game. If some of the comments here later in the day provide a fix for this I’ll keep the program. Otherwise, it is destined for the REVO uninstall.

    ………………..Moderator Comment……………….

    Hi Harry, have you updated your video drivers recently? If not try updating them. If you’re not sure which video card you have (usually ATI or NVIDIA, though not necessarily so) type dxdiag in the search bar (or run command in XP). That opens up the direct X diagnostics pane. Click on the display tab and you’ll see which video card or video chip your computer uses. Go to the developers web site where you’ll find a link on the front page that points to the frivers section. Please let us know if the fix worked. Thank you.

    Comment by Harry — September 17th, 2011 at 3:37 am
  3. Downloaded easy Win 7 Utlm. 64. Only problem, you can’t copy and paste the registration code, and have to use Giveawayoftheday as the name. My girlfriend and I really enjoyed the superclicks offered back in March, but recently lost all of my GGOTD due to a newly formatted machine:( Very glad to have something at all and something different to replace it. Game gets challenging as you play the different modes. Go ahead and turn the ball speed up. Game play was a little smoother afterward. I know there are volume settings for on and off but it really could do without the “uh-oh” sound effect. It was cute the first time, but it is awful…anything else would be better. Game is priced well, has a lot of hours worth of play, and should be suitable for all levels of game players.

    Thanks to all involved for a fun game, definitely a keeper.

    ………………….Moderator comment…………………….

    Thanks for your feedback. Hmmmm, that’s strange, I was able to copy and paste the registration code?

    Comment by spe — September 17th, 2011 at 3:48 am

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