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March 25, 2012

World Riddles: Secrets of the Ages screenshot

World Riddles: Secrets of the Ages

The long-awaited continuation to the World Riddles series! Now the riddles are even more interesting and vivid! This time you will be learning the secrets of the Seven Great Civilizations.


December 3, 2011

World Riddles: Animals screenshot

World Riddles: Animals

You have to visit the seven continents, get more then 120 levels in the story mode, solving logical puzzles.

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  • Version: 1.1

    PC Chrono is a nice application created by that comprises three useful utilities - a timer, a stopwatch, and a clock. It is meant to help you with all your time-related desktop...

  • Version: 3.0

    Memo Friends is a simple and practical program where you will be able to save all your friends and family data in an easy way. Within its tabbed interface you can add as many friends as you want...

  • Version: 2.7

    Loan Calc is designed to provide a multilanguage calculator to help any person interested in knowing all his/her loan details. We may also use this calculator to be able to know which loan proposal...

  • Version: 6.0

    There will surely come a time when you will need to translate a text to a different language. Having a specialized tool to help you with the translations can be a great advantage. Pragma offers...

  • Version: 8.5

    Sound Editor Deluxe is a visual audio editing and recording solution which supports many advanced and powerful operations with audio data. It enables you to edit and energize your sound...

  • Version: 2.9

    Panorama Tools, the free software suite for authoring and displaying virtual reality panoramas.Panorama Tools was originally created by Professor Helmut Dersch of the University of Applied Sciences...

November 20, 2011

Time to Hurry: Nicole’s Story screenshot

Time to Hurry: Nicole’s Story

Help Nicole find her vocation!


November 6, 2011

World Riddles: Seven wonders screenshot

World Riddles: Seven wonders

You have to visit the Seven Wonders of the World, get more then 144 levels in the story mode, solving logical puzzles!

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