Giveaway of the Day - Amy’s Murder

Amy’s Murder
November 3, 2012

In a small and quiet town, Amy, a young teenager was killed by an unknown killer. No one was ready for this. One of her best girlfriend starts to investigate the murder because the police has no clue. Help her find the murderer by searching town key locations, collecting evidence, solving minigames, interrogate suspects and finally: catch the true killer.


  • investigate a teenager’s murder,
  • interrogate suspects,
  • play through various locations,
  • classic HO game,
  • minigames.
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  • 252 (49%) 
  • 267 (51%)
System Requirements: Windows XP/ Vista/ 7; DirectX: 9.0; .NET Framework 4.0
Publisher: RVL Games
File Size: 91. MB
Price: $9.99

This software was available as a giveaway on November 3, 2012, this giveaway is not available any more. You can download the trial version of this software at

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  1. Please note:

    If you are running Vista, Win 7 or win 8 you will need to ensure Netframework v4 or higher is installed and that you have a copy of direct X 9.0c. The game does not detect Direct X 10 or 11. Installing a copy of direct X 9.0c will not overwite your DX10 or 11 folder. It will install to a separate folder. That should fix the problem.

    When closing the game down your browser opens to RVL games. There appears to be no way of stopping this. Its quite innocuous, but I am annoyed that they have added this feature. It should be up to the individual to decide whether they want to visit the site as I’m sure many would have if they wern’t forced to. I think they have made a big mistake adding that feature (just my opinion)

    Also please note the following:

    Initially you don’t see any hidden objects. You have to search through the house for clues before the first HOG screen arrives. Many users are saying this game is too short. Check the map, (though you can only access the map at the beginning of the game and when you’ve completed a location. The first location is Amys house) The map shows you all of the locations you have to visit before the game is done. Before you can progress to the next place on the map you have to find all of the clues and complete all of the hidden object scenes in the loction you are at.

    If you can’t progress or access the map it means you haven’t completed the first location.


    The downloaded zip file for Amy’s Murder (Girls with Secrets) should be 91Mb in size and when installed to the default path mentioned below is 89.3Mb

    Installation is a breeze; the unzipped setup file installs Amy’s Murder to the following path:


    Once installed you can delete the wrapped setup file (for those that are new to the giveaway project that’s the orange colored file with a key symbol on the icon; you can also delete the Setup.gcd security file and once registered the read me document.

    As with most giveaways there is no shortcuts installed nor is there an uninstaller so make a note of where you install the game to during the installation wizard. To uninstall just delete the installed game (unless you use programs like revo uninstaller) I don’t know the arrangement for Win 8 yet.


    In a small and quiet town, Amy, a young teenager was killed by an unknown killer. No one was ready for this. One of her best girlfriend starts to investigate the murder because the police has no clue. Help her find the murderer by searching town key locations, collecting evidence, solving minigames, interrogate suspects and finally: catch the true killer.

    Reference: accessed HERE Nov 2012

    The Game:

    The game is introduced by a storyboard introducing Amy’s friend who has returned home following a night out at the club. The story omplies that she wasn’t quite there almost like she was in a dream state while going home. Suddenly she is awakened by the ringing of her phone. It’s the police. They tell her that Amy , her friend has been murdered. she decides she must go to amy’s home to see if she can solve the case.

    Following the storyboard you are then introduced to the various buttons on the games screen. Small pop up windows tell you what each button does, for example Main menu, current objectives, a hint button for use when you are stuck and a map that enables you to move on to new locations.

    You will be asked to collect various items that enable you to progess to various locations. you must find these items before you can continue. Most itms are easily found once you are in the right place becasue of the sparlng aura that will be evident, for example on the first play screen after the map was introduced, you will find yourself outside amy’s house. You need to find a set of keys to enter the house. you’ll find them in one of the hangig baskets. t will be obvious which one becasue of the aura that sparkles. Once you have the key you can enter by the front door. this takes you into the main hallway where you’ll see more doors and some stairs. you need to explore these areas for more clues. your first proper hidden object game can be found upstairs in one of the bedrooms. Most rooms are open, but some require keys or other objects such as a crowbar to be opened. (The garden shed is one of those that can’t be opened with a key.

    If you need to be reminded of the objectives just click on the clipboard nect to the button for the main menu. Your first objective is to find any useful clues (such as the date on the fridge door) that will help you solve this mystery. To return to the previous screen you need to place your mouse pointer near the bottom of the screen where a silvery gold arrow (pointing downwards) appears. click this and you will return to the previous screen. By searching each room you will pick up various objects such as a torch, crowbar and other keys.

    Key Features:

    investigate a teenager’s murder

    interrogate suspects

    play through various locations

    classic HO game


    Game System Requirements:

    • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7
    • CPU: 1.8 GHz
    • RAM: 1024 MB
    • DirectX: 9.0
    • Hard Drive: 145 MB


    Video & Images:

    You can see a slideshow of images HERE and a couple of videos HERE and HERE


    Once you get used to the slightly different presentation this is an okay Hidden Object game. Not really my cup of tea, but overall i enjoyed playing it while discovering its secrets. The graphics are average and the hidden objects are pretty easy to find with little use of the hint button. The smattering of mini games helps to break the game up somewhat. What sets this apart IMO from many HOG’s is the solving of clues.

    I’m not happy that the developer has included coding so that whenever you close the game down it opens your browser to RVL games.


    Gameplay – 7

    Graphics – 7

    Replayability – 6

    Originality – 6

    Instructions/help – 3

    Totals 29 out of 50 which is equivalent to 5.8 out of 10


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    If you have any problems with the game, either installation issues or getting the game to work check out the FAQ’s section over in the Game discussion forums. you can find it HERE

    If you are posting requests for help late in the day I would suggest posting in the main giveaway forums in the game Game Discussion . If you’ve installed the game but it won’t work for some reason, it should still be registered, so someone may be able to help at another time. Unfortunately if your problem is actually installing it then once the giveaway period is over there’s nothing that can be done until the game is given away again (though that isn’t guaranteed). It’s always worth checking out the free games sites as sometimes the games we get here are also available for free from them as well.

    Request for Help:

    Developers rely on good feedback to improve their games. If you download this game please take some time once you’ve played it a while to leave some constructive feedback either positive or negative. The more constructive feedback we get, the more likely developers are going to give more games away. The giveaway site already has a very good standing with the search engines. Developers want their products out there on the WWW, this site has the potential to do that. The game giveaway project gives away on average between 9 to 17 thousand downloads for each game depending upon what genre and how obscure the game is. That’s a lot of homes these games are being downloaded into and a lot of ‘potential’ cash that’s being lost by the developers. If we get better games because of better feedback, the community are likely to continue to benefit from the generosity of the developers. Satisfied community members are then more likely to visit the home sites of those developers and purchase games that they may not have bothered with before they discovered the developer via the game giveaway site, thus giving the developers more incentives to give away even more decent games.

    Please leave some feedback once you’ve checked the game out. It can be positive or negative, but please explain what your reasons were for the feedback you post. You could also leave suggestions for improving the game, for example, this game could do with more block types for the levels editor, add more power-ups, describing the ones you think would be suitable, add some mini games (which seem all the rage in some arcade games now) or enable the user to be able to change the in game music easily.

    Thank you in advance to all those who take the time to post a constructive comment.


    Whiterabbit aka Stephen

    Comment by Whiterabbit-uk — November 3rd, 2012 at 3:00 am
  2. .NET Framework 4.0
    Rumors are that the mess will get cleaned up in a future version, but in all honesty, I’m skeptical.

    Comment by joel — November 3rd, 2012 at 3:09 am
  3. I never seem to get tired of these sorts of games – most especially when they have a ghostly/spooky/thriller kind of setting. This is a great one! Thanks!

    Comment by Georgia — November 3rd, 2012 at 3:38 am

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